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Provides information on how to set up an email account via Gmail.

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  1. 1. Email
  2. 2. To receive the full benefit of this course, the staffof the Montgomery County Public Library stronglyrecommends attending in person. Individualassistance with each exercise is provided in class aswell as a Question & Answer session with ourinstructors.
  3. 3. Objectives:• Review basic Internet information.• Be familiar with how to set up an email account via Gmail.• Demonstrate how to send emails with attachments.
  4. 4. Using the Internet• The Internet is a worldwide connection of computers with information stored on web pages. You need an internet provider to access the internet and a web browser to access web pages.• The web browser we will be using is Internet Explorer and is represented by this icon.
  5. 5. Using the Internet cont.• A web site is a collection of web pages.• Each web site has its own address. If you know the address of the web site you are looking for, just open the web browser and type in the address.• If you don’t know the address, you need to go to a web site that searches the internet called a search engine.
  6. 6. Internet Practice• Double click on the Internet Explorer icon and you will see this screen.• When you open Internet Explorer, it automatically goes to your home page. Here at the library, the home page is the library website. The home page for your home computer will be different.• At the top of screen, you will see a box that contains the web address of the site that is open. This site’s address is• This box is where you will enter the web address if you know it or the web address of the search engine you will use. Enter this address:
  7. 7. Creating an Email account• Just like web sites have unique web addresses, individuals can set their own email address to receive messages.• Unlike a web address, you can not type an email address into a web browser and get a result. If you have an individual or company’s email address and want to contact them, you have to have an email address of your own first.• The next few slides will illustrate how to set up an email address with Gmail.
  8. 8. Creating an Gmail account• Type in the web browser address bar. This is the site you will use to login to your Gmail account in the future.• To create an account, you will need to fill out an online form. First click on : Create an account
  9. 9. Creating a Gmail account cont.To create an email account, the email provider needs specific information.Fields that you may have trouble with are:Desired Login Name : this will be the beginning of your email address, it must be uniquePassword : must be 8 characters long and you will enter the same word in both passwordfields.Do not check any of the boxes under the password field.The rest of the fields are used to verify that you are the creator of this address if you everforget your password.
  10. 10. Creating a Gmail accountThis is the screen you will see after you create your account.Click on Show me my account to go to your inbox.
  11. 11. Creating a Gmail accountYour inbox is where you will receive new emailmessages, just click on a message to open it. Tosend a message, you will click on Compose mail.
  12. 12. Sending an emailWhen you are composing amessage, you need to enter theemail address of the person orcompany to whom you aresending a message. Remember aweb address is the location of aweb page. An email address isneeded to send a message to aspecific person.Fill out the email address hereYou do not have to have a subjectbut it is recommended that you fillthis out so that the email recipienthas an idea of what the email isabout.The body of the message goesinto this space.
  13. 13. Sending an emailLater we will practice sendingemails with an attachment. Anattachment is a file that you wantto send from your computer tothe recipient’s computer. InGmail, to send an attachment,you choose the link Attach a file.This opens up the documentsfolder in your computer. Justscroll down until you find the filethat you want to attach and clickon it once, then click Open. Thisattaches the file to your email.When you finished, just pressSend.