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Difference between Ionization and dissociation

Ionization vs Dissociation

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Difference between Ionization and dissociation

  1. 1. Dissociation vs. Ionization Muhammad Asad Ishaq 262-FBAS/BSBT/F12
  2. 2. Dissociation Dissociation is the breaking up of a compound into simpler constituent that are usually capable of recombining under other conditions.  Dissociation is usually Reversible.  AB  A +B + H2 O  H + OH
  3. 3. Ionization Ionization is any Process by which electrically neutral atoms or molecules are converted to electrically charged atoms or molecules ions.  Ionization is usually Irreversible.  HCl + H2O  H 3O+ + Cl-
  4. 4. Difference  Dissociation is Break Down of a compound (Ionic Compound)  But Ionization is the formation of charged particle by the gain or loss of electron. Muhammad Asad Ishaq