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Approaches to Resilience


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A summary provided to London Resilience Forum in April 2011 outlining the delivery of resilience across the UK, comparing local and regional resilience forums and providing outions for further development

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Approaches to Resilience

  1. 1. Approaches to Resilience Partnerships:How other places do itMatthew HoganLondon Resilience Team4 April 2011Resident Pop: >7 MillionDaytime Pop: >14 Million
  2. 2. – The Regional Resilience Forumis the main focus for multi-agency co-operation– Will have a core membership– Should meet relativelyinfrequently– Compilation of regional risk map– Consider of policy initiatives– Information sharing and co-operation including lessons– Support multi-agency planningand coordination of exercises andtraining eventsThe Requirement & Outcomes
  3. 3. CapabilityPlansPersonnelEquipmentDoctrineTrainingConcept ofOperations
  4. 4. The Scottish Approach• 8 SCGs (LRFs) each with CRR– Based on Police boundaries butpolice not always chair– Each LRF receives direct ScottishGovernment assistance– Each has an LRF Working Group– Liaison Groups established toprogress capability specific workat LRF levelPop: 5.2 Million
  5. 5. • 4 LRFs each with CRR– Regional Resilience Forum – widemembership meets infrequently– Regional Resilience ForumExecutive Group – narrowermembership meets morefrequently– Capabilities led by combination oflead agency and multi-agencygroupThe West Midlands ApproachPop: 5.7 Million
  6. 6. The Welsh Approach• WRF comprising 4 LRFs– All-Wales coordination achievedthrough First Minister-chairedWales Resilience Forum– Supported by working group– Each LRF maintains CRR– Capability groups at nationaland sub-national levels led byidentified responderPop: 3 Million
  7. 7. 1. Devolve to Borough Level (Local Authority lead)2. Devolve to Sub Regional Tier3. LRT to lead for all capabilities4. Devolve to nominated London-wide lead agency5. Mix of central coordination and lead agency foridentified capabilitiesDeveloping Resilience Capabilities