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Dawn News

  1. 1. Presenter:<br />Armghan Arshad<br />
  2. 2. DAWN :<br /><ul><li>Dawn News is Pakistan’s first 24-hour English news channel.
  3. 3. Based in Karachi, the station is a subsidiary of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited (PHPL). Pakistan's largest English-language media group.
  4. 4. The test transmission of the station occurred in May 25 2007, and the channel went live on July 23, 2007.</li></li></ul><li>Launched<br /><ul><li>Dawn News' Test Transmission was launched by former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. The complete launch of the channel coincided with the result of the Supreme Court case which cleared the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who had been suspended by General Musharraf.
  5. 5. The channel was initially housed in Haroon House, the head-office of PHPL, but later moved to its current premises in West Wharf, Karachi.
  6. 6. The channel has an online stream available on its web site for foreign viewing.</li></li></ul><li>History<br /><ul><li>The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah launched the Dawn newspaper in the 1940s- it is the oldest English language newspaper in Pakistan.
  7. 7. The Dawn Media Network launched DawnNews, Pakistan’s first English language news and current affairs television channel, according to DawnNews they vow to "provide its viewers with a medium that is responsible, credible and balanced.
  8. 8. After a brief test transmission, the channel went live on July 23, 2007. Over past three years the channel has established its fame being the most credible voice in the murky pool of electronic media, in Pakistan.</li></li></ul><li>Continue<br /><ul><li>Probably, the most talented and hardworking journalists of present time have been associated with the channel since the beginning. Some of them left to pursue their career in the same profession. Nonetheless, with superb hard-work and dedicated they converted the dream into a reality.
  9. 9. Keeping in view the public demand, DawnNews has decided to launch a separate Urdu news channel. But before launching the separate channel, it has started a three-hour Urdu transmission within its English channel’s airtime. The purpose is to get valuable feedback from the viewers. So far the feedback is tremendous.</li></li></ul><li>Issues Covered By Dawn<br /><ul><li>DawnNews has broken a number of big stories. It was DawnNews which exclusively broadcast the footage of the assassin of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It was DawnNews that got official confirmation from Pakistan that lone surviving gunman of Mumbai terror attacks – Ajmal Kasab – was a Pakistani.
  10. 10. Besides, DawnNews has covered major events including Lal Masjid operation, lawyers’ movement, military operations in tribal areas and 2008 general elections. Most of the time, the channel beat its rivals despite limited resources.
  11. 11. DawnNews transmission is watched in all urban areas of Pakistan. It also has access to the rural population, wherever the cable reaches. DawnNews is in agreement with a few satellite TV channels and can be watched in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.</li></li></ul><li>
  12. 12. Programmes:<br /><ul><li>News at Dawn
  13. 13. Headlines
  14. 14. Breakfast at Dawn
  15. 15. Take Stock
  16. 16. The First Blast
  17. 17. Big Digit
  18. 18. News at Noon
  19. 19. Center Point
  20. 20. World at Eight
  21. 21. The Turnaround
  22. 22. Night Watch
  23. 23. NewsEye
  24. 24. 30 30</li></li></ul><li>Group Of DAWn:<br /><ul><li>The DAWN Group of Newspapers is Pakistan's second largest newspaper group. It is published by Pakistan Herald Publications Limited (PHPL). PHPL is a subsidiary of the DAWN Media Group.
  25. 25. The group has an array of publications, as it tries to cater to the needs of both the financial and consumer bases. Although it has faced tough competition from the Jang Group since its creation, it has still managed to remain popular. The group is headed by the Pakistani media mogul Hameed Haroon, its current CEO.</li></li></ul><li>Publications:<br /><ul><li>DAWN, its flagship.
  26. 26. The Star, Pakistan's most popular evening newspaper.
  27. 27. Herald, a current affairs monthly.
  28. 28. Spider, a monthly Internet magazine.
  29. 29. Aurora, a marketing and advertising bi-monthly. </li></li></ul><li>Compititors<br /><ul><li>AAJ TV
  30. 30. ARY News
  31. 31. Din News
  32. 32. Dunya News
  33. 33. Express News
  34. 34. Geo News
  35. 35. Indus News
  36. 36. News One
  37. 37. PTV News
  38. 38. Samaa News
  39. 39. Waqt News</li>