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Arms trade by Alvaro Ruiz


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Project on Global Issues

Published in: Education
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Arms trade by Alvaro Ruiz

  1. 1. In the world, handguns and light machine guns(LMG´s) cause lots of kills every day. The use of this guns are one of the reasons why people don´t live in peace LMG HANDGUN
  2. 2. • Every year more than a half million of people dies because the use of conventional weapons. The irresponsible use of this weapons cause a big part of the global issues in the world.
  3. 3. • Personally, i think that if this problem keep existing, the world will be in a bery big dangerous, because the gun can be get by a bad person, or somebody who doesn´t knows how to use a gun.
  4. 4. • I don´t know very much about this problem because in spain there isn´t to much arms trade, but i know that in countries as Mexico or united states, this is a frecuent issue, and people is constantly fighting against it.
  5. 5. • Actually i don´t want to know anything else about this problem because is not interesting for me,and is not interesting for nobody, i guess.
  6. 6. • For example, every time that you see somebody with a gun, you can go to the police and talk with them, so then they will investigate it, you can also try to stop it by talking with people