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Species hybirds

Published in: Education, Technology, Lifestyle
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  1. 1. Project Time!
  2. 2. The Big Questions Pages 1-3: ©HO/Reuters/Corbis; Background:; Page 3: Zebra & Horse:; Page 4: False Killer Whale: ©Doug Perrine/; Dolphin: Scholastic Photo Archive; Courtesy of Sea Life Park Hawaii; Page 5: Grizzly & Polar bears:; Grolar bears: ©BARM/Fame Pictures; Page 6: ©2002 Scholastic Inc. & Hemera Technologies Inc. All rights reserved; Cama: ©Kamran Jebreili/AP Wide World; Page 7: wolf: ©Rolf Kopfle/Bruce Coleman Inc.; coyote: ©2002 Scholastic Inc. & Hemera Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.; coywolf: ©Erwin & Peggy Bauer/Bruce Coleman Inc.; Page 8, Insets: Serval: ©Nigel J. Dennis/Photo Researchers; Bengal Cat: J-L. Klein & M-L. Hubert/Peter Arnold; Savannah Cat: ©J. M. Labat/