Resume Writing


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This presentation covers types of resumes with lots of great resume tips.

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Resume Writing

  1. 1. Resume Writing
  2. 2. To receive the full benefit of this course, the staffof the Montgomery County Public Library stronglyrecommends attending in person. Individualassistance with each exercise is provided in class aswell as a Question & Answer session with ourinstructors.
  3. 3. Objectives• Review the purpose of a resume• Learn the types of resumes• Demonstrate how to create a chronological resume• Discuss the importance of keywords
  4. 4. What Is a Resume?• Personal summary of your professional history• Includes anything a person wants to express about: – Career Goals – Education – Experience – Activities – Honors
  5. 5. General Guidelines• Length: Limit resume to one typed page• Font: Arial or Times New Roman – Between 10 – 12 point font• Paper: Use 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch paper – White, light cream or grey
  6. 6. Preliminary Research• Find Out: – General job information – Desired qualifications and skills – Key values and key words• Look on: – Company website – Job advertisement – Any publications about the company (magazines, articles, etc.)
  7. 7. Types of Resumes• There are three types of resumes: – Chronological – Functional – Combination We will demonstrate how to create a chronological resume in this class.
  8. 8. The Chronological Resume• The most commonly used resume format is the chronological resume. On a chronological resume, your work history is listed by job title beginning with your current or most recent job.• The chronological resume works best for job seekers who: – Want to showcase a steady employment history – Are looking for a position that matches or logically progresses from previous jobs – Are seeking a conventional position, such as an office clerk, accountant, or teacher
  9. 9. The Chronological Resume
  10. 10. The Functional Resume• The functional resume highlights your skills without revealing the dates associated with your job history. The functional resume minimizes specific job titles and eliminates dates of employment, while emphasizing your abilities and skills.• The functional resume works well if you: – Have worked many different jobs or possess very diverse skills – Have skills that relate to the position, but not a lot of previous work experience in the field – Have gaps in employment history, are a recent graduate or are changing careers – Are a mature worker who wants to de-emphasize your age
  11. 11. The Functional Resume
  12. 12. The Combination Resume• The combination resume format combines the functional and chronological formats. It includes functional skill categories, but also lists employment dates.• This format works well for job seekers who: – May have obtained the required skills from seemingly unrelated industries or jobs – Are trying to change careers and want to emphasize transferable skills – Have had a steady work history
  13. 13. The Combination Resume
  14. 14. SECTIONSYour Resume Contact InformationObjective Experience Education Interests
  15. 15. Contact Information• Include: – Name – Permanent and/or campus addresses – Permanent and/or campus phone numbers – Email address If you do not include contact information (how to reach you), your resume will most probably be thrown in the trash.
  16. 16. Contact Information Joe Smith 241 West Locust Street Mount Sterling, KY 40353 (859) 999-9999 email@gmail.com____________________________
  17. 17. Objective Statements• Two different approaches to objective statements – Brief and to the point – Detailed description of desired position and qualifications You must decide which approach is best!
  18. 18. First Approach: Brief To seek the position of factory workerSeeking to obtain a position of administrative support To obtain position as a waitress
  19. 19. Second Approach: DescriptiveTo work in an organization where my technical skills willbe best utilized and provide my career a rapid and good growthA data entry clerk position where I can utilize my skills and work experience to improve efficiency and profitability of company To obtain a waitress position in the Food and BeverageIndustry with a challenging company that offers me the possibility of professional growth and career advancement opportunities
  20. 20. Work Experience• Include positions you have held which are related, in some way, to the job you are seeking. – Can be both paid and volunteer positions• Be creative with this section of your resume by describing and emphasizing your experiences in the most relevant way possible.
  21. 21. Work ExperienceServer May 2003 – June 2006Applebees, Mount Sterling, Kentucky -Provided customers with superior service and ensure their comfort in an upscale restaurant environmentSwim Coach Summers 2004 – 2005Montgomery County Swim Team, Mt. Sterling, Ky. -Improved the swimming skills of children ages 4- 18 while encouraging the children to stay on task -Constructed line-ups for a competitive advantage at swim meets
  22. 22. Education• Beginning with the highest level of educational achievement, include: – University attended – Majors/Minors – Date of program completion information
  23. 23. EducationBachelor of Fine Arts May 2006University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TexasMinor: PsychologyGreenup County High SchoolGreenup County, Kentucky
  24. 24. Action Verb List• Action phrases will help you avoid being too brief and from understanding your qualifications. See the handout for a chart of action words.• Example: – Before: Was involved in modernization – After: Modernized
  25. 25. Activities, Honors, Volunteer ExperienceSterling Equestrian Team Women In BusinessDelta Gamma Mt. Sterling LibrarySaint Joseph Hospital Humane Society• Include relevant activities, honors, and volunteer experiences• Any special certifications you have - First Aid Certification - Heavy Equipment Operation
  26. 26. Extra Tips• Ultimate goal is to get an interview.• Employer will only take 15 seconds to glance at a resume.• Most resumes are scanned by a computer for keywords, so match the words in advertisement in your resume.• Have a copy of your resume in plain text to email to employer. To save in plain text: In Microsoft Word, go to Save As and save the file in text only format.
  27. 27. Extra Tips• Have someone read over your resume for errors that spellcheck doesn’t find. Ex: Using their instead of there Confusing two & too• Microsoft Word has several resume templates. - We are using Chronological Resume –CV (Modern)• Have white space in the resume so its not overwhelming to the reader.
  28. 28. White SpaceGOOD BAD
  29. 29. Important Tip!Bad grammar is a terrible issue in many resumes. Here is one of the most frequently misused word combinations.AN – The form of “a” used before words that begin with a vowel or an u unpronounced consonant such as “h” in some cases. Example: We had lunch an hour ago. I saw an ostrich at the zoo.AND – This word is used to connect words, phrases, or clauses; to create the meaning of together with, along with, as well as, or in addition to. Example: I stuffed envelopes and answered the phones. We fed the dog and the cats.Used together appropriately:An ostrich answered the phones and fed the dog an hour ago.
  30. 30. Where Can You Go For Advice About Your Resume?• Electronic Resumes Santa Clara University• Career OneStop Resume Guide• Resume Builder• Free online resume class