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TUT EDU420 Theme 4 Questions - School Governance


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TUT EDU420 Theme 4 Questions - School Governance

  1. 1. Tshwane University of Technology Faculty of Humanities Department of Education Studies Education Management 4 - Theme 4 Questions - School Governance Presenter: Dr Muavia Gallie (PhD) 26 March 2012 1 Short Questions1.  Discuss the difference between ‘school governance’ and ‘institutional management’. (8)2.  What are the advantages of cooperation between parents and educators? (6)3.  Discuss the composition of the school governing body. (6)4.  Discuss the election of school governing body members. (16)5.  Discuss the election procedure of office- bearers and committees of the SGBs. (6) 1
  2. 2. Essay Questions1.  Except the drafting of the constitution and the mission statement, discuss the other policies that must be drafted by the school governing body of the school. [25] 2