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$ 50 Business, Now benfiting 1 Million House Holds


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Due to Pakistan’s low per capita income people are finding it difficult to purchase micro-nutrients such as fish, meat, etc. It leads micronutrients deficiency especially among children and women. Micronutrients deficiency can be alleviated through integrating micronutrients-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits and livestock products into diets. But the rates of vegetables & fruits are increasing on alarming rate. People are finding it difficult even to buy vegetable and fruit to furnish their micronutrients needs.
62 percent of Pakistani population lives in rural areas and 67 percent of this population is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture and agriculture related activities. They are producers of vegetable, fruits and livestock products. And in most cases what they are earning from their products is less than what they can earn through other means. This leads to 1) migration to cities in search of jobs 2) Reduction in agri-related activities 3) High prices for end consumers.
If the consumers are paying high and the producers is getting less; then where the whole profit has been going? This question leads us to start conduct research on vegetables, from sowing to end consumers. We find out that the use of traditional supply chain system is real problem. If the supply chain can be reduced to grower and end consumer by utilizing effective ICT measures the prices can be reduced more than 50% and earnings for farmers can be doubled.
To prove this Muhammad started Agrilinx from the Pakistan Business Incubator (BizCubator), with the startup capital of just $50 USD. Within a month Agrilinx has two display centers having more than 1000 walk in customers and about 500 home customers.
At Agrilinx customers receive quality products on low prices while growers receive high prices what they were getting from others channels before.
Agrilinx Business Model is capable of providing 2.1 Billion USD relief only to end consumers of agri-products only in Lahore.

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$ 50 Business, Now benfiting 1 Million House Holds

  1. 1. Empowering Green EconomyAGRILINX<br />
  2. 2. 1<br />Contents<br />Introduction<br />2<br />Challenges & Opportunities<br />3<br />Agrilinx<br />4<br />Conclusion<br />
  3. 3. Vegetable Prices are increasing at alarming rate in Pakistan, thus making it difficult for Consumers to run their kitchens properly, on the other hand growers are getting less than what they can earn through other means. <br />Where the profit has been going? and how to benefit Grower and Consumer? are the basic questions for this study & Proposal. <br />Introduction<br />
  4. 4. Challenges & Opportunities<br />The cycle contains minimum distribution Channels between Grower and Consumer<br />Customer<br />Grower<br />“Distribution<br />Cycle”<br />Retailer<br />Arthi<br />Pheria<br />Mandi<br />
  5. 5. Challenges-Grower <br />Sowing<br />Stage 1<br /> Traditional Methods<br />Lack of Funds<br />
  6. 6. Challenges-Grower <br />Picking<br />Stage 2<br /> Loading-Unloading<br />Transportation<br />
  7. 7. The Trap<br />Poverty<br />Lack of Education<br />Exploitation<br />The grower is facing demographic trap and the results are devastating for the growers families and over all for the coutry<br />Remain at Distance <br />
  8. 8. Challenges-Consumer<br />A<br />Employees<br />Characteristics of End Consumers <br />Low Qualityof Life<br />D<br />B<br />Low Buying Power<br />Compromises on Nutrition<br />C<br />
  9. 9. Leechers<br />The bad boys of the system, they have been sucking out the maximum profit while doing nothing.<br />Retailer<br />Whole<br />Seller<br />Pheria<br />Arthi<br />Description of the contents<br />Description of the contents<br />Description of the contents<br />Description of the contents<br />
  10. 10. Opportunity <br />To eliminate the lechers, we have to train, fund and create a <br />distribution channel <br />What we can offer?<br />What we except?<br /><ul><li> Training</li></ul> Quality Products<br /><ul><li> Micro-Finance</li></ul> Higher Rate of Return<br /><ul><li> Distribution</li></li></ul><li>Social Impact<br />Out of Box Ideas<br />Innovative<br />Social <br />Basic Needs<br />
  11. 11. Green grow<br />Grower<br />AGRILINX<br />A innovative solution is to create Green Gro.Which can act as only one training & distribution channel among grower, Supplier and Consumer<br />Supplier<br />Consumer<br />
  12. 12. Employment & Saving<br />Rs. 18 Billion<br />12,000<br />Employment<br />Savings<br />Total Consumer in Lahore being benefited – 1 Million<br />1 Person – 100 house 8 hrs a day Plus Cleansing & packaging <br />Each Consumer Saving – Rs 50/-<br />
  13. 13. Thank You!<br />