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Ch 16 notes

  1. 1. 16.1 Atoms and Radioactivity1. What are the 3 particles in an atom?2. Which particles are in the nucleus?3. Where are the electrons located in an atom?4. Atomic number is the __________________5. What is the atomic number of Carbon? ____6. Mass number tells_________________7. Electrons mass is ___________8. Atoms of the same element can have different masses because they have adifferent number of __________>9. What is an isotope?10. What are 2 isotopes of Uranium?11. What does it mean when we say an isotope is unstable?12. What do radioactive elements emit?13. What two particles can be given off in radioactivity?14. What are the 3 types of radiation?15. Describe an alpha particle.16. Describe a beta particle.17. An atom that emits an alpha particle loses ______ and __________.18. An atom that emits a beta particle converts ________ to __________.19. What do Uranium isoptopes decay onto? ______
  2. 2. 20. What is meant by half-life?21. What is the half-life of U-238? U-235?
  3. 3. 16.2 Reactions & Reactors 1. What is required to hold protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of an atom? 2. What is a fission reaction? 3. What is emitted from a fission reaction? 4. Which atom is the most commonly fissioned element? 5. What are the new nuclei produced from a fission reaction called? 6. Draw a diagram of a fission reaction. Include the following labels: neutron ( several), U-235 nucleus ( several), daughter nuclei, energy, 7. What particle causes the chain reaction I nuclear fission? 8. Some of the nuclear mass gets converted to __________ in a fission reaction. 9. What equation relates mass and energy? 10.Who developed this equation?16.2 (continued) 1. What is a breeder reactor? 2.What isotope of Uranium can form Pu-239? 3. Why aren’t breeder reactors used in the U.S.? 4. In addition to nuclear power plants, what else can Pu-239 be used for?
  4. 4. 16.3 1. Why is radiation unhealthy? ( List short term and long term effects) 2. What are some examples of high-level radiation wastes? 3. What are some examples of low and medium level wastes? 4. What are some problems associated with the disposal of radioactive wastes? (List at least 2) 5. Where are high level wastes now stored? 6. Where are low and medium level wastes stored? 7. What is a meltdown?8. Describe at least 2 nuclear accidents, what caused them and the damagedone by radiation.