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Touchmobi Mobile DSP Media Kit

Introducing the Mobile Advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP) from Touchmobi. Touchmobi DSP are defining the problem of the existing media buying in mobile, and make it simpler and better for mobile marketers. Learn more in :

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Touchmobi Mobile DSP Media Kit

  1. 1. Mobile DSP Real-time Bidding Demand Side Platform for Mobile Advertising TOUCHMOBI
  2. 2. Touchmobi DSP Ad agencies, App Developers and Mobile Marketers can scale up their mobile campaigns on demand. Instant Traffics and make your Campaigns Profitable TOUCHMOBI Distribute your mobile campaigns in display banner, rich media, video and native ads
  3. 3. Marketing in Mobile As an advertiser, you have ever experience this? Setup your campaigns in repeating process to create ads in difference ad networks? TOUCHMOBI You don’t know which network traffics are working good for your campaign? It feels like walking blind. Monitor and optimize your campaign took a while to make it success? Sometimes fail to meet the K.P.I.
  4. 4. Touchmobi DSP OpenRTB 2.1 Compliant Self-Serve Bidding Platform Automatically decides which impressions the advertiser will buy TOUCHMOBI Taken out inefficiency time and cost of the media buying process Seamless access to Global Inventory
  5. 5. Touchmobi DSP State of the art RTB Ad Exchange that brings Highest Quality ads at the Best Price Data Science approach towards relevancy & targeting TOUCHMOBI RTB are targeting on segmentation, not about Ads placement statically.
  6. 6. Advance Features Data Management Platform and Data Mining Integration with 3rd party consumer audience segments Better targeting and Better Optimization results 3rd party Conversion Tracking Support 3rd party Fraud Detection through AdTruth hasOffers, Appsflyer, and ad even in addition to in-house tracking solution TOUCHMOBI Programmatic Ad Buying base on Campaign K.P.I.
  7. 7. Advanced Audience Targeting In Audience Targeting For Mobile Retargeting Geo-based targeting Device-specific targeting Demographic-based targeting Hyperlocal targeting Carriers targeting IP addresses for specific users Device IDs of a user’s mobile device Tracking pixels: Follows a user’s movement to increase conversions for incomplete transactions for a particular app User categories: Based on users interest TOUCHMOBI
  8. 8. Our Clients And More… TOUCHMOBI
  9. 9. CPI coming soon, available on CPI base ad exchange networks TOUCHMOBI Advance Optimization Model Type - CPM , CPC Programmatic Ad Buying Optimize for CTR , improve your creatives performance Optimize for Conversion Rate, improve your campaign performance become high ROI
  10. 10. Premium Supply Partners And More… TOUCHMOBI
  11. 11. TOUCHMOBI Platform Stats Queries Per Second : 300,000 Impressions per day : 30,00,000,000 Average Latency under : 8MS
  12. 12. Making Mobile Marketing Better TOUCHMOBI Email : Facebook : Twitter: