Automotive Cluster in Chihuahua, Mexico


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Automotive Cluster in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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Automotive Cluster in Chihuahua, Mexico

  1. 1. Automotive Cluster Chihuahua Is a group led by the private sector that includes automotive manufacturers, government agencies, and academic Institutions that have decided to join efforts focused towards common initiatives that foster the growth of the Automotive industry in Chihuahua.
  2. 2. ¿Why the Automotive Cluster? The Automotive Industry in Mexico  Generates 3.5 % of the National GDP and 19.8% of the total manufacturing GDP  Impacts 23 industrial sectors  In 2011 the GDP generated by the Automotive industry grew 4 times over the total National GDP (16.9 vs. 3.9 %)  4 new Auto assembly plants in Mexico that will demand local suppliers for components in 5 main commodities . . .  Injection molding, Die Casting, Stamping, Forge, Machining
  3. 3. ¿Why the Automotive Cluster?
  4. 4. The Industry . . . 2 OEM´s Ford & BRP 113 Companies T1=44 T2=52 T3=15 3 Design Centers #1 in Automotive employment in México 131,000 people in 2012 $1,650 MDD Payroll 2012 Only in direct personel $12,000 MDD in Foreign investment 10,000 million sq. ft in industrial buildings Chihuahua is a strategic player for the Automotive Manufacturing world: Some key indicators of the Industry are …. Automotive Sales 2012: Over $6,050 MDD $3,850 MDD Purchased Materials 2012 10 Technical Universities
  5. 5. Key competences . . . Process • Injection Molding • Die Casting • Precision Machining • Assembly and testing • Gravity Casting • Heat treatment • Urethane Molding • Harness assembly Products Gasoline and Diesel engines Aluminum wheels Engine casted parts Wire harnesses Airbags and Steering Wheel Braking & suspension Steering Electronics Fuel injection systems Interior Electronic clusters Interior trim
  6. 6. Key supplier to the OEM world ….
  7. 7. Chihuahua supplies the Auto world . . . • 80 % of a vehicle content is made in Chihuahua • All major OEM´s receive components • 3 Design Centers located in the State (Delphi, Visteon, Dana) • 1 Engine Ford assembly plant • 1 Recreational vehicle assembly plant Bombardier
  8. 8. Practical Vision Short term • Launch investment projects for private sector to supply top 5 Automotive commodities. • Promote joint ventures with foreign know how and local investors. • Promote venture capital projects with local automotive processes experts • Promotion of current T2´s and T3´s in other Automotive growing regions. • Develop Human talent required for the Automotive disciplines. Short term 1. Actively support expansions of existing T1´s 2. Develop the human talent required to make existing and new T1´s more competitive Mid Term 1. Develop a new generación of talent expert in newest Automotive technologies 2. Attract T1´s focused on latest automotive technology (alternative energy, latest generation electronics, MEMS, etc) Short Term • Land reserve certification for Automotive use • Constant and systemic promotion of the State Automotive capabilities • Hire high profile former Automotive executive in Detroit to promote the Industry Mid Term • Construction of state of the art industrial parks with Space for anchor plants and supply chain growth. • Increase Chihuahua´s logistics infrastructure to connect efficiently to Sea ports and rest of the country. Infrastructure – Promotion – Talent development – Operation excellence / Innovation & Supply Chain development
  9. 9. Main Cluster Objectives 1. INFRASTUCTURE: Identify, plan and coordinate the set up of the key infrastructure elements to support the growth of the industry by offering a competitive platform to new Tier 1 and OEM enterprises. 2. HUMAN TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Develop specialization and continuous education programs aimed to trained new talent for the Automotive disciplines required by the industry, and to reinforce current automotive employees helping their career growth. 1. PROMOTION: Support our government efforts in the promotion of the strenghts of the Automotive Industry both locally and globally. 2. LOCAL SUPPLY CHAINS: Integrate the current and future demands of the industry with the local private sector to encourage the creation of new supply chains in the T2 and T3 levels, always with an open mind for new ventures with Global companies. 3. INNOVATION AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Establish a formal program of innovation and operations excellence by learning from the best and aimed to improve the competitiveness of the industry players.
  10. 10. With the support from
  11. 11. Presidente Consejo Chihuahua centro Ing. Sergio Mendoza Consejero Desarrollo Humano Ing. Roman Rivas Consejero Promoción y Difusión Ing. Gerardo Mendez Consejero Infraestructura Ing. Ernesto Urquidi Consejero Desarrollo cadenas productivas Ing. Arturo Avila Consejero Mejora continua e Innovación Ing. Arturo Ruiz Organization Cluster Manager Ing. Carlos Ostos Miembro Honorario Gobierno Secretario Economia del Estado Alvaro Navarro G. Vicepresidente Academia Dr. Antonio Rios ITESM Presidentes Consejo Juarez Juan Carlos Talavera Carlos Herrera Victor Corella Vicepresidente Industria Ing. Patrick Verscheure Manesa Industrial