Microsoft Office Applications


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This presentation describes the applications that are part of the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite. Published with permission of the author, Carol Laferty.

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Microsoft Office Applications

  1. 1. ByCarol J. Laferty
  2. 2. To receive the full benefit of this course, the staffof the Montgomery County Public Library stronglyrecommends attending in person. Individualassistance with each exercise is provided in class aswell as a Question & Answer session with ourinstructors.
  3. 3.  Microsoft Suite 2010 contains: ◦ Word – Word Processing ◦ Excel - Spreadsheet ◦ PowerPoint – Presentation or Slideshow ◦ Access - Database ◦ Publisher – Desktop Publishing ◦ Outlook – Email
  4. 4.  If you are associated with Morehead State University as a student, staff, faculty, you can get this software at a greatly reduced price.$124.54 at Walmart
  5. 5.  Word processing – type letters, flyers, reports, make tables of information. The list is endless. You can also work with pictures in Word. Let’s look at that.
  6. 6.  Excel is a spreadsheet application. You work with numbers and formulas. Useful for accountant-types, teachers for averaging grades, business owners to name a few. You can also use it for databases and lists. Labels for mailing can be printed from it also.
  7. 7.  Access is a database application. Keep records of names, addresses, inventories—anything you want to keep track of in an organized way. You can do beautiful reports from your records and make mailing labels. Here is a report that I often prepare for an organization I belong to:
  8. 8.  PowerPoint is a presentation or Slideshow application. It is highly used in business, education, hospitals, sales— everywhere. It is easy to do and things look very professional when presented. You can add pictures, videos, sounds, Internet links. Just about any form of media or communication can be added to a slide.
  9. 9.  Publisher is a desktop Publishing application. Used by anyone wanting to do a flyer, brochure, newsletter, newspaper. It has many built-in features to make formatting these type of publications much easier.
  10. 10.  Outlook is an email application. Many people use this application daily for their email provider. It has many helpful features besides just sending/receiving email. You can make Address book and distribution lists to make mass mailings quite easy.