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World CIO forum The canary in coal mine - public


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Key slides from the key note delivered by Mark Mueller-Eberstein at the 2011 World CIO Forum on leadership and technology transformation. Presentation included examples from different industries and from Rovio (developer of the Angry Birds game).

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World CIO forum The canary in coal mine - public

  1. 1. Building an agile business with NO FEAR and global success like “Angry Birds” Mark Mueller-Eberstein is the best selling author of “AGILITY: Competing and Winning in the Tech-Savvy Marketplace” and “NO FEAR: Leading an army of Digital Cowboys” Mark is the CEO of Adgetec Corporation and Professor at Rutgers University Twitter: MarkMEberstein
  2. 2. What happened to Mickey Mouse?• Disney: 50 years of winning with animation• “Toy Story” and Pixar changed the game and won every year….At least “the big” can control distribution… or not?• Napster and iTunes for music…• App Store (and Bit torrent) for applications…• Amazon for content• eBay, Taobao etc. for “things”…. … what next will change and be far more efficient soon…?
  3. 3. Tomorrow will be very different… The world has changed and will change even faster Information, collaboration and knowledge sharing across organizational and generational boundaries are essential IT is the enabler and the tool (“AGILITY”) Success is determined by the people and their capabilities to leverage and adopt – Technical challenges are relatively small and options are plenty – IT capabilities can be procured relatively easily – Organizational and cultural challenges are key obstacles Your competitors of tomorrow are racing ahead today.
  4. 4. AGILITY Competing andWinning in the TechSavvy MarketplaceBy Mark Mueller-Eberstein
  5. 5. AGILITY NO FEAR Competing and Leading an ArmyWinning in the Tech ofMarketplace Savvy Digital CowboysBy Mark Mueller-Eberstein
  6. 6. AGILITY NO FEAR How to win and Competing Leading an Army a billionWinning in the Tech ofMarketplace Digital customers Savvy CowboysBy Mark Mueller-Eberstein
  7. 7. NO FEAR: The PlayStation Generation• People who grew up with mobile technologies, the internet and social media expect their leaders to be inspiring, responsible and open.• They are more community-oriented and international than earlier generations.• They are the first to adopt new phenomena and inventions.• They constantly generate new innovations.• They use their networks to solve problems efficiently and in an innovative manner, provided their interest is piqued.• This generation is of vital importance to companies.
  8. 8. Digital Cowboys are the super stars of the PlayStation Generation  Born after 1985 (1990 in China)  Grew up with the Internet  They are globally connected and willing to move  They access “data” anywhere and anytime  They are openly questioning and testing their leaders
  9. 9. The leader role has changed …■ The leader is a producer■ Authenticity & your personal brand■ The battles, your experts & new insights are on the frontline … FEAR CANNOT HOLD YOU BACK
  10. 10. Technology is the most profound driver of all these changes(as it was with electricity, steam power, combustion engine….) The “arguments” are the same… most new technologies not leveraged first… but rejected by mostTechnology choices can make or break the company  Agile companies – agile technology  Competent to internalize new issues
  11. 11. Building IT the way Digital Cowboys expect it
  12. 12. The impact of consumerization Simplicity wins We don’t want “technology”; we want stuff to just work The tools at work have to be as easy to use as the tools from home—iPads, smartphones, Facebook, Amazon IT Infrastructure has to support mobile devices, personal PCs and consumer “apps” & experiences
  13. 13. The organization of the future• Takes advantage of innovation and technology• Continuously optimizes and re-invents• Is authentic and trustworthy• Has all levels and functions constantly engaged with the frontline (customers)• Is “always on” and “always responsive”• Leverages the best resources for a given task or project  Outsourcing is not about reducing cost but reaching scale and leveraging expertise  Ensure to “bind/hold/hire” people who really get and support your vision; independent if their current role or function is “core” to your business• Attracts the best people
  14. 14. Thank You!Contact: Twitter: MarkMEberstein