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Look book of Muaz Fashion Ltd.


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Muaz Fashion Ltd is a, ready made garments supplier in Bangladesh
offers a range of fashionable clothing globally
On the contrary, in Bangladesh, public and private Universities and technical colleges producing young, energetic, skilled apparel graduates and Technical Engineers for Garment sectors which lead to high productivity of sustainable fabrics and reliable delivery.

In Muaz, through our Responsible Sourcing program, we used to source raw materials from a range of countries including China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan .We segregate our buyer s according to their choice to our 15 partner factories to positively influence our supply chain.

Most of our buyers are from European countries are importing 90% of garments from us. We want our Buyers would plan to increase more sourcing of their target goods from Muaz as part of our company goal is to generate revenue from the sale of clothing per year $2, 49,723 in our local economy.

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Look book of Muaz Fashion Ltd.

  1. 1. Denim Five Pocket Styled Pant
  2. 2. Cargo Long Pant
  3. 3. Garment Dye Chino
  4. 4. Chino Pants We strongly believe the emblematic qualities of products are often the primary reasons for consumers’ purchase.
  5. 5. Cargo Shorts
  6. 6. Shorts We leverage on Refining speed to market by orchestrating a reliable, collaborative Supply Chain and manufacturing to focus Client satisfaction and agile delivery
  7. 7. Garment Dye Shorts
  8. 8. Swim Shorts
  9. 9. The quality of garments is defined not only in sourcing of our raw materials but also by the expertise of our quality management team. More precisely, our management team and quality control specialists provide best effort and attention to detail from raw fabric material to manufacturing and finishing. We have learned by definition, Quality Management is referred to ‘Zero defects
  10. 10. In Muaz, our strategic sourcing team provides an innovative solution in sourcing by doing qualitative research and involves in-depth discussions with key managers to source according to clients’ needs and demands.
  11. 11. Garment dye Shirt
  12. 12. Business Shirt
  13. 13. – We are unified by our code of conduct; commitment to excellence, quality and the willingness to give back to the society. We believes it is not enough just to run the business but want to give something back to the community and support the society as a whole to the extent possible. . – Sustainable fabric is a part of the growing design philosophy and movement towards environmental and social sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system finds out challenges and opportunities we are experiencing in operating sustainability choices.. 17
  14. 14. INNOVATION 20 Muaz Fashion believe that together we can make the difference. We value the importance of social serving and believe in giving back to the society to create a better world. Our commitment to sustainable development goes beyond our operating boundaries, as we continuously aim to add value to our stakeholders by advancing knowledge and improving live . As part of corporate social responsibility we actively involved in areas such as health care, education, water conservation, tree plantation and many others.
  15. 15. Denim Long Pant
  16. 16. We deed the fact that we observe the price, variety and source country of imported fabric on each export operation to control for physical product quality. Our in house Lab testing department is working to maintain the most stringent national and international standards. Besides factories have the simplest Soft line Testing Laboratories, wherever a client will get all necessary testing done. We provide one-stop service with high international testing standard which is executed by a team of highly experienced lab staff. Our employees have been working with a vision of building future for our communities by developing supply chain and sustainability of growing alongside our suppliers.
  17. 17. Ladies Shirt
  18. 18. Ladies Blouse
  19. 19. Garment Dye Long Pants
  20. 20. Ladies Chino
  21. 21. Ladies Trousers
  22. 22. Ladies Capri
  23. 23. Ladies Sexy Shorts
  24. 24. LadiesMiniskirt
  25. 25. Boys Jogger Magenta
  26. 26. Work wear
  27. 27. We deliberately focused on contextual factor Commitment to Clients our first standard, to uphold in every spheres of our business from Order confirmation to production and shipment, where we generally make sound ethical decision whatever challenges follows customers’ priority governing by the principle “Quality First”. 34
  28. 28. Outer Wear
  29. 29. Outerwear
  30. 30. We will gain the higher position by providing our customers with innovative , user –safe, high quality , cost –effective and environmentally responsible products and service solutions.
  31. 31. Denim Overall
  32. 32. Boys & Girls T-Shirts.
  33. 33. PoloShirts
  34. 34. Joggers
  35. 35. Embracing the New to shape the future and continuing to be a force for good, a better version of our selves guided by company values and principles, working together as one Muaz Fashion Ltd to scale a new height.
  36. 36. Men’s Hoodie Our values reflects in our Day to day work to Cater quality first.
  37. 37. Fleece Products
  38. 38. Fleece Jackets
  39. 39. Fleece Products
  40. 40. We leverage on Refining speed to market by orchestrating a reliable, collaborative Supply Chain and manufacturing to focus Client satisfaction and agile delivery.
  41. 41. Fleece Tops
  42. 42. Kids Products (knit)
  43. 43. Kids Products
  44. 44. 55 Head Office Muaz Fashion Ltd. BD: M +88 01714-137099, +88 028081057, +88 0244806467, USA: +1 646 475 3364 Email: Address: Proshanti Nir, House # 178/180, Avenue#03, Road#02, DOHS Mirpur, Dhaka – 1216, Bangladesh Contact Person Mohammad Harun Ur Rashid Howlader Managing Director Md. Mahbub Alam Director Merchandising Contact: S. M. Nazmul Islam General Manager Production Torikul Islam Tuhin AGM (Marketing and Merchandising) Hemayet Uddin( Mohammad) Manager Marketing& Merchandising Mainuddin Dipu Asst. Manager-Marketing & Merchandising dipu@muazfashion,com CONTACT US
  45. 45. BD: M +88 01714-137099, USA: +1 646 475 3364 +88 028081057, +88 0244806467, Email: