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Cartridge Manufacturing Oportunity


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Cartridge Manufacturing Oportunity

  1. 1. Toner & Ink Cartridge Manufacturing Plantin Monterrey, Mexico Business Opportunity
  2. 2. Contents • Business Opportunity • About Cartridge MFG • Value Proposition for Customers • Strategic Location • Competitive production costs • Cartridge MFG and American Industries Group • Contact
  3. 3. About Cartridge MFG Cartridge MFG is a manufacturer of high quality laser and inkjet supplies established in 2008 in Cienega de Flores (Monterrey region, Mexico) with over 200,000 Sq. Ft. of production area with advanced technology.Cartridge MFG is currently offering the ink and toner cartridge manufacturingoperation for sale.Current Manufacturing capabilities: •23 production lines • 1 million toner cartridges • 1.5 million ink cartridges
  4. 4. About Cartridge MFG Cartridge MFG is a company committed to the environment, dedicated to manufacture supplies for printers, copiers and multifunctional laser and inkjet equipments for all brands. Our processes follow the highest standards of quality in the industry and seek to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and the products we sell. All members of our team share a Vision: “Stewards of the Environment” and are committed to deliver our products under the strictest rules of quality and outstanding customer service. Our effort and dedication will create exceptional value for our families, our community, our shareholders and the environment. Our Philosophy: SPEEDService Productivity Environment Excellence Dedication
  5. 5. Value Proposition for Customers Flexibility to produce branded products materialized in high quality printing supplies at a competitive cost.• Processes adapted to your requirements.• Dedicated production lines • Competitive logistics cost - Strategic location• Production processes with strict adherence to • Fast export and delivery processinternational quality standards• Ink production laboratories • Vendor localization• Continuous workforce training • Shared production lines• Quality audit: • Competitive production, distribution and • Materials Selection • Production processes packaging costs. • Finished product evaluation labs.
  6. 6. Strategic Location NAFTA HIGHWAY with inmediate acces to: • I-35 connecting from Monterrey to Michigan. • I-10 Connecting with both U.S. coasts. Additional connection with: • Central Mexico. • Access to Latin America and Europe; sea ports of Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas and Altamira.
  7. 7. Fast export and delivery processCartridge MFG has an excellent air and rail connectivity: Daily flights. • Fedex • UPS • Commercial Airlines Rail Kansas City Railroad • Central Mexico. • Access to major U.S. cities.
  8. 8. Competitive Production CostsCartridge MFG offers its customers a very competitive cost because itis located at:Monterrey City:• Mexico’s Industrial heart.• Highly skilled and low cost workforce.• Results oriented work cluture: highproductivity and quality rates.• Pro-business union environment.• Bachelor and graduate levelexecutives from U.S. Colleges andTecnológico de Monterrey.
  9. 9. Production quality adapted to your requirementsPrinting supplies can be adapted 100% to your needs: • New products or Re-Certified. • OEM or Generic Shells. • Multi-product shell manufacturing. •Any other type of requirement. Currently Manufacturing for the following well known brands • HP Laser Jet • Canon • Lexmark • Brother • Dell
  10. 10. Dedicated or Shared production lines Annual production capabilities: • 23 production lines • 1 million toner cartridges • 1.5 million ink cartridgesDedicated production lines for your convenience ... ...shared production lines for your economy .
  11. 11. Quality: International StandardsStrict adherence to the following quality standards: • ISO 9001:2008 – Productive Facilities and Laboratories. • ISO 14001 – Envirnomental oriented Certification. • TAA – For U.S. Federal Government suppliers. • SFI 2010-2014 – Sustainable Forestry Initiative, packaging . • FSC – (Forest Stewardship Council) for Toner packaging. • STMC – (Standardized Test Methods Committee) Certification. • CSR – (Corporate Social Responsability).
  12. 12. Ink production laboratories • We have the ability to develop and formulate our own inks. • We have our own water treatment plant
  13. 13. Careful training of our workforceOur workforce is constantly trainedenabling us to:• Meet the requirements of ourcustomers.• Maintain our high quality standards.• Keep production costs low by highlevels of productivity.• Meet delivery times.
  14. 14. Quality Control: Supplies, Processes and Final ProductAll of our processes are documented in local language to ensurethe quality of our products We adapt our production processes to the manufacturing standards of the brand, trying to maximize the use of the re-certified materials.
  15. 15. Quality: Strict Control of Finished Product • Every production batch is audited with samples in the production chain • Each production batch is tested to ensure longevity • Each unit is tested on printing text and graphics prior to final packaging • International standards of quality (Six Sigma, Kaizen).
  16. 16. Additional BenefitsCartridge MFG additionally provides the following benefits: • Suppliers search service • Reverse Distribution Programs • Logistics and custom services to meet delivery requirements. Our Guarantee: YOUR COMPANY obtains high quality solutions for printing supplies when and where needed.
  17. 17. About Cartridge MFGRelated with American Industries Group, a leader in attracting foreign investment toMexico industry with over 35 years of experience facilitating the installation of more than200 international companies and generating more than 100,000 jobs.Currently serving 93 Global Customers in Mexico: managing over 6000 employees andwith a world class industrial real estate portfolio of over 11 Million Sq. Ft.
  18. 18. For further inquiries contact: Xavier Hurtado Business Development USA 12120 Esther Lama Dr., S-100 El Paso, TX 79936 Ph. +1 (915) 235-2966 Mobile: +1 (915) 496-7675