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The neverendingstory adtech_final


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In March I spoke alongside Nestlé’s Digital Communications Lead, Erin Anderson at at ad:tech Sydney.

ad:tech is the leading event for the digital marketing and advertising community and runs globally, in different cities throughout the year.

As part of the Content and Creative stream, our session covered the principles that successfully achieve an always-on campaign by looking at the award-winning FISTS OF FUSIAN ®case study. Key points addressed were how to create and control your campaign in real-time, why sustainable ideas are crucial for content creation and re-framing KPI’s.

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The neverendingstory adtech_final

  1. 1. FeedbackKey milestoneFavour exchangeConversationTimeTrust
  2. 2. Noodle-eatingAgeAdultsTeensKids
  3. 3. Pffff#nofilterMy meme is betterthan you’re memeI’m so cool becauseI don’t like thisI have an opinion aboutabsolutely everythingCheck out mynew mash-upTwitter is SO 2012Entertain me
  4. 4. CreativecontentMediainvestmentUnpredictablehuman behaviourCampaignperformance
  5. 5. Super-usersFansObserversCaption this
  6. 6. 1. Listen2. Determine Brand Tone and Content Pillars3. Complete moderation framework, & escalation guidelines4. Create a conversation calendar5. Measure and learn
  7. 7. 1. Respect the social quotient2. Have a content strategy3. Your community is your brief4. Adopt a constant beta attitude5. Measure the right things