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Plagiarism in school


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Published in: Education
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Plagiarism in school

  1. 1. PLAGIARISM IN SCHOOL. Sonia Martínez Gómez Edén Jiménez Jarandilla Melani Vicente Vidal Isabel Portillo Argudo
  2. 2. What is Plagiarism? Excuses Examples Consequences Against /For
  4. 4. EXCUSES:
  5. 5. EXAMPLES:    Copying information from internet Copying from a parner exam Falsify signatures or documents
  6. 6. CONSEQUENCES AND PUNISHMENT Call your parents  Repeat kicked out of school Getting the homework  Lower your mark
  7. 7. FOR: You still get what you want  You don’t waste time  Your parents don’t get angry  You get good marks  It is much easier if you dont have to think 
  8. 8. AGAINST: × × × × × × × × × You get used to it You will lose the confidence of your teacher You lie yourself Your parents get angry with you You don’t learn If you copy from other person in the exam you will not be able to pass it Your imagination decrease You lack practice Your ignorance increase