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KOL - Agency - Brands A Professional Relationship


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The on-line agency - KOL - brand professional relationship.

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KOL - Agency - Brands A Professional Relationship

  1. 1. We Come A Long Way2006 – experimenting with everything2007 - “should bloggers take money”?2008 – first important campaigns on blogs, first leaders, mass media into blogs2009 – listers, large campaigns, monitoring2010 – blogs and SN democratization, communication on SN2011- the Facebook year, blog agencies, big initiatives2012 – still Facebook, bloggers own initiatives, the M-lister ?
  2. 2. TodayWe work for 10 brands25 campaigns per year, 80% with social media coverage8 Facebook pagesFor the market, make it x 10 at least
  3. 3. …and we need your help
  4. 4. Social Media has changedWe are no longer selling the medium……we are looking for solutions to make it work, to get the maximum out of it.
  5. 5. Profesionalising Social MediaKOLs – brands partnership
  6. 6. Today’s PatternHit and runEverybody does everythingEverything is done the same wayBy the same guysThat basically are in denial with their personality
  7. 7. The Social Partnership Should EvolveWe need you because we cannot handle the bandwidthWe need your extra help in managing communitiesWe need you for your specialtiesWe need you for your fresh personalityWe need you to challenge usWe need the A-lister, we definitely need the M-lister
  8. 8. ButYou need to understand brand communicationYou need to understand clients, owners, stakeholdersYou need to act professionally (responsible)You need to be a communication enhancerYou have to choose
  9. 9. The Professional SM PartnerLikes, identifies with and works for 2 to 3 brandsWorks full time for themWorks in connection with the agency, client brand plan, defines the social strategy together. Is part of the process. Works the extra miles.Is getting performance bonuses.Understands the brand, the target, the market. Inductions and internships.Understands communication, brand strategy, workflowsUnderstands the selling process
  10. 10. Back To Basics This is a soul business… …based on personal traits
  11. 11. Think about it…