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Slideshare 5 marketing trends not to ignore.young bloods


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Slideshare 5 marketing trends not to ignore.young bloods

  1. 1. 5ConsumerTrends youcan’t ignoret@mtuohy
  3. 3. RISE OFCONNECTEDMARKETINGt@mtuohyGAPs digitalcataloguecollaboratedwithbloggers.IKEA’s 2013catalogue app.Scan to unlockfilms, photogalleries andhomefurnishinginspiration.RAIDviewers wereprompted to Shazamthe TVC to downloadthe raid application.Promotional linksincluding link to appstore, ‘Like’ onFacebook and socialsharing.ADIDAS NeoAdidas window displays featuring interactive touchscreens. QR code connected customers to online siteto continue shopping on their smartphones.
  4. 4. MULTI -SCREEENINGt@mtuohy
  5. 5. MULTI - SCREEENINGt@mtuohyGOAB is a TVConceptExperience,connecting theTV and thesecond screen ina more engagingand interactivemanner.Starbucks has teamed up with Square.Customers can now pay at numerouslocations using just the Squaresmartphone app.Watch for eBay, is anapp that enablestablet owners topurchase items relateddirectly to thetelevision programtheyre currentlyviewing.
  6. 6. BrandsSTOPAdvertisingt@mtuohy
  7. 7. BrandsSTOPAdvertisingt@mtuohyVisa GO programoffered peopletools to inspire(and purchase)from interactivebanner ads.Pepsi PulseSocial sites runby consumergeneratedcontent.
  8. 8. No suchthing asVIRALt@mtuohy
  9. 9. t@mtuohyNo such thing as VIRAL
  10. 10. t@mtuohyLink to video:
  11. 11. THANKS