Ep reintegration flow


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Ep reintegration flow

  1. 1. Welcome to the amazing EP Reintegration Flow! This tool helps you to track and support your EPs in an efficient way. During the exchange process you g keeps everything at one place so that you have an access to it whenever is necessary. Fill out one Reinte synergies. First of all, you can add all the information you get during the selection process of your potential EP. Doc you to set the right expectations on both sides and creates the ability of rechecking it. The Tracking Too addition, you can find some space to document all the correspondence while the EP is abroad. Finally, dates for your EP. Support the learning experience of your EPs!!! Happy matching!
  2. 2. g the exchange process you get information from your EPs at various points of time. The documentation Flow s necessary. Fill out one Reintegration Flow for every EP in order to be able to take advantage concerning the ocess of your potential EP. Documentation of the Matchability Check as well as the Expectation Talk will help echecking it. The Tracking Tool helps you to keep the overview on the searching and matching processes. In hile the EP is abroad. Finally, you can add the output of the Returnee PDT with all the upcoming tasks and
  3. 3. he documentation Flow vantage concerning the pectation Talk will help matching processes. In he upcoming tasks and
  4. 4. II. Matchability Check Here you can add all the information about your matchability check. It is done during the AC. Central points to consider: - Existence of suitable internships in MyAIESEC.net - corresponding study subjects - field of work not too limited - does not just want to go to English-speaking countries (e.g. Australia) - Flexibility concerning date, duration and location of the internship (esp. India, Poland, Trukey our major OGX partners) 1. Which country/region/city do you prefer? Does he have some special wishes about the geographical area? Are there countries where he could never imagin Checkpoint:Flexibility concerning location of the internship 2.Which foreign languages knowledge do you like to develop? Which further knowledge of languages, besides english, does he have? Are there any languages knowledge which Checkpoint: does not just want to go to English-speaking countries 3. Name the start and duration of your internship. Set a certain time frame for his internship in order to plan the upcoming processes (Assessment Center and englis if there is a certain flexibility concerning the start and end date. Checkpoint: Flexibility concerning date and duration of the internship 4. Name your preferred area of work (Business Administration, Tourism, Human Resource). In which area of work would he like to do his internship? Which backgrounds would fit, considering his studies and different working areas? Is there anything which isn't possible at all? Checkpoint: corresponding study subjects, field of work not too limited 5. Which expectations do you have towards the company? (Size, firm's philosophy…) Is there any preference concerning the kind of company? Can he/she also imagine working in the NGO area or wo Checkpoint: corresponding study subjects, field of work not too limited 6. Your overall impression plus check of existance of suitable TNs in myaiesec.net
  5. 5. III. Expectation Check Before the EP form is put into myaiesec.net, ask your EP about his expectations towards the database as well that take a look on his plans after his internship - this is important in terms of reintegration. Central questions 1. Have you already had a look on the database? Have you found interesting TN's? Find out which ideas the EP has concerning the searching and matching process, clarify expectations concerni 2. How often do you want to search and apply for a possible internship? Agree on a binding searching habit of your EP that you will track afterwards, e.g. 10 applications per week 3. Which expectations do you have concerning the support from the OGX team during your matching p Ask how familiar the EP is with the database, how intensive should be the contact to the EP Buddy, is he intere 4. How do you want to communicate with your Home LC during your time abroad? Check how often and through what kind of media he would like to communicate with his Home LC, present som facebook...), ask for his willingness to support your internal and external marketing in sending video messages 5. What competencies do you want to gain/improve throughout your stay abroad? Ask your EP to bring along a printed version of the Competency Self Assessment Tool and check, which compe 6. Does this correspond to the region and the kind of internship you are aiming for? Competencies that can be developed during a stay abroad are inclusiveness, awareness of others and self awa communication can be trained more intensivly if the country you choose is culturally very different from yours. In effective communication may be trained more in a MT than during an ET, ... Please really consider the needs o competencies that may be developed vary with the different requirements of the internship. 7. How long will you continue your studies after your return? If there is some time left: Which tasks or seminar would you like to attend? Ask for his plans after his traineeship in order to find out which kind of reintegration process would fit (further ye Before the expectation talk, ask your TM team about possible upcoming jobs or projects which will be r he can imagine doing after returning from his traineeship? Ask for possible conferences, seminars, workshops give further information about the different types of conferences etc. 8. What do you already know about the upcoming Reintegration process after your return? Give an overview about the events after his internship in order to set the frame for a high quality reintegrat Communicate Reintegration as the last logical step of his learning experience. Therefore it is obligatory.
  6. 6. V. Tracking EPs EP EP Supporter Comments on the EP Name
  7. 7. TNs applied for first Status of the application/ Expectation check Exchange peak comment on the TN
  8. 8. Status of the TNs applied for second Status of the application/ TNs applied for … application/comme Exchange peak comment on the TN nt on the TN
  9. 9. VI. Contact abroad Here you can add all the information you get during the EPs time abroad. You can also add blog entries, skype into the needs of your EP (esp. your successor). Hint: Try to focus on skype, facebook, messengers and other social media instead of email. Contact details Correspondence
  10. 10. VII. Returnee PDT (People Development Talk) This template will help you to prepare and carry out a Returnee PDT. Due to the fact these PDTs take plac intentionally. Prepare well because the Returnee PDT will be more exciting then. Before carrying out the returnee PDT the interviewer should accomplish the following: §  in best case to have a functional knowledge in OGX (basic knowledge and reintegration flow) and TM area § know the results of the expectation check to act accordingly the outcomes and to compare the results with th §  be well informed, where the returnee did his internship, how it was, what he had experienced e.g. o   if the EP was picked up from the airport during the arrival to the internship's destination place o   if he had an accommodation and a good employer o   information in the TN form which corresponds to the work met the reality §   in addition a rough "personal" flow of the residence abroad should be known, e-mails/blogs or other info successful returnee PDT. § clarify with EB, when the country presentation can take place § have an exact overview on the possible task areas in LC (bring job descriptions with you) § ask returnee to fill in the competency self assessment toll and to bring the result with him Aims of a returnee PDT The returnee PDT helps the returnee to be welcomed back to his home LC and gain a review on the internship on the possible opportunities to further personal and professional development with AIESEC should be given. during the return. This PDT guideline has to be applied as a basis, it can be adjusted to the demands of the LC. However make reached. Personal development must be taken in account more detailed. important areas concerning OGX: §  Evaluation of the outgoing process §  Evaluation of the work of the OGX team §  Clarifying country presentation dates important areas in concerning TM: §  Presentation of future possibilities and new tasks §  Motivation §  Evaluation of the learning and success process of the returnee §  Discovering and dealing with the interests of the returnee §  In the best case indemnification of the L-after-X pipeline Flow
  11. 11. Important is that the environment matches and that you make an appointment at the place, which provides a go Please make sure that the appointment date is made up with the returnee on time (via telephone is an a possibility of cancellation and secondly to prepare yourself and returnee for the talk adequately. Plan about 1,5 hours for the talk. In the returnee PDT it is very important to let the returnee talk because o conversation may last longer. Please try to write down everything what is said by the returnee - complete, with a regard to content and firs conversation the interviewer gives a personal impression of the returnee, it must be added during the wrap-up a The following is applied to all the questions: if the returnee criticizes anything, surely ask about the improvem have very innovative suggestions, which can be forwarded to the EB. Returnee PDT Returnee's name: ..................................................... Internship type (MT/DT/ET/TT, length, country): ....................................................... Date: ...................... Interviewer: ................................................. I. Introduction The introduction is similar to the other PDTs, it is attempted, to start the conversation loosely, it can be explai only the EB can read the notes after etc.) II. Questions about the return 1. How are you doing after getting back from the country X? Did any problems or complications occur since you (according to the answer it can be already referred to RIS in that point) 2. Do you have a feeling to be back? 3. Do you have a feeling that you are able to share your experience with friends and family? How much could y III.a Questions about the exchange process (cultural/ support of the guest LC) 4. To what extent do you have a feeling, that you were well prepared to the differences (e.g. cultural shock) abr 5. How did the LC abroad host you? Did you have a feeling to be good supervised? 6. Did you take part in the activities which were suggested in the host LC? Were there actually any activities? What did you experience thereby?
  12. 12. 7. Can you name the differences between the LC in the country X and our LC? What did you like the most? W have seen there? 8. How did you developed yourself personally through the cultural experience? How do you see your learning s self assessment. Go through the old and new data together and compare it. This question is specifically importa III.b Questions about the exchange process (Internship) 9.  How did you like your internship? 10. Did your idea on TN form according to myaiesec.net approve? What deviations were there (positive und ne 11. To what extent did your internship challenge you professionally? (if it was not challenging, ask why not) H returnee stated in the expectation check - did he achieve his goals?) In addition newly filled in competency self 12. To what extent did your personal and professional goals enhance trough the internship experience? 13. Where do you see essential improvement opportunities in the exchange process? IV. Questions about the support of the home LC 14. Did you have a feeling that the OGX team had prepared you good for the internship? If no, what did go bad 15. Did the OGX team suggest you enough support in occurred problems?  16.  How was the contact to your EP-Buddy or any other member of OGX team or the LC while being a 17. How was the communication with the home LC - did you feel to be good informed about the happe 18. Where do you see concrete improvement opportunities in the communication between an EP and the home V.a Questions about the future in AIESEC (general) 19. Have you changed your point of view on AIESEC since your residence in the country X ? If yes, how? 20. Can you imagine to be active in the LC again? If not, why?
  13. 13. 21.   If yes, in what form, how intense? Which tasks would you like to take or which competencies would yo imagine to take a leadership position? (if this question was discussed before, e.g. via e-mail during the interns contact) V.b Questions about the future in AIESEC (next Steps) 22. When can you hold a country presentation in the LC to let us have a part of your experience? (suggest the 23. Can you imagine taking a buddy role for the future EPs?   VI. Conclusion 24. Was the internship abroad a good way to develop yourself personally? 25. All in all what is the most important thing, that you have learned abroad? 26. Do you have any conclusive improvement suggestions, wishes, comments or questions? VII. Finishing the PDT Here you have to conclude the next steps again, thank and say good bye. Wrap-up In the end of the conversation you should type the notes and add your personal impression about the return What should be supplemented in your opinion? How about the motivation? Do the answers match with the pers The agreements on RIS, country presentation and eventually a speech on the information evening as well as the team in planning and working. Please make clear if the last task can be taken by VP TM.