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Midascorp presentation


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Midascorp presentation

  1. 1. Pay-Plan Overview • Revenue Sources • Accounts • Bonus Points • Activity Rating • Community Bonus • Directors Bonus • Overview
  2. 2. Revenue Sources Services Description Midas Digital Coin The cornerstone of power for Midas Corp Members E-Publications E-Magazines, Resumes (CVs), e-Brochures & PDF/Doc conversions Cumada Marketing email sends via our Cumada Platform E-Bits E-BITS - MDC Mining Platform Alternate Promotions Various offers from other vendors Your chance to be in on the ground floor of MDC (Midas Digital Coin). We are phasing out of E-Publication, Email Marketing and Alternative Programs and totally focusing on the Digital Coin Marketplace.
  3. 3. Active Status Monthly Fee $25 25 Bonus Points 100% BPs on Personal Purchases 10% BPs through 5 levels of sales 25% Activity Rating Pro rata share in Community Bonus 10% Direct Sales Commission Eligible for Midas Digital Coin (MDC) Account Midas Back Office
  4. 4. Bonus Points • The core to your Weekly Community Bonus earnings. • Generated at the rate of one BP for per dollar value of products/services sold/purchased and distribute – 50% to the Buyer and 10% thru 5 levels to the buyers respective upline. – 50% Buyer (level 0) – 10% 1st upline – 10% 2nd upline – 10% 3rd upline – 10% 4th upline – 10% 5th upline
  5. 5. Activity Rating % • Activity Rating (AR) shows the amount of effort you have contributed to the promotion of MidasCorp products and services and affects all bonuses • AR lasts for 30 days, never goes higher than 100% and new AR% replaces older AR% as sales are made. • AR percentage is multiplied by the bonus to give the actual bonus payment rewarded
  6. 6. Community Bonus • 50% of revenue received from the global sales of products and services is placed into the Community Bonus Pool (CBP). • These funds (CBP) are then divided by the total number of Bonus Points within the entire system to arrive at a BP Value. • Example: $10,000 (CBP) / 40,000 BP = $0.25 BP Value • The BP Value is then multiplied by the amount of BPs within each affiliate’s account to determine his/her potential earnings
  7. 7. Community Bonus • The potential earnings are then multiplied by the Affiliates Activity Rating to determine the amount of Bonus payable • Assume Affiliate “A” has 400 BPs in his account and a 75% AR • 400 BPs X’s $0.25 (BP Value) = $100 (Potential Earnings) • $100 X’s 75% (AR) = $75.00 Bonus payable • We then pay 50% of this into Affiliate A’s account and 50% of BPs are added to his BP Account.
  8. 8. Community Bonus Global BPs $ Pool Activity Rating Your BPs You Receive 40,000 $10,000 100% 1000 $125 125 BPs Global BPs $ Pool Activity Rating Your BPs You Receive 40,000 $10,000 75% 1000 $93.75 93.75 BPs Global BPs $ Pool Activity Rating Your BPs You Receive 40,000 $10,000 50% 1000 $62.50 62.50 BPs Global BPs $ Pool Activity Rating Your BPs You Receive 40,000 $10,000 25% 1000 $31.25 31.25 BPs The above shows what you can earn based on your Activity Rating times the number of BPs (assumes 1,000) you have accumulated.
  9. 9. Fast Track BP rewarded based on $100 of sales through 5 levels Your Team BP Your Team BP Your Team BP 2 20 3 30 5 50 4 40 9 90 25 250 8 80 27 270 125 1250 16 160 81 810 625 6250 32 320 243 2430 3125 31250 Total 620 Total 3,630 Total 39,050 The above shows the power of introducing new team members in reference to the number of BPs you can accumulate. Multiply your BPs time the BP Value distributed each week to arrive at your earning potential.
  10. 10. Directors Bonus • Junior Director – incremental bonus = up to 5%* • $2,500 in purchases during one month • Senior Director – incremental bonus = up to 10%* • $5000 in purchases within two consecutive months • Executive Director • By personal invitation for outstanding services and performance rendered * As per the Director Bonus Calculator
  11. 11. Midas Digital Coin (MDC) • MDC Exchange • MDC Mining Farms • MDC Wallet • MDC pool that accelerates the value of MDC at the rate of 10% per MidasCorp Sale
  12. 12. E-Bits Crypto-currency is the most exciting financial instrument of our time. E-Bits helps members accumulate crypto-currencies • Mining results for 180 days • Top rated e-coins added to your e-coin portfolio • Mined by our mining rigs on your behalf • Distributed on a pro-rata basis • Community Bonus + E-coin distributions on each E-Bit purchase
  13. 13. Earnings Disclaimer We believe that you have the right to earn an exceptional income and we promise to do our best to deliver the tools, products, services and support to help you make this your reality. We do not believe in get rich programs – only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our offerings are intended to help you develop a solid base in which to earn and to help others do the same while building your business in an ethical manner. By promoting our Website, Pay-Plan and Director Bonus Calculator we use illustrative numbers only and we do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. It is up to you to do your own analysis as all earnings are the result of your effort and your results. In today’s world it is easier than ever for others to misrepresent offerings and exaggerate earnings for the purpose of personal gain. Only you can protect yourself from this behaviour and therefore it is your responsibility to calculate your own projections and to do your own due diligence whenever possible . Furthermore, is the only official website where information for MidasCorp should be obtained from. Please read our Terms of Service and complete earnings disclaimers on our website http://www.midas- We believe in transparency and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity.