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Everything about Internet of Things


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Discover what is Internet of Things (IoT)?
Why it is important?
How it is built, what are the components?

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Everything about Internet of Things

  1. 1. Everything about Internet of Things Muhammad Hassan Nasr Senior Software Engineer GISTIC March 2015
  2. 2. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "uniquely identifiable things" embedded with software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data without human interaction.
  3. 3. Agenda Why IoT? What is IoT? How to build IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) Sometimes called M2M (Machine-to-Machine)
  4. 4. Why IoT?
  5. 5. Internet is everywhere like electricity
  6. 6. On 2020 20-50 billion devices expected to be connected 7 devices per person!
  7. 7. Huge Business Opportunity
  8. 8. Smart Roads is a billion dollar business opportunity
  9. 9. IoT Takes Over Big Data As Technology July 2014
  10. 10. Gartner’s 2012 Hype Cycle
  11. 11. Gartner’s 2013 Hype Cycle
  12. 12. Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle
  13. 13. What is IoT?
  14. 14. Why is IoT?
  15. 15. IoT Components
  16. 16. IoT Components Devices Sensors MCUs Gateways Smart Phones Network Media and Protocols Middleware / IoT Platforms Cloud Storage (SQL, NoSQL) Web apps, APIs, analytics, …
  17. 17. Architecture of ARM mbed
  18. 18. How to Build IoT?
  19. 19. Devices
  20. 20. MCUs Arduino Microduino TI Launch Pad …
  21. 21. Small Computers BeagleBone Black Cheap Fast Raspberry Pi 2 Cheap Big community Intel Galileo (Arduino based) …
  22. 22. Spark Electron Spark Electron (IoT for folks)
  23. 23. Spark Electron Arduino-like cellular development kit Open Source HW & SW $39/board $3/Month Data plan
  24. 24. ARM mbed Devices And a lot more …
  25. 25. Manufacturing Guidelines
  26. 26. Manufacturing Guidelines At least IP65 enclosure (Dust, Water Proof) Heavy Duty Runs for years Raspberry Pi, education to production? CE and FCC certified Own Device/MCU vs Off-the-shelf
  27. 27. Case Study Traffic Monitoring Devices
  28. 28. Meshlium/Waspmote Many Radios (Zigbee, LoRa, …) Meshlium Manager is Open Source Detects 95% of SmartPhone
  29. 29. SmarTek Acoustic Sensor Low Power Multilane detection Offline 60 Days storage
  30. 30. Armadillo Tracker Radar Technology (DC310 microwave sensor) Multi-lane bidirectional Long range wireless connectivity 2+ Weeks Batteries Solar Power
  31. 31. TraffiCloud (DriveTimes Feature)
  32. 32. What is IoT?
  33. 33. OS for Devices Contiki-os Designed for IoT (Memory, Protocols, Battery) Open Source Raspbian ARM mbed OS Linux/*nix,…
  34. 34. Network
  35. 35. Network Media and Protocols Wired? Wireless
  36. 36. Everything is going wireless So is The Internet of Things
  37. 37. Wired Ethernet is almost obsolete!
  38. 38. Wireless Networking WiFi (Battery Hungry) BLE (Great for PAN) GSM Works for many use cases $ for large # of devices
  39. 39. Other Wireless Networking Z-Wave ZigBee 6LoWPAN LoRa …
  40. 40. Z-Wave Designed for: Home automation Control and status apps 100kbps Encrypted
  41. 41. ZigBee Low power 10–100 meters line-of-sight Mesh network (Longer Distances) 250kbps
  42. 42. ZigBee Encrypted Simpler, less expensive than WiFi Variants: Zigbee IP, Zigbee Pro
  43. 43. ZigBee Vs Z-Wave Z-Wave only available from “Sigma Designs” ZigBee has many vendors Z-wave range is greater than Zigbee Z-wave has less interference
  44. 44. ZigBee Vs BLE ZigBee Home WLAN Mesh topology covers unlimited # of nodes Sense & Control apps BLE PAN Star topology covers limited # of nodes Body and Peripherals
  45. 45. Zig Bee vs LP-WiFi
  46. 46. 6LoWPAN IPv6 Low-power WPAN Encrypted Newest competitor to ZigBee ZigBee more mature
  47. 47. LoRa Long Range 2+ Miles Range In Dense Urban (NLOS) Low Power (Multi-Year Battery) One Gateway support 10(s)K Nodes Works on Harsh Environments Works with Raspberry PI, Arduino, ..
  48. 48. LoRa Alliance IBM, Cisco, … Developed LoRaWAN protocol Efficient, Low TCO No more mesh maintenance Cover cities and countries with few base stations Data Rate up to 300 kbps
  49. 49. Case Studies
  50. 50. Lora IoT Station Bidirectional communications With 1000(s) things Several kilometers away.
  51. 51. Libelium's LoRa module Line Of Sight (LOS) Tests
  52. 52. Libelium's LoRa module Non Line Of Sight (NLOS) Tests
  53. 53. LoRa Alternatives
  54. 54. WEIGHTLESS 5km range 10 years battery $2 chip No alliance like LoRa?
  55. 55. Symphony WALoP Cents/Month vs cellular Dollars/Month Cover square miles Star topology One Gateway covers 250,000 device AA like batteries for years New company…
  56. 56. Symphony WALoP vs Others
  57. 57. (m)
  58. 58. Middleware
  59. 59. Agenda for Middleware Protocols Data Transfer Device Management IoT platforms Standardization
  60. 60. Data Protocols
  61. 61. Data Protocols MQTT CoAP AMQP, STOMP WebSocket …
  62. 62. MQTT Publish/Subscribe Lightweight (than HTTP) IBM says “MQTT can send messages wirelessly using 
 10 times less battery power and 93 times faster" Best for: Low Bandwidth Unreliable Network OASIS standard Used by Libelium
  63. 63. CoAP IETF standard RESTful design Feels like HTTP Lighters than HTTP Works for constrained network/nodes Ex: micro-controller with 10 KiB of RAM
  64. 64. Device Management Protocols
  65. 65. Credit To Julien Vermillard
  66. 66. Device Management Protocols TR-069 OMA-DM OMA Lightweight M2M OSGi Manual Approach
  67. 67. TR-069 SOAP/HTTP-based protocol. Auto-configuration Dynamic service provisioning Software/firmware management Status and performance monitoring
  68. 68. TR-069 Diagnostics Secured using SSL/TLS Used by millions of devices Supported by many commercial vendors Better for broadband equipments
  69. 69. OMA-DM Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) - Device Management (DM) Designed for mobile devices, which have: Small foot-print Constraint on bandwidth Tight security (vulnerable to software attacks)
  70. 70. OMA-DM Features Provisioning Configuration of the device (including first time use) Enabling and disabling features Device Configuration (change device settings & parameters) Software Upgrades Fault Management (Report error, status) Open Source implementations available
  71. 71. OMA Lightweight M2M Simple, efficient protocol Banking class security (DTLS, …) Supports Cellular, 6LoWPAN, WiFi and ZigBee IP or any other IP-based devices Will be supported in OneM2M (standard) Open Source Implementation
  72. 72. OSGi An open standard service platform for Java Enables dynamic component model (bundles) Bundles can (remotely without a reboot) be: installed/uninstalled started/stopped updated
  73. 73. OSGi Other Features Modularity application logic separated into modules Deploy multiple versions of a module concurrently Dynamically discover/use services of other modules Run on low power hardware with 156 MHz and 8 MB RAM only Many commercial/Open Source Implementations
  74. 74. Manual Approach Update Device SSH login/run script remote Or Pull changes using git Device monitoring Send heartbeats to custom web service
  75. 75. Manual Approach Pros very lightweight Cons reliable, scalable?
  76. 76. IoT Platforms
  77. 77. Open Source Sentilo Kura Node-RED …
  78. 78. Sentilo High performance message processing, scalable Based on fast “Redis” In-Memory DB RESTful API to manage sensors, publish/read sensor observations, … Alarm/Alert management for sensors, for ex: temp > 20 C, data frozen “idle for 5 minutes” Send Orders to sensors
  79. 79. Sentilo Admin console for managing sensors. Security AAA Reliability Already used by Barcelona City Code commented in Spanish! Very Generic
  80. 80. Kura project Store and forward telemetry data collected by the gateway to remote servers. Policy-driven publishing system Abstracts developer from network complexity Default Messaging lib: Eclipse Paho (MQTT)
  81. 81. Kura Cloud Services - API to communicate with remote servers OSGi Configuration Admin/Remote Management Watchdog Service (Force system reset upon problem). Web-based management for gateway
  82. 82. Node-RED Developed by IBM A tool for wiring hardware devices, APIs and online services. Browser-based flow editing Lightweight runtime built on Node.js 120,000+ modules Distributed Node-RED
  83. 83. Commercial Axeda Acquired by PTC and replaced Thingworx Thingworx Acquired by PTC as well PTC had 6 IoT awards in 2014 ProSyst Acquired by Bosch few days ago !
  84. 84. Commercial Telefonica Oracle IoT Bosch IoT Suite Temboo ARM mbed IBM IoT Xively PubNub …
  85. 85. Thingworx Pricing 22 K+ Euro per year royalty only (15 K+ Euro per year for demo) Powerful and productive mashup builder Middleware support device management and many protocols
  86. 86. Samples built By Mashup Builder
  87. 87. ProSyst Pricing 6K+ Euro for client, 15K+ Euro for server Excels in device management Built on standard OSGi No Application Layer support Support OMA-DM, TR-069, JMS, … protocols MQTT is not supported yet
  88. 88. Temboo
 Organic Programming
  89. 89. ARM mbed ARM approach to IoT, they have built 
 their own Device OS and Device Server (middleware)
  90. 90. ARM mbed OS Full-stack OS ARM Cortex®-M MCUs Energy Optimized Connectivity: Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular Free.
  91. 91. ARM mbed Device Server Like a Web Server but for Devices Standard Protocols (CoAP, MQTT, …) 10x bandwidth reduction Scalable Expose RESTful API to other web apps Device Management (Lightweight M2M, …) Tools: Web IDE, TLS
  92. 92. ARM mbed Stack
  93. 93. ARM mbed Case Study
  94. 94. mbed Smart City
  95. 95. IBM IoT An IoT platform Part of IBM awesome cloud service Bluemix Supporting many languages, VMs, Node-RED, … Open/Affordable Prices with 30 days trial Scalable
  96. 96. IBM IoT Using Open Standards like MQTT Extensible by other services like Cloudant NoSQL DB GeoSpatial Analytics Twilio …
  97. 97. Connected Car Live Demo
  98. 98. Xively Supports HTTP, REST, MQTT protocols (only) Supports many Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ARM, ... Simple Device management features Expensive $45K+ Per year!! 10K devices, 20K users
  99. 99. PubNub Support Streaming Protocols: Web socket, Socket.IO, WebRTC Scalable, Fast, Secure Supported on ARM, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Pricing affordable Device management?
  100. 100. Standardization
  101. 101. Standardization Fragmentation Apple HomeKit OData AllJoyn OneM2M Open Interconnect Consortium
  102. 102. IoT Guidelines The IoT is Huge Many challenges! Many technologies/protocols Design for Best Fit Determine your hardest problem Choose the primary protocol/tool to solve it
  103. 103. IoT Guidelines Protocol/tool choice depends on scenario A complex system can use more than one protocol/tool Support standard IoT protocols Use time series NoSQL is a must!
  104. 104. IoT Guidelines Device On-boarding Management OTA Programming Security is not an option Scalability & APIs Sandbox/testing environment
  105. 105. Questions
  106. 106. Thank you!