3D Holo Presentation for MIT 100K Business Plan Competition


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3D Holo Presentation for MIT 100K Business Plan Competition

  1. 1. Holography 3D Display<br />3D Holo Company:<br />Mikhail Turilin – MIT Sloan MSMS 2010<br />VyacheslavSolonitsyn<br />Sergey Poduzov<br />Igor Chekhonin<br />
  2. 2. Problem<br />Users and studios want 3D content in a living room. Nobody can currently deliver proper solution.<br />Market is ready…<br />Avatar bring new dynamics pushing 1000+ cinemas to buy IMAX-3D equipment in 2009<br />Production of 3D movies ramps up<br />DisplaySearch estimates 3D-TV market to reach $20bln by 2014<br />Each year tens of new models are introduced to 3D TV market<br />Avatar<br />…but technology is not:<br /><ul><li>Stereo-movie technology is invented in 1930s and has many flaws: shallow depth (10-20%), small viewing angle (20°), jerky motion
  3. 3. Avatar 3 millions visitors consult a doctor on eye strain or headache due technology limitations
  4. 4. Today's 3D TVs try to improve stereo-movie technology without major success</li></li></ul><li>Solution<br />Holography 3D Display:like a view from the window<br />70% depth of field<br />Convert old video to real 3D<br />Ideally crisp and bright picture.<br />For the user Holography 3D Display looks like view from the window<br />120° view<br />User can move and change position while watching<br />
  5. 5. Business Model<br />3D Holoplugs in existing LCD value chain<br />Electronic components<br />End-user devices<br />3D Display modules<br />Value Chain<br />Price breakdown<br />Responsible for distribution and marketing<br />3D Video Content<br /><ul><li>Existing partnership with NeurOK will enable studios to convert existing content into multi-angle 3D content
  6. 6. Availability of “real 3D display” will drive creation of multi-angle 3D video standard</li></ul>Value capturing capabilities:<br /><ul><li>Unique and valuable for user technology
  7. 7. Patented
  8. 8. Convenient manufacturing process makes it attractive to manufacturer</li></ul>Potential LCD partners:<br />AUO, CMO, BOE, CPT, HannStar, Hydis, InfoVision, Innolux, IPS-Alpha, SMD<br />
  9. 9. Technology<br />Technology Description<br />Holographic 3D display use standard LCD panel introducing patented holographic 3D layer. <br />Layer marginal cost is negligible therefore the total production cost of holography 3D TV is very low<br />In order to produce 3D content special 3D LCD controller needs to be installed into the device that would decode 3D video signal<br />Video signal is translated with controller to form pattern that activate real 3D effect<br />Holographic layer <br />pattern example<br />3D TV<br />Holographic 3D layer<br />Standard LCD (available on the market today)<br />3D multi-angle player<br />(Blue-Ray 3D or another)<br />3D LCD controller<br />
  10. 10. Competition<br />The only “Real 3D” technology<br />Blurry<br />Headaches<br />Can’t move<br />Shallow<br />Price<br />Fake 3D<br />Real 3D<br />trend<br />The only “Real 3D” technology in next 3-4 years.<br />Industry can create value only by moving to real 3d because current technologies provide subpar user experience<br />Radius – view angle<br />Number of channels<br />3D Holo<br />Industry now<br />
  11. 11. Strong Balanced Team <br />Team<br />VyacheslavSolonitsynOperations<br />Successful IPO of G5Software at Stockholm SE (G5EN), Worked with Disney, Sony, Electronic arts.<br /> MBA Imperial College (London). <br />Sergey PoduzovMarketing<br />MiBA of Hamburg University, 7 years in business consulting,<br />Citibank, BFA Venture Fund (fundraising for venture fund worth up to $30M), business incubator.<br />Igor Chekhonin<br />Technical Expertise<br />Head research lab at Sankt-Petersburg university. Has 80+ publications in optics, laser physics and holography. World-renowned researcher on quantum-dot lasers.<br />Mikhail Turilin<br />Business Development<br />MITSloan MSc, HEC Paris MBA, general management and IT-consulting experience<br />Vladimir Koptsev<br />Fin Adviser<br />Chief of international finance department Sberbank (biggest Russian bank) <br />Andrew Rogozov<br />Biz Adviser<br />VP of biggest Russian social network VKontakte.ru<br />3D Holoplans to hire world-class CEO after Round A financing<br />
  12. 12. Revenue - $30M in year 5 <br />Sales<br /> Assumptions:<br /><ul><li>Market is growing according to DisplaySearch estimate
  13. 13. Market share ramp up from 1% year 3 to 4% in year 5. We are limited with 12% of the average market share of large LCD producer
  14. 14. 3D Hologets 8.2% of TV retail price (see Business Model slide)</li></ul>Source: DisplaySearch, 2010<br />
  15. 15. Financing<br />Finance<br />Capital Raising<br />2010 – Round A<br />$ 3,000,000 <br />2010 – Seed<br />$300,000<br />2012 – Round A<br />$ 6,000,000 <br />Founders 30%<br />Round B <br />Investors 30%<br />Round A<br />Investors 40%<br />Round A<br />Investors 40%<br />Founders 60%<br />Founders 100%<br />Use of proceeds, $ K<br />
  16. 16. Achievements to Date<br />Current Status<br />Team competence in optics proven by contracts with Karl Zeiss<br />Core scientific breakthrough - Static Holography Technology allow to create 3D holographic layer and encode video signal<br />SamsungIdea Award for 3D display technology<br />Industrial technology to produce 3D holographic layer<br />
  17. 17. Plan<br />Timeline<br />Searching for LCD partner<br />TV producer negotiations<br />International Patent<br />Industrial prototype <br />Display concept prototype<br />Manufacturing Setup<br />TV in a store<br />Seed financing<br />Round A financing<br />Round B<br />2010<br />2011<br />2012<br />2013<br />