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Online Job Searching

  1. 1. Online Job Searching
  2. 2. To receive the full benefit of this course, the staffof the Montgomery County Public Library stronglyrecommends attending in person. Individualassistance with each exercise is provided in class aswell as a Question & Answer session with ourinstructors.
  3. 3. Objectives• Discuss resources that will provide useful tips, such as interviewing skills for job seekers. A list of these sites can be found in the handouts for the course and in the Online Job Searching folder in the favorites list of Internet Explorer. Resources to be discussed: – Web sites providing job searching tips & templates – Kentucky state government resources – Federal government resources• Become familiar with job listing sites such as Career Builder.
  4. 4. FTC’s Money Matters Listing of job scam resources, with specific scam information
  5. 5. FTC’s Money Matters• There are lots of scams targeting the unemployed. This site has resources to help you determine if an at-home employment opportunity is a scam.• The site has links for other financial topics. For example, click on Job Loss to find tips on how to deal with your creditors after a job loss.
  6. 6. BLS’ Job Search Methods Links below for more information on interviewing, evaluating job offers and interviewing.
  7. 7. BLS’ Job Search Methods• The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the Occupational Outlook Handbook annually.• The link on your handout opens to a list of job search methods to give you ideas about where to look for jobs.• Click on OOH Home to get to the Occupational Outlook Handbook online, where you can learn about different occupations and the training needed to get a job in your chosen field.
  8. 8.’s 10 Steps to Job Search Success
  9. 9.’s 10 Steps to Job Search Success• has some excellent tips for job searching, such as how to research the employers to whom you are submitting applications.• The Starting your job search section has links to valuable tips for how to survive a layoff, creating a resume, and how to find jobs online.
  10. 10. Purdue University’s Owl Center
  11. 11. Purdue University’s Owl Center• This site has links for filling out an application and resumes.• Tips on writing inquiry, thank you, and acceptance letters are also available.• Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Communication Practices also has similar resume and cover letter websites, those links are listed on your handout.
  12. 12. SUNY Rockland Community College Career Center
  13. 13. SUNY Rockland Community College Career Center• YouTube is a great resource for interview practice tips, such as this video from SUNY Rockland Community College.• Just search YouTube for “interview skills” for a variety of interview tips and videos of mock interviews.
  14. 14. Learn More Indiana
  15. 15. Learn More Indiana• This site has some really good tips for preparing and conducting an interview, including how to deal with nervousness.• The Get a job link offers even more resources for your job search.• On your handout, you will see a couple of other links for interviewing tips that you can explore on your own.
  16. 16. CareerOneStop
  17. 17. CareerOneStop• CareerOneStop has so many different resources we have given you two different links within the page on your handout. If you only check out one resource discussed today, this should be the one.• The first link,, is the home page with six categories to explore: Explore Careers, Education & Training, Resumes & Interviews, Salary & Benefits, Job Search, and Find Local Help.• The second link,, is great for changing careers. Just list your current or most recent job and get a list of career suggestions using skills you already have.
  18. 18. USAJOBS—Federal government’s official jobs site
  19. 19. USAJOBS—Federal government’s official jobs site• This is the website for finding federal job listings.• Enter what type of job you are looking for and where you are located to get started.• The Resource Center at the top of the screen has special resources for veterans, individuals with disabilities and recent graduates.
  20. 20. Commonwealth of Kentucky Career Opportunities
  21. 21. Commonwealth of Kentucky Career Opportunities• Jobs with the Kentucky state government are listed on this site.• You can search the site under Search Job Opportunities or check out the links for tutorials and resources to help you use the site.• There are links at the bottom of the page to help you understand the salary grade system.
  22. 22. Kentucky Office of Employment and Training
  23. 23. Kentucky Office of Employment and Training• The OET website has job listings that have been submitted by companies throughout Kentucky.• Some of these jobs can be applied for online, while others require you to go to an Employment Center.• The Office of Employment & Training course will review how to use this site in more detail.
  24. 24. JobNewsUSA
  25. 25. JobNewsUSA• JobNewsUSA has links to jobs all over the United States, or you can choose a link for Jobs in Lexington-Kentucky at the bottom of the page for local jobs.
  26. 26. CareerBuilderThe rest of theclass will be spentcreating anaccount on CareerBuilder but firsthere are a fewextra tips onsearching for a job.
  27. 27. Extra ideas• Consider joining a professional organization in your career field. It looks good on a resume, and many organizations have their own job banks.• Create a way to keep track of job applications. Some job banks offer the ability to track applications. This allows job seekers to follow up with potential employers.• Have a plan for your job search. Set aside a specific amount of time each day to do research, mail resumes, do follow-up calls, etc.• Always research a company before applying for a job so you can tailor your resume to that company’s needs.