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Starting new conversations! twitter


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Twitter can be used to engage library users and for research advocacy. Benefits for librarians include professional networking, work place learning, and joie de vivre inspiration!

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Starting new conversations! twitter

  2. 2. Too busy, old or new for library ‘tweets’? Computer mediated communication: Online news alerts Online learning Online feedback Online sharing Online Conversation Online engagement
  3. 3. Lib Twitter
  4. 4. Twitter 101  2006 +  rapidly gained worldwide popularity  News & social networking service – 328 million users 80% via mobile 08/2017  Breaking news  ‘140’ characters, # = categorize by keyword e.g.. #liasaconference  Registered users post ‘tweets’, unregistered users can only read ‘tweets’  In 2013, it was one of the ten most-visited websites and has been described as "the SMS of the Internet"
  5. 5. Value for Libraries & Librarians?  How is your library using Social Media?  Twitter one component of social media  Extends learning – greater depth via links out to articles, blogs, websites etc.  Allows for unexpected ‘discovery’  Timely – can dip in & out  Interactive – messaging, feedback, Q&A  Grows diverse communities - networking (personal, professional, institutional)
  6. 6. Social Media Policy in the online environment  code of conduct that provides guidelines for employees who post content on the Internet Techtarget  Universities usually have a social media policy or best practice guidelines for use developed by the HR or Communications Department  Guiding principals: ‘do no harm’ or ‘use your best judgement’ e.g. Harvard University
  7. 7. Starting out: Step 1 Find out if your institution and/or library has a social media policy • What if they don’t have one? • Often times the library is leading the digital/social media revolution Step 3 digital etiquette, a.k.a. netiquette • Create profile • Create content – tweet! Step 2 Activate a library email account - Register with • Courtesy & respect online Avoid politics/religion • Credit the creator Check facts and hashtags before using
  8. 8. Your choice! What to tweet? Who to follow? • Library events/opening changes • New books/ database highlights • Research support • Higher education facts/happenings • Study skill knowhow • Tech savvy info. • Humour! • Libraries, Librarians, LIS associations • News/media • Higher Education/Research info • Subject related • Publishers/Authors/Journals etc..
  9. 9. Use of Twitter in the SA academic setting
  10. 10. Twitter use by SA academic libraries  Adopted between 2009-2012 i.e. relatively soon after the launch of Twitter in 2006  UWC includes a live twitter feed (RUL had a live feed until a recent website update)  It is possible libraries have a twitter account that is not visible on the homepage e.g.. twitter links on the subject guides – UNISA  Website survey 09/2017 Twitter Uptake Use of ICON on homepage 12 of 26 10 of 12 46% 83% √
  11. 11. Identify your library! USER NAME START DATE • @nwulibraries Oct 2009 • @UPLibrary Jul 2010 • @UCTLibrary Nov 2010 • @witslibrary Jun 2011 • @UJLibrary Jun 2011 • @dut_library Aug 2011 • @Stelbib Sep 2011 • @UWCLibrary May 2012 • @RhodesLibrary Jun 2012 • @UnisaLibrary Jun 2012 • @MandelaLibrary Aug 2012 • @MUTLIBRARY Feb 2016 A Twitter handle is a username selected by anyone using Twitter and must contain fewer than 15 characters. Each Twitter handle has a unique URL, with the handle added after Example:
  12. 12. Primary library accounts as at 09/2017 127 63 382 1506 696 232 4145 2835 1334 258 1211 1524 87 17 466 869 1181 390 3414 2930 1074 1240 559 1021 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 DUT 2011 MUT 2016 NMU 2012 NWU 2009 RU 2012 SU 2011 UCT 2010 UJ 2012 UP 2010 UNISA 2012 UWC 2012 WITS 2011 Institution&startyear Followers Tweets
  13. 13. Survey Analysis: 12 Main Library twitter accounts  WE CAN INFER…  Tweet content & relevance may impact number of followers  High performance accounts generally show a higher ratio of followers to tweets, we can infer high ‘interest’ in content e.g.. UJ, UNISA, SU, RU, NMU  High no.s of followers & tweets indicates good engagement, together with sustained commitment by library staff e.g.. UCT, UJ  BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  Need to take into account: start date & size of the university community  followers may extend across institutions and borders/ local, national & international  Highest ranked University – UCT – correlates with the best performing academic library twitter account
  14. 14. What is Rhodes Library doing? @RHODESLIBRARY @RHODESRESEARCH @COMSCHOL
  15. 15. @RhodesLibrary Official Twitter feed of the Rhodes University Library, a leading academic research support library in South Africa
  16. 16. @RhodesLibrary  Joined Twitter June 2012  Followers include RU students & staff, RU alumni, librarians, publishers, recruitment agencies, news sites, visitors, and HE institutions.  Followers need to have twitter accounts, and follow @RhodesLibrary by choice.  Marketing low key 2012-2017, i.e. via a memo to RU listserves, included in signature info., and by word of mouth.  Tweets posted include library notices, information about new resources, library related happenings, research support information & study humour.0 502 1181 0 299 696 0 23 278 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Jun-12 Oct-14 Sep-17 followers 0 502 1181 tweets 0 299 696 following 0 23 278 Lifespan followers tweets following Linear (followers)
  17. 17. Twitter Chatter: tweets & retweets
  18. 18. Mentions, Retweets, Feedback, Q&A, Notices…
  19. 19. Research advocacy with Twitter
  20. 20. @RhodesResearch scholarly communication ‘research & researcher visibility’ 📌 Latest RU Research: books, theses, conference papers, published articles, & Rhodes University Researchers Growing local... global knowledge
  21. 21. Potential for Impact: discovery; news; networking; funding; employment; research…
  22. 22. @RhodesResearch Q&A feedback
  23. 23. @RhodesResearch  Showcasing departmental research via use of a hashtag e.g. #RUAnthro  Research sourced from RU affiliated alerts from the databases, departmental websites, word of mouth, researcher profiles, GS author alerts  Advocacy of your researchers & institutional research output
  24. 24. In the field RESEARCHERS USING SOCIAL MEDIA • Nature’s 2014 social media survey • Twitter, although used regularly by only 13% of scientists in Nature’s survey, is much more interactive: half of the Twitterati said that they use it to follow discussions on research-related issues, and 40% said that it is a medium for “commenting on research that is relevant to my field” • Richard Van Noorden Nature, Vol. 512, Issue7513 ALTMETRICS – SCOPING IMPACT • Collection of retweets • E.g.. Altmetric, Plum Analytics • Publishers show altmetrics on journal article pages • E.g.. PLOS archives & features retweets
  25. 25. The benefits of twitter for scientists “Despite frequent claims to the contrary, social media tools such as Twitter can be incredibly valuable for scholars. My own research (and years of personal experience) has shown that if properly used, Twitter makes it possible for scholars to follow along with cutting-edge research in their discipline as it is presented at conferences on the other side of the world, to directly share their expertise with policy makers and journalists, and to get feedback from expert peers as they work on their own research projects” David Shiffman is a marine conservation biologist and award-winning science communicator @WhySharksMatter
  26. 26. Extending the conversation..
  27. 27. Multiple library twitter accounts, increased engagement… e.g.. branch libraries/collections/units within the library
  28. 28. Library twitter community #liasaconference #SAlibchat
  29. 29. How to & lessons learnt…  Find a champion, or two - seek passionate individuals – ownership of Twitter project best  New job dimension – takes time but stimulating and enhances faculty liaison  Link library email to LibAnswers  Feature live twitter account on university webpages / Library Subject Guides  Incorporate social media training into CPD - Continuing Professional Development  Marketing – don’t forget  Curating – keep it ‘alive!’  Administration – needs doing but is manageable
  30. 30. Feeling inspired…
  31. 31. Twitter analytics - account overview • summary: tweet stats, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, followers • By month: top tweet, top mention, top follower • Impression = how many times my tweet showed up in people’s feeds. • Engagement: Retweets can reflect value. Someone found your tweet valuable enough to share with their audience Likes can be a sign of appreciation Keven Lee
  32. 32. Readings… • Twitter Golden Rules: twitter-account-to-the-next-level/ • The Benefits of Twitter for Scientists scientists • Leveraging the Power of a Twitter Network for Library Promotion • How Libraries Can Leverage Twitter
  34. 34. Joining library conversations! • #liasaconference • #SAlibchat • #librarylife • #edtechchat • #datalibs #open17 etc. • “For me Twitter has been a major boost for my professional life in terms of insights, inspiration, debates and network with the global library community” Christian Lauersen, Library Director - Roskilde University, Denmark. Tweets by @clauersen
  35. 35. Librarians on Twitter – Create your own account! • “Twitter, for example, has offered librarians the chance to connect with millions of other people and today there are many librarians who have large followings on Twitter thanks to their informative and entertaining posts, their willingness to share knowledge, and their ability to interact with others” Library Science Articles, Social Media by Melissa Steele “Are you ready to become a tweetbrarian? Twitter is a fantastic tool for engaging with other librarians, monitoring LIS trends and debates in real time, and gathering unfiltered insights and inspiration from peers and seasoned professionals” Michael Rodriguez
  36. 36. Fiona Still-Drewett @feestill Principal Librarian, Humanities & Education Rhodes University Library @RhodesLibrary
  37. 37. Acknowledgments/References Techtarget Harvard University 1.15711?WT.mc_id=TWT_NatureNews
  38. 38. Acknowledgments/References cont. 4c2a-b3ca-5e694c7bd86c&v=&b=&from_search=2 0538724#ggb1AArFWioj3bjQ.97