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Trueblood Designs Overview

  1. 1. Creative and Successful Design Solutions. Title Page
  2. 2. Welcome, Trueblood Designs is an innovative graphic and Web design company. We offer graphic design, website development and redesign, corporate branding / identity, interactive multimedia applications, and photography services to all companies large and small. We are very detailed oriented and specialize in developing clean professional designs within budget. Based out of southeast Michigan, Trueblood Designs reaches a wide variety of clients and offer, a stylish modern blend of creative, and technical design talent. Trueblood designs is distinguished for its fast turn-around time on projects, creative and successful design solutions, and business professionalism. With many years of design experience on multiple, diverse projects, we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our design and development procedures. Our mission is to provide services to all of our clients with the same honesty, loyalty, and effectiveness without the high expenses. We strive to integrate design practices so that they consistently drive new business, convert potential customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, create intelligent designs, and communicate a consistent message. Let Trueblood Designs begin on your design project today. To learn more about how we can assist your organization, or to discuss ideas and strategies, feel free to send an email to, or give us a call at 734-934-2286. Regards, Matthew Trueblood Owner Our Company | 01
  3. 3. Graphic Design Logos & Identity Your “brand” is the impression formed at every point of contact with your prospects and clients. It’s that simple! The combination of imagery and content is exactly how people perceive your company. In the advertising industry this is called the “outside perception”. Everything that comes in contact with a customer, including your logo, brochures, direct mail, web sites, advertisements, presentations, e-mails, signs, exhibits, sales people, and more - creates perception of your company (good or bad) because of your brand. Trueblood Designs can help you build a brand from ground up, or re-brand a “tired” outdated corporate image. Presentation Folders & Brochures It may be the age of electronic media, but the tangible nature of brochures and presentation media certainly make a critical impact. In today’s fast paced business environment, customers will visit your web site and ultimately consider it their primary resource for your brand. However the presentation materials sent through direct mail, or handed out at meetings, conferences and trade shows also plays an important role in your sales cycle. Trueblood Designs has discovered a trend towards shorter, “to the point” print media that guides prospects towards becoming customers. Additionally, a brand impression is made based on their interpretation of your presentation media, which should then be reinforced by a visit to your equally impressive website. Print Ads & Campaigns Most marketing messages used in print media and advertising fail to convert a prospect towards a sales action. In order to capture your prospects attention you must first give them a compelling reason to listen to your message. As simple as this may sound, most companies are guilty of simply announcing their name and list of services….yawn. Trueblood Designs will help you develop a message and image that commands attention and significantly increases your lead generation. Graphic Design | 02
  4. 4. Graphic Design cont’d Direct Mail & Campaigns Eighty percent or more of the marketing message used in print media and advertising are 100% effect. Is yours? Direct mail can be a powerful tool to reach a specific target market. What you say and how you say, combined with the visual design to reinforce to message will ultimately determine your direct mail success. Trueblood Designs specializes in making an impact that will get your audiences’ attention and drive them towards a pre-determined goal. PDF Downloadable Brochures One of the most important sales tools in modern branding! PDF Brochures are quickly replacing the last decade’s lengthier printed brochures. Additionally PDF brochures are one of the most commonly downloaded items from web sites, and thus can help us track and follow up with otherwise “invisible prospectsquot;. PDF brochures give a prospect a quick overview of a company’s services and/or products, and can be forwarded or printed to be given to a decision maker to review. How this document looks and interacts is critical to most company’s sales process. Don’t believe us? You’re reading one right now! Print Fulfillment All printers are not created equally. Your print media may show the difference! Different quality, resolution, old equipment, new equipment, web press, waterless inks, line screens, papers, dot patterns, die cut, embossed, digital vs. plate film, finishes and dozens of other factors all collaboratively determine your project's final outcome and cost. Why risk the outcome? Graphic Design | 03
  5. 5. Web & E-Media Web Design The credibility of your company and ability to achieve sales goals rest almost entirely on the design of your website. Our custom website design and development services stem from our history, leadership, and experience in web design, and marketing. We have seen the benefits of quality web design and development played out in the many different designs we’ve completed. Consider these facts about website design: • A high-quality design actually increases perception of credibility and probability of converting visitors into sales. • 46% of web sales are lost because the website does not build value and credibility. • The #1 reason people abandon a website? Lack of a professional look and feel. Web Application & Custom Development Streamline and automate your processes with custom Web Applications! “Web Applications” include a wide array of programming and design used to develop a specific functional product or service as per your specifications. These applications can be from something as simple as an Internet form that interacts with clients all the way to a fully functional custom program. Content Management System Show you care about your image. Keep your site updated and “fresh” and give your prospects a reason to return! Today’s web sites are no longer a one time build. Successful web sites and web campaigns require ongoing support, updates, case studies, Blogs, RSS Feeds, new looks, and product launches and updates, forums, events, company news and much more. Blog / RSS Design Customizing your Blog’s “Look and Feel” boosts brand equity, while making use of a powerful marketing tool. A blog is simply a web log with various functionalities. This has made Blogs a favorite tool to post news and events. But a Blog also serves as a free PR mechanism to announce virtually anything not only to your customers, but to the world, including leading media sources. RSS feeds bring in industry news and information that not only update your site regularly but help with relevant content for search engine optimization. Web Development | 04
  6. 6. Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Point and click! More than likely your prospects are trying to find your business on the World Wide Web. Will they find you or will they find your competition? Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation is capable of bringing in more leads than all other marketing efforts combined. Let's face it! The Yellow Pages, TV, Radio, mailings, ads, and other forms of traditional advertising just can't keep up with the popularity of the Internet. Guess what? The Internet uses search engines. Unless your customers and prospects know your web address they simply will not find you. Your search engine presence is one of the most critical components in a successful marketing plan. While other web design companies make you pay a premium for such a vital tool, this service is included with every website we complete. What's the purpose of having a website if you don't include the right tool for people to find it? At Trueblood Designs, your success is our business. E-Mail Design & Campaigns Effective email marketing starts with a compelling and interactive email design. Emails can be highly interactive. Your prospects are just a click away from your Web site, landing page, or even a lead-capture form. The impression you make and how you guide customers and prospects toward a conversion goal are absolutely crucial to your email marketing success. Like all client-facing media, a well-designed email campaign should employ AAIC: Attract, Intrigue, Inform, and Call your readers to action. Email is an integral part of our lives and, for many people, the primary means of communication. And while our inboxes are often filled with messages that we don’t want, if we receive something worthy of our attention or something that fills an unmet need, we are likely to at least give it a glance. Web Marketing | 05
  7. 7. Rich Interactive Applications / Photography Flash & Interactive Development / Presentations Why be static when you can be interactive? Interactive media made its way onto the Internet nearly 10 years ago, but for the most part the flashing logos, blinking icons, moving pictures and long intros were more of an annoyance than an enhancement. Not anymore. Trueblood Designs crafts interactive media that anticipates your audience’s attention span and generates interest through stunning visual design and presentation. From the simple, yet effective touch of animating your logo to turning that ordinary PowerPoint presentation into a standout flash sales presentation, or transforming a static product image into an interactive product demo, adding flash and interactive elements to your website is a great way to liven up an otherwise flaccid site. Photography Through product and staff photography, show your company off! We know that staff photography is an amazing way to appreciate your employees and display a friendly and personal image of your business to your customers and potential customers. After all, your staff/employees project the image of your company, so why not include them in your advertising campaign? We also know it takes great product photography to capture a friendly and professional image of your company. Do you have a great product? Get the images you want of your products. There’s no better way to advertise your unique products then through the art of photography. RIA/Photography | 06
  8. 8. Contact Us Now that you have some insight into some of our core services, let us know how we can help your organization exceed its marketing & sales goals. Contact us for a quick quote, conference call, or an online capabilities tour of our website. Phone: (734) 934-2286 Email: Web: Testimonials “Our new site is clean, professional, and easy to navigate. We are excited for our first order to come through on the site. Thanks for all your help.” Marty Jacobs – (Paragrafix) Highland, MI “I love logo number 1. The more I look at it, the more I want to see it on my business cards, vehicle wrap, website, and brochures. Keep up the great work!” Zack Vondrak – All Phase Restoration Huron Township, MI “Our website looks very professional. We can’t wait to show our guests.” Joyce Ramirez – Blue Margarita Woodhaven, MI “The business cards are exactly what I wanted, they came packaged up nice and neat, and were just in time for my first big meeting! Thanks.” Syed Hossain – Lucet Corp Cleveland, OH Contact Us | 07