The literary elements!


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The literary elements!

  1. 1. •Character•Setting•Plot•Theme•Author’s style
  2. 2. The characters of a story are the personalitiesin the story. The characters include who istelling the story, and who the story is talkingabout.There are main characters and supportingcharacters.The main characters are the people who thestory is centered around. For example, in thestory, Clifford The Big Red Dog, the maincharacters are Clifford and Emily Elizabeth.Supporting characters are ones who make thestory good, but they aren’t the center ofattention.
  3. 3. The setting in a story is when AND where the story takes place. So, if you’re reading a story about a Circus Clown in Huntington, West Virginia in the year 2002, the setting would be as follows: When (does the event take place): 2002 Where (does the event take place): Huntington, West Virginia
  4. 4. The plot of a story is the sequence of events that take place. The plot tells what happens in the story.For example, in the story Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I Am (the character) asks his friend (the other character) to try green eggs and ham. When Sam I Am’s friend says no, Sam I am bugs him until his friend tries the green eggs and ham. These events are called the plot!
  5. 5. The theme within a story can be a little tricky to understand. The theme is the central topic of the story. Themes can include friendship, love, loyalty, growing up, and family. These are just some examples of what the theme of a story could be.
  6. 6. Author’s style is a pretty important element. Style is how the author writes. For example, what vocabulary the author uses, and what kind of grammar the author uses. The author can be funny or serious. The author can decide to use short, choppy sentences, or long, lengthy sentences.