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Hands Free Commissions is a fully automated, unique content generating tool that promises to get you tons of indexed pages on a daily basis. Every day, you will receive an email update on what new content has been created for you and where it is linking to.

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My Review - Hands Free Commission

  1. 1. My Short Review – Hands FreeCommission
  2. 2. What Is It?• Hands Free Commissions is a fully automated,unique content generating tool that promisesto get you tons of indexed pages on a dailybasis.• Every day, you will receive an email update onwhat new content has been created for youand where it is linking to.
  3. 3. What Is It?• According to the creators, Mark Brookshire &Tom Geller, this content will be extremely SEOfriendly.• It will be distributed all over the internet andeach piece of content will be linked back towherever you choose.• I’m sure you can the HUGE potential HandsFree Commissions will have!
  4. 4. Information that I have gathered• The content will be both text content and VIDEO content(Video is HUGE right now!)• All content created by the Hands Free Commissionsprogram will be translated into multiple languages for moretraffic! (Foreign markets are currently under utilized)• They will also have an internal network to link from(Stronger Links!)• There is a List Building component to Hands FreeCommissions• Fully Web-based• Free Hosting and Free Domain• Hands Free Commissions will be easy to learn and you canuse it IMMEDIATELY!
  5. 5. What I Liked• In my opinion, the coolest part of Hands Free Commissions is howthe automated content is translated into different languages.• Marketing in another language was something that I never thoughtI would be able to do but with Hands Free Commissions, I can nowventure into other areas of the world.• Another really great feature that I find the most helpful and Iwanted to make sure I added in my Hands Free CommissionsReview is the ability to have an auto responder built into thesoftware.• It will not only save you the monthly fee that the popular emailmarketing products charge but it will save you loads of time.• And we all know in this business, time is short!
  6. 6. What I Didn’t Like• So far the one aspect of Hands FreeCommissions is that I really don’t care about isthe free domain and hosting.• I have my own hosting and can get domainspretty cheap. I guess this is a good feature forthe newbies just starting out.• If you don’t know what you are doing, it couldget pretty expensive!
  7. 7. Overall Thoughts• Overall, buying a product like Hands Free Commissions isreally a no-brainer.• It offers so many great short cuts like automated content,internal link building, and built in list building.• Spending hours creating articles, building Aweber list, andtrying to get other blogs to link to you sucks!• Having a web based tool such as Hands Free Commissionsis a huge time safer and will speed up your money gettingefforts!• If my Hands Free Commissions Review doesn’t provide youwith enough information to make an educated purchase,please go straight to the source by click the link below:Hands Free Commissions Official Website