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Appalachian Music


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Presentation for final project.

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Appalachian Music

  1. 1. APPALACHIAN MUSIC An Overview of Appalachian Musical History and Style. Created by: Donna Hentsch July 24, 2012SOURCE:
  2. 2. LOCATION OF THE APPALACHIAN REGION  1500 Miles from Maine to Georgia  Area called “Back Country” in Colonial times  Residents share culture and musicSOURCE:
  3. 3. APPALACHIAN HISTORY 17th Century settlers came to the Appalachian Region from:  England  Scotland  Ireland  Wales
  4. 4. APPALACHIAN LIFE  Life was hard in the Appalachian Region  Settlers to the area are called “Mountain People”  Mountain People are hardy and self-reliant due to their remote locations and isolation
  5. 5. APPALACHIAN MUSIC  Mountain People live in tight-knit communities  Mountain People are very religious and like to sing, dance and worship in groups  Musical traditions are passed down to younger generations SOURCE: 0152683/default.html
  6. 6. APPALACHIAN MUSIC STYLE Appalachian music has Anglo Celtic roots Popular classic songs are sung without accompaniment of an instrument Some examples are: “Barbara Allen,” “Fair Ellender,” and “Lord Thomas”
  7. 7. APPALACHIAN MUSICINSTRUMENTATION Fiddle Irish Pipe Appalachian Dulcimer Banjo Guitar SOURCE: the-postman-to
  8. 8. APPALACHIAN MUSIC INFLUENCES Appalachian music was highly influenced by:  German Immigrants  Polish Immigrants  Czech Immigrants  African American music
  9. 9. APPALACHIAN MUSIC STYLE Appalachian music uses “Call and Response” style as seen in African American slave music Verse-and-refrain style popular for religious singing Banjo playing style called “Rocking the Bow”
  10. 10. APPALACHIAN MUSIC IN THE 1800’S  Less cultural isolation due to mobility, radio and phonographs  Mountain People’s music incorporates sounds heard on the radio/records into their own music SOURCE: whats-coming-in-phonograph-records/
  11. 11. APPALACHIAN MUSIC IN THE 1900’S  Music of the Mountain People seen to be very English in heritage  Mountain People’s music also commonly defined as “pure American folk music” SOURCE: b.ihas.200152683/default.html
  12. 12. APPALACHIAN MUSIC IN THE 1900’S  Appalachian music influence is seen today in: the following styles of American music:  Blues  Jazz  Bluegrass  Country  Gospel SOURCE:  Pop defining-your-style.aspx
  13. 13. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 1This is a wonderful short movie about the history ofAppalachian music. The first link is to Part 1 and the secondlink is to Part 2.
  14. 14. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 2Flat Mountain GirlsThis musical example is of an Appalachian group called the FlatMountain Girls:
  15. 15. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 3Whitetop Mountain BandThis example is an Appalachian group called the Whitetop MountainBand, singing the song “Sally Anne.”
  16. 16. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 4Tribute to Appalachian Music HistoryThis is an excellent short movie about Appalachian music history:
  17. 17. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 5Spank the PlankThis is an example of traditional Appalachian dance known as“spank the plank.”
  18. 18. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 6Wayfaring Stranger, Strolling Down Memory LaneGinnie Grubb sings a traditional Appalachian favorite calledWayfaring Stranger, Strolling Down Memory Lane.
  19. 19. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 7Oldtime Porch Music and Flatfoot DancingThis is an example of classical Appalachian music with footstomping dancing.
  20. 20. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 8Hobart SmithThis is an example of classical Appalachian music performed by anold-time Appalachian musician by the name of Hobart Smith
  21. 21. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 9Fiddle and Tin Whistle ExampleThis is an example of a traditional Appalachian song with fiddle andtin whistle.
  22. 22. APPALACHIAN MUSIC EXAMPLE 10Ada PowersThis is an interview with Ada Powers about the first Appalachianstring band:
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