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STT Radio

  1. 1. NOBODY DOES IT BETTERBring quality, major investor eyes to your company and stock, and get your company noticed byhundreds of thousands of potential investors on INVESTORSHUB, FACEBOOK, SKYPE, LINKEDIN,ICPLACES, YOUTUBE, STOCKTRADERSTALK, TWITTER, STOCKTWITTER, AND ALL OTHER MAJORINVESTMENT-FOCUSED PORTALS at the right time...ABOUT STOCK TRADERS TALKStock Traders Talk (i.e. STT) and STT Radio are centralized portals for investors. STT specializes inexclusive, LIVE radio interviews, where we strongly believe a CEO and/or other company affiliate has theultimate delivery platform to demonstrate their passion and determination in making their companysuccessful, not to mention distributing key information related to company achievements, currentdevelopments, and future plans. General press release routes do offer value; however, they lack apersonal connection with current and potential investors, and being in the investor realm for manyyears ourselves has proven to us that personal connections between a company and investor base iscritical to a company’s success in the public markets.GETTING THE WORD OUTIn an effort to draw as much interest to the show as possible,we have the interview link posted AT THETOP OF EVERY PAGE in Investors Hub, including the homepage. Investors Hub is considered one of themost popular, if not the most popular, investment-based website forum for the public stock markets.This is a very powerful tool reaching nearly one million members daily in addition to unique site viewsfrom non-members. Stock Traders Talk is the ONLY COMPANY THAT HAS ACCESS TO THIS FEATURE. This is where your company would be listed on every page in Investors Hub.We also spread the word through our multiple radio and information portals (see links below):
  2. 2.!/StockTraderTalk indefinite archived versions, we place your interview on:InvestorsHub Traders Talk http://www.stocktraderstalk.comYouTube Places CEO INTERVIEWS SPOTLIGHTSSTT Radio stock spotlights are special shows where we spotlight any and all relevant aspects of yourcompany for current and potential investors. This is similar to a CEO Interview, but WE do the duediligence and presentation with our own interpretations of investment quality.;%3Espotlight%3C/span%3E-%3Cspan%20style=background-color:yellow;%3Ehlnt%3C/span%3E-6-21-2012-w-hoss_Em_rBIaKKj4 AWARENESS PROGRAMSSTT Radio provides very lucrative short-term to mid-term stock awareness programs at the best prices.WEEK: Week-long stock awareness programs involve a stock spotlight on Sunday night, followed by afull week of stock marketing/awareness on all our radio shows (highlighting key fundamentals, news,etc.) as well as posting across any and all social networks where investors loom. We include a CEOand/or company affiliate interview on a morning or night of the company’s choosing, strategically placedamongst news and other significant company updates to provide maximum effect across investornetworks. In addition to general word-of-mouth advertising and STT Radio spreading the word withinour networks, we provide a link to both the spotlight and interview at the top of EVERY INVESTORS HUBPAGE on the dates of the spotlights and interviews. This reaches an audience of roughly one millioninvestors alone. Included in this package is press release service (up to two press releases) which reachALL press portals as we have key connections in the press industry. As an enhanced version of thispackage, and for higher budgets, we can include other key initiatives such as specific and strategicbuyers to create volume in a stock as well as creating unique, high-quality research reports on yourcompany.
  3. 3. MONTH: Month-long programs are very similar to week-long programs, but the marketing/awarenessproceeds through the entire month including posting on all social networks and daily radio recaps. Thispackage also includes a stock spotlight and CEO and/or company affiliate interview with INVESTORS HUBbanners; moreover, company affiliates can come on the show WEEKLY to update shareholders withsignificant progress and updates. This package includes up to five press releases. As an enhancedversion of this package, and for higher budgets, we can include other key initiatives such as specific andstrategic buyers to create volume in a stock as well as creating unique, high-quality research reports onyour company.LONG-TERM INVESTOR RELATIONS CONSULTINGSTT Radio provides enhanced investor relations services for the right clients. Our most recent endeavorin this field is Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (ticker $MIKP), which we started consulting at a shareprice of 0.0001. The share price has since moved to as high as 0.0015 (in just a few months) onsignificant accumulation as we have provided the company with essential consultation in debtrestructuring and shareholder recruitment. We provide strategic advice on several initiatives, includingnot only improving business objectives and growth strategies, but also recruiting long-term shareholdersthat believe in what the company is doing. As a team, STT Radio has one of the best investor networksfor bringing quality awareness and investment to your stock. We also have access to THE CHEAPEST,MOST WIDESPREAD press portals for any STT Radio client looking to save money on press releases whilegetting the word out to as many current and potential investors as possible.OTHER MARKET AWARENESSIn addition to CEO interviews, stock spotlights, awareness programs, and investor relations consulting,we also offer banner space on our websites and radio portals to get your company noticed day in andday out by investors tuning in to our shows. We have hundreds of live listeners for most shows, uniquelisteners daily, and thousands of listens to our archived shows, so a company banner or commercialimplanted into our show can garner much investor attention over time. Additionally, if you areinterested in any other awareness agreement other than something specifically listed above, please letus know as we can accommodate and thrive with any and all arrangements, and we have the networkand capabilities to put your company at the forefront of the public investor markets quickly andefficiently. These alternative awareness programs would have to be negotiated on a case by case basisto meet the agendas of both parties.PRICESPrices for any of the services above vary greatly depending on what a company is looking for in terms ofmarket awareness. STT Radio is 100% flexible in the breadth of awareness and/or consultation we canprovide in a confident and efficient manner, so tell us what you want and need for a specific budget, andwe will work up an effective package to put your company at the forefront of the public markets.Sincerely,Michael