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Mobility and SmartTAP Recording for Lync


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Mobility and SmartTAP Recording for Lync

  1. 1. AudioCodes MobilityPLUS and SmartTAP For Microsoft Unified Communications Solutions Steve Hopkins Pre Sales SE January 2012 © 2011 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved.AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary
  2. 2. About AudioCodes• Profitable and publicly traded on NASDAQ• 18 years of dedicated VoIP experience and millions of VoIP ports deployed • Tier 1 Service Providers • Fortune Enterprises • OEM relationship with leading vendors• Long standing partnership with Microsoft on UC• Largest VoIP dedicated R&D team in the world• Worldwide distribution, homologations and certifications • Able to support LYNC VSPs engagement with Multi-National Companies• AudioCodes is the largest, focused, global and stable partner, in Lync eco- system
  3. 3. Our VisionAudioCodes believes Lync will become a UC market leaderAudioCodes continues as the leading partner for voicenetworkingAudioCodes strives to simplify eco-system for quickeradoption of Lync Full portfolio eliminates complexity Simpler supply and support structure Innovation overcomes challenges AudioCodes converts Microsoft Lync IM&P licenses into real-life VoIP UC network From License to Connected by Link Your Lync Network AudioCodes
  4. 4. AudioCodes Ecosystem with Microsoft Unified Communications Survivability Lync PSTN Networks SP PSTN Recording WA PST TDM Trunks Secured SIP solution N N . TrunkingMobility+SmartTAP SmartTAP Call Recorder Media Gateways … Media Gateway SP IP WAN Survivable Branch•• Designed in Co- helped AudioCodes has Appliance . SIP Trunks Operation with … to write the Recorder Media Gateway Microsoft for Lync Certification AudioCodes Mobile Microsoft Unified•• Extends Functionality to SmartTAP is the 1st Soft Client Media Gateway Communications Solutions Legacy TDM PBX Mobile Users certified recorder to be SIP Media Gateway by Microsoft E1/T1/BRI/FXO PB• Always Online X • Provides the power and 3rd party Analog and SIP based Phone Support Non certified IP PBX simplicity that is key to Legacy Fax & other Analog devices IP- Media Gateway PBX• Brings TRUE Unified Lync deployments Media Gateway Media Gateway SIP Communications IP Phones
  5. 5. Enterprise Mobility TrendsGrowing need for better accessibility and productivityIntroduction of Smart Mobile DevicesExpansion of High-speed Networks - 3G, Wi-Fi and WiMaxAbove 50% of In-Office calls are made on mobile devicesMobile office is likely to be the fastest-growingsegmentand generated revenues of $1.6 billion in 2008. Thissegment is expected to reach a size of $6.8 billion in2015, at a CAGR of 19 percent. Frost & Sulivan – April 2010
  6. 6. AudioCodes MobilityPLUS for Microsoft UC Allowing mobile business employees to communicate seamlessly from their Smartphone devices by initiating VoIP calls.• Extending Microsoft Lync client functionality to Mobile users• Mobile VoIP calls over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G network• Single user identity, Single number reach• Supports Lync Instant Messaging• Supports Lync Enhanced Presence and Contact lists• Supports Microsoft RTAudio codec (wideband and narrowband)• Offers secured VoIP connectivity• Provides Mobile VoIP access to roaming subscribers• Mobile client management and automatic configuration system• Based on a certified Microsoft protocol interface (UCMA)• Call Toggling and VCC support• Video calls support (1H 2012) MobilityPLUS Mobile Client
  7. 7. MobilityPLUS solution components Mobility Server Mobile Client• UC integration with Lync (UCMA)• Supports SIP & TDM trunks • HDVoIP SIP client with MS-RTA• SIP Server for mobile clients • Provides Lync call features• One Number, one Voicemail• Presence, AD, IM services • Provides Lync UC features• Device toggling* • Network selection• Call Routing• Media Transcoding • Callback features*• NAT, DoS &VoIP FW • Cellular/Wifi Handover (VCC)*• Callback features*• Voice Call Continuity (VCC)* • Support for multiple Mobile OS• Quality Monitoring*• Mobile Clients distribution & management *Roadmap
  8. 8. Solution Components MobilityPLUS Clients UC Mobile Clients WS SIP CMS DB MobilityPLUS Server WS Lync Pool WS CRM SMS W S – Web GW Services AudioCodes
  9. 9. MobilityPLUS Mobile Client - Supported Mobile Platforms iPhone ,iPad MobilityPLUS Mobile Client Web Client PC Client
  10. 10. MobilityPLUS UC Integration with Lync Mobility Server Lync Pool Inbound SIP Routing Outbound Routing Voice Mail Routing SIP IM, Presence Audio, Video, Conferencing, IVR Lync Lync Mobile User B User A
  11. 11. MobilityPLUS in Lync Enterprise network Headquarters Lync Server Mediant 2000 “Enhanced” Gateway Mediant 1000 MobilityPLUS Server Enterprise IP Network PSTN Mediant 2000 SBAMobilityPLUS Mobile 3G/LTE Client Branch Office Mobile Users MobilityPLUS Mobile Client
  12. 12. MobilityPLUS Mobile Client Enhanced UI• Contact list with enhanced presence • Call hold and resume • Instant messaging • Enhanced Presence• Click to call from • Speaker button • Mobile to Mobile settings Lync contact list • Mute button • Mobile to PC• Call from phone • Voicemail access • Escalation from IM to contacts with MWI VoIP call• Dial pad
  13. 13. MobilityPLUS - Management Tools Web-based administration for IT personnel Client distribution through Email, SMS or Web Portal Integration with Active Directory User groups and user policies Add and manage users Call Detail Records (CDR) On-line status of Mobile calls Application Logs And more
  14. 14. Technical Specification Feature Mobility Server Platform Mediant 1000 Mediant 3000 CPU Module Intel Core2 Duo L7400 with Intel 3100 External Server* Chipset (64-bit) Memory: 2G DDR2 with ECC Storage: 160G SATA, single/dual hard disk Interfaces: 10/10/1000Base-TX,USB 2.0, RS-232 Supported number of Up to 600 Up to 2000 SIP endpoints Supported number of Up to 120 (without transcoding) Up to 1000 concurrent calls Operation & HTTP Web Server, Remote configuration and software download via TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP Management and BootP, Syslog for events and alarms Security HTTPS, TLS, SSL, SRTP, Access Control List Media Gateway 6 slots for modular interface modules 2 slots for modular, simplex or redundant Interfaces** supporting: configurations supporting: E1/T1/J1: 1-4 Spans 1 OC-3 or STM-1 APS optical links FXS/FXO: 4-24 ports 1 to 3 T3 (DS3) links BRI: 4-20 ports Up to 63/84 E1/T1 linksPlease consult with AudioCodes for sizing and certification of your server configuration.** For more information about the media gateway features, please refer to the Mediant 1000 and Mediant 3000 datasheets.
  15. 15. MobilityPLUS Solution - Value Proposition Enhancing productivity by extending UC capabilities to mobile devices Line side integration with Lync Reducing enterprise OPEX by lowering mobile communication costs Flexibility to choose networks and devices
  16. 16. Recording Solutions Overview January 2012 © 2011 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved.AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary
  17. 17. What Features do Customers Want • Simple…..Simple…..Simple • Record a Call • Store Recordings • Retrieve and Playback Recordings • Mixed TDM & VoIP Environment • Low TCO Customers Agents SmartTAP Recording Application
  18. 18. SmartTAP & Microsoft Lync• In a Microsoft LYNC environment, SmartTAP deploys a software plug-in installed on the Front End Server as a trusted certified application.• The SmartTAP server receives the signaling information over a secure connection and decrypts the SRTP data synchronously received from the mirror port of the network switch.
  19. 19. SmartTAP Microsoft LYNC Solution Microsoft Lync is One of the Hottest New Technologies of 2011 and SmartTAP Is the first Microsoft Certified Call Recorder
  20. 20. SmartTAP Advantages• Silent recording of internal or external calls without consuming valuable LYNC resources• No conferencing services necessary, no additional resources needed• Support for the Microsoft wideband RTA codec with transcoding to other media types for download, email or playback.• Passive End Point Technology captures SRTP signaling while preserving the data integrity and quality of the conversation.• Scalable from 1 to N concurrent sessions on a single or distributed server configuration
  21. 21. SmartTAP Key Benefits The SmartTAP Advantage Compliant • Liability Recording • Regulatory Compliance • Affordable Scalable • Single box, COTS • Rapid deployment and Centralized installation • Comprehensive • TDM, VoIP and hybrid • Centralized • Administration, Storage Comprehensive • Scalable Affordable • 4 – 300 channels
  22. 22. Thank youAudioCodes Your “One-Stop-Shop” Vendor for Microsoft Unified Communications