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Mexico's industrial incubator program


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The Mexico's Industrial Incubator Program was designed to help companies to start business operations with automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices and oil and gas supply chains in key regions throughout Mexico minimizing the investment and risk of entrance into a country with unfamiliar laws, culture and even language or most importantly: how to do business and WHO to do it with.
The incubator program will help you to try Mexico and to see if being in this country will be profitable for you or not.
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Mexico's industrial incubator program

  1. 1. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program Helping companies to minimize risks with their first step to start doing business in Mexico
  2. 2. About American Industries Group American Industries Group is a private Mexican company that has helped over 200 global companies to successfully start up and grow distribution and manufacturing operations throughout Mexico since 1976 through Site Selection, Incubator Programs, Administrative “Shelter” services and Industrial Real Estate.
  3. 3. How we help companies to succeed in Mexico! We are present at all stages of your industrial business needs in Mexico: We help you find the right location for your operations in Mexico Site Selection Start up under an Incubator Shelter Program Expansion in other regions in Mexico Supply Chain Relocation We take care of all start up, legal, operational and environmental permits, human resources, customs, logistics, fiscal, accounting and all the administrative part of the business. We help you grow your business by working together with industrial clusters and associations to promote your business in different regions in Mexico. We help you to educate and relocate your foreign suppliers near your operations in Mexico.
  4. 4. Reynosa Monterrey Gómez Palacio & Torreon Camargo El Paso Gómez Farias Chihuahua San Luis Potosi México D.F. Juárez Querétaro Delicias León Monclova Guadalajara Saltillo Regional Offices, Incubator Locations Shelter and/or Real Estate Customers Silao Our Locations & Score Card Real EstateWe have built over 12 M Sq. Ft. Portfolio inthe most important industrial regions throughout MexicoShelter & Start-up Services•50 Customers•Over 9,700 Customer’s headcount•Over 30,000 trouble-free import and export transactions per year
  5. 5. Contents Key industries with growth and business opportunities in Mexico. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program. What it is and how it works. How the incubator takes responsibility for your operations in Mexico. How to qualify and apply for this program. Request your Incubator Application.
  6. 6. Key industries with growth and business opportunities in Mexico 5thplaceinthetoplightvehiclesexporterintheworld. 1stautopartsexporterfortheUSmarket. 8outofthetop10multinationalelectronicsmanufacturersoperateinMexico. 1stexporterofflatscreenTVsandrefrigeratorsintheworld. 1stdestinationofaerospaceforeigndirectinvestmentand6thaerospacesupplierintheNAFTAmarket. When are you planning to integrate your products and services to these supply chains? DifferentindustriesareboominginMexicothankstoitscompetitivecostofproductionandstrategiclocation.Whataretheindicatorsandopportunitiesforindustrialsuppliers?
  7. 7. Automotive Industry in MexicoAre you ready to start providing your products and services to any or some of these supply chains? ThismapshowsthelocationofthelightvehiclesandheavydutyindustryOEMsestablishedthroughoutMexicowheremorethan400suppliercompaniesareexpectedtobefullyoperationalbefore2020.
  8. 8. Automotive Clusters and Supply Chain IntegrationWhen will you start the distribution or even manufacturing operations of your core business in those automotive clusters? ThisisasampleofanautomotiveregionalclusterinChihuahua,Mexico,thenumber1regioninautopartsexportsinthecountry.Inordertokeepgrowing,thisclusterneedskeysuppliersinforging,casting,machining,plasticinjectionmoldingandtooling,amongplentyofservicestointegrateandfinishthoseproducts. ThesameishappeninginotherautomotiveclustersthroughoutMexico.
  9. 9. Aerospace Industry in MexicoThe aerospace industry in Mexico is expected to triple its size between today and 2020. In which region will you serve this growing industry? Coming up next: Let’s review the Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster. ThismapshowshowdifferentaerospaceOEMsandsuppliersaregettingestablishedthroughoutMexico.SomeoftheclustersareinclinedtowardsmanufacturingandsomeofthemtowardsMRO.
  10. 10. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: certifications and reach ChihuahuahasoneofthelargestandmoreintegratedaerospaceclustersinMexicoledbythegrowthplansofkeyOEMsandsupplierslikeTextronAviation(Cessna,Beechcraft,BellHelicopters),Embraer-Zodiac(EZAir),HoneywellandLabinalfromSafranGroupalongwiththeirsuppliers. The aero parts manufactured in Chihuahua reach more than 60 international airlines. All of the operations established in the region have been certified by the highest Aerospace global standards.
  11. 11. Chihuahua´s Aerospace Cluster Analysis Interiors Windows and wings Electrical Wiring - Harness Armament and equipment Ground support and equipment to the airfield Landing gear Signal and recording systems Software systems Treatment processes Electronic Components Aerostructures- Fuselage *Fuel systems Control systems and equipment Avionics CNC Machinery Aircraft engine components Security equipment Communication systems and equipment Fabrication of aircraft engine manufacturing Aerostructuresand forging Automatic flight navigation Assembly for aircraft construction Aircraft structures subassemblies and aircraft engines Aviation services Special systems and equipment *Galleys equipment *MRO (Maintenance, repair and overhaul) Subsystems Components Systems Assembly Other Activities High participation Participation No participation Low participation * On the radar In2013,theAerospaceClusterinChihuahuadecidedtoanalyzethesupplychainintegrationofthefinalassemblyof2aircraft:B737andCJ4. Thisanalysiswasbrokeninto5mainareasand27majorprocesses. Thecolorsindicatethelevelofdevelopmentwiththecurrentcompaniesestablishedintheregionandtheircapabilities. Would your products and services fit the needs of the industry gaps?
  12. 12. Aerospace Technological Road Map 2013 -2023 High Participation Participation LowParticipation No Participation Deep Analysis and/or Business Case Development Deep Analysis -BussinesCase Development Progress OK Basedonthepreviousanalysis,theChihuahua’sAerospaceClusterorganizedaseriesofworkshopswiththedifferentaerospaceOEMsandsuppliersestablishedintheregiontoplotthegrowthvisionforthe2013- 2023periodforeachoneofthe27processesidentified. Thisroadmapshowsthedifferentgapsintheindustryandatwhatpointintimeitisplannedtointegratethatprocess.Thisishowtheroadmaplookslike:
  13. 13. ThosearesomeofthewindowsofopportunitythatMexicooffersforcompanieslikeyours,butthisisaspeedgame:thefastercompanytostartservingthemarketatacompetitivecostandlocationwillgetthebusiness. So,howcanyoutestthemarketandactuallystartdoingbusinessintheregionswheretheactionistakingplace? We created our Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program to make it very easy for companies to test drive Mexico. Let’s go through it! So, how do you get into the Mexico’s market opportunity?
  14. 14. MEXICO’S INDUSTRIAL INCUBATOR PROGRAM DesignedtomakeiteasyforyourcompanytostartbusinessoperationstoservetheindustryinMexico.
  15. 15. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program: what it is ItisaprogramthatgotspeciallydesignedforcompaniesthathavenopreviousexperienceindoingbusinessdifferentregionsthroughoutMexico. Whenyousignupforthisprogram,youwillgetalltheprivileges,benefitsandincentivesasifyouwerealreadyanexpertindoingbusinessinMexicowithalargeandmatureoperation. Takethisopportunityasanewcompetitiveedgeforyourcompanywhereyouwillbeconqueringnewmarketswithaveryuniqueadvantage:beingabletofocusonyourclientsandproduction! What are the benefits that you will get?
  16. 16. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program: Benefits Youwillgetassistancewith: B2Bmeetingsandbusinessagendacoordinationwithaerospace, automotiveandmetalmechanicclusterstohelpyoupromoteyourproductsandservices. Realestatespace:startingfrom5,000SqFt FreedomtostartdoingbusinessinMexicowithoutaLegalEntity! Legalandoperationalpermits:faststartupin9weeks Humanresources:wewillhelpyoufindandrecruityoursales, distributionandoperationsstaff(startingfrom5employees). Governmentincentivesnegotiationontechnicaltraining. Customs:wewillhelpyougetthemaximumtariffssavingsfromthefreetradeagreementswith45countriesforyourimportsandexports. Fiscalandaccountingmanagement+ NOINCOMETAXforthefirst4years NOVATeffectoncashflow NOStartuporExitFEEs NOrisks:nolegaloradministrativeliabilities Startingatanestimatedfullyloadedcostperhourof$16USDperemployeeincludinglabor,logistics,realestateandutilities.
  17. 17. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program: Stages TheincubatorprogramwillhelpyoutotakeyourfirststepsinMexicoentirelyfocusedonsales,customerserviceandproductionandyouwillnotfaceanylegaloradministrativerisksorliabilitiesonyourstartupstage. Request your Incubator Application YouwillgetatailoredevaluationandroadmaptostartoperationsintheregionsthattheremightbepotentialforyourbusinesstogrowinMexico. Youwillgetatailoredcostmodelwhereyouwillbeabletocomparethetotalcostofproductionperhourineachregion. Get a Business Agenda in MexicoStart up (9 weeks) AtthispointwewillcoordinatebusinessagendasintheselectedregionsforyouroperationsinMexicowithindustrialassociationsandclusters. Aspartoftheagenda,youwillbeabletovisittheIncubator’srealestatefacilitieswhereyouwillbeabletooperate. Additionally,youwillgetapresentationofthedifferentenablingservicesthatyouwillgetaspartoftheIncubatorandyouwillbeabletomeetwithgovernmentofficials. At this stage you will get all permits for your operations. You will get your human resources hired and organized (including payroll management). You will get your machinery and equipment installed. You will get all your customs & logistics set up. You will get all paperwork and administrative task done so that you can start serving your clients from your new location
  18. 18. Sharing Responsibilities under the Incubator Program •Management to direct operations. •Machinery & equipment. •Raw materials. •Full control over distribution, production and quality. Manufacturing Maintenance Client American Industries Engineering Design Quality Scheduling Raw Materials Inventory Management Purchasing Direct Mat Purchasing Indirect Mat Import & Export Customs Duties Optimization Logistics Operational Permits Accounting Fiscal Accounts Payables & Receivable Human Resources Recruitment & Selection Training compliance Salary & Benefits Administration Payroll Labor Management Union Relation General Manager General Administration Environmental compliance Expat Support Sorting & Kitting Labeling Just-In-Time delivery to clients ThisdiagramshowsthefunctionsthatyouwillneedtoperforminyournewbusinessoperationsinMexicotoserveyourclients.TheIncubatorprogramtakesfullresponsibilityofthebluesideofthebusiness.
  19. 19. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program: Layout and shared costs Shared costs with other small operations: Reception Area Infirmary Meeting Room Equipped Cafeteria & Kitchen 24/7 Security Facility Maintenance Janitorial Labor and Supplies (General areas) Hazardous material room Aisles Parking Shelter Staff Consolidated shipments Freight Forwarding cost Hook up costs NNN Shared Management of operations
  20. 20. Mexico’s Industrial Incubator Program: How to qualify Youcanqualifyforthisprogramifyouwanttostartanyofthefollowingoperations Just-In-Timeordistributionoperation Assemblyoperation Kitting&labelingoperation Orifyoufitintoanyofthesecategories YouhavelittleornoexperienceindoingbusinessinMexico Youdon’thavealegalpresenceinMexico Youdon’trequirealargefacility YouwanttoexperiencedoingbusinessinMexicoforthefirsttimewithalowriskframework Youwanttosharecostswithothersmalloperations. Are you pre-qualified for the Incubator Program?
  21. 21. What are the Next Steps? Request your free Application Form to apply for the Incubator Program todayat:
  22. 22. Thank You For more information contact: José Nuñez / Myrna de lasCasas Soft Landing & Start Up Facilitator in Mexico US Toll Free +1 877 698 3905 Mexico +52 614 439-3631