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Chiropractic care involves treatment for the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the spine.

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Mts chiropractic-transcription

  1. 1. Documentation Service for the Chiropractic Profession – Chiropractic Transcription
  2. 2. Chiropractic care involves treatment for the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the spine. It is an effective way to diagnose and treat disorders that affect the nerves, muscles, bones, and joints of the body using manipulative treatments. Chiropractic care is covered by most health insurance plans including major medical plans, Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, some Medicaid plans and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for federal employees among others.
  3. 3. Role of Chiropractors Chiropractic physicians / chiropractors are experts in providing treatment for spinal misalignment. They help to restore the health of the patient using natural remedies such as chiropractic spinal realignment and adjustment.
  4. 4. Chiropractic Treatments Some of the treatment techniques that chiropractors adopt include: Spinal Adjustments Electrical Stimulation Muscle Stretches or Massages Exercise Manipulation of Soft Tissue
  5. 5. Why Accurate Documentation Is Necessary Chiropractic physicians require accurate patient care documentation to facilitate continuity of care.
  6. 6. Documentation must include Physical and medical conditions Medications Biographical or personal data Pertinent history Documentation of clinical findings Chiropractic treatment plans Chiropractic progress notes Physical exams Laboratory and other studies
  7. 7. Chiropractic medical terms and procedures are somewhat complex; therefore there is a greater risk of generating spelling errors. Therefore, transcriptionists should have a comprehensive knowledge of chiropractic terms and procedures including diagnostic testing, therapy techniques, and massage or manual therapy to meet the transcription requirements of a chiropractic physician.
  8. 8. Why Partner with a Medical Transcription Company Patient medical records are very important for chiropractors. Busy chiropractic physicians may not have the time to focus on documentation tasks as it will affect their patient care. By outsourcing the transcription job, these professionals can devote more time to better patient care. Here comes the pivotal role of medical transcription companies.
  9. 9. Medical Transcription Companies Help Chiropractors By Reducing documentation workload Reducing operating overheads Managing various medical reports Providing quick turnaround time Chiropractors need only to dictate the notes, office visits with patients, and care plans using digital recorders or a dedicated toll free telephone line. The rest will be taken care of the expert staff at these firms.
  10. 10. MTS - Reliable Medical Transcription Service Partner MTS Transcription Services (MTS) is a medical transcription service company in the US, offering quality medical transcription outsourcing services to hospitals, outpatient clinics, physicians and healthcare facilities of all specialties. Transcription process at MTS is well-defined and timely, and is always focused on client requirements. After the transcription process, the transcribed medical files are delivered to you through secure FTP or browser-based 256 bit encryption system.
  11. 11. Benefits of Partnering with MTS – Assured accuracy rate of 99% with good audio – Quality check – HIPAA compliance – Customized turnaround time – Affordable pricing with savings up to 40% – No long term yearly contracts – No set up fees – Volume discounts available – Free trial offer
  12. 12. Contact us Today! To learn more about chiropractic transcription service and other related services, call us at 1-800-670-2809. Thank You… Headquarters: 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Main: (800) 670 2809 Fax: (877) 835-5442 E-mail: