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Genre pp

  1. 1. Poetry and verse is a creative way to express thought.Poetry can have words that rhyme, and some poetry have no rhyming words. There are many types of poetry. Click on this link to read the different types of poetry. This link will also give you examples of each type, so you will have an idea of what to look for.
  2. 2. Folklore began as stories and poems told across the generations to entertain, and explain the world.Folklore stories can often start, “Once upon a time…”Most folklore stories teach you a lesson, and have clear morals in the story.Folklore books are often fables, myths and legends.
  3. 3. Fantasy stories have well Science fiction stories developed often deal with mind characters, and control, life in the engaging plots. future, and survival. Sometimes they have Science fiction also talking animals, and explores scientific miniature worlds. possibilities.In fantasy, it is about people, places and events that could NOT occur in the real world.
  4. 4. Realistic fiction is a genre in which the plot consists of events and actions that could occur in every day life.The characters may not be real, but the events that take place have happened or could happen in real life.For example, if you wanted to write a story about the first time a person goes to the beach, this would be an example of realistic fiction. Your character isn’t a real person, but the first time going to the beach could and has happened.
  5. 5. Historical fiction tells stories of history, and consists of imaginative stories grounded in the facts of the past.Historical fiction is realistic, but the stories are in the past.For example, in the book, “Number the Stars,” the main character is not real, but the chain of events that take place really did happen, but they happened in the past.
  6. 6. All three tell stories of the Memoirs are based on life of a real person. events in the life of theBiographies are written author, but it is by other people. centered around aAutobiographies are particular theme or written by the person personality trait. themselves.Example: If your mother writes a book about you, then that is a biography.If you write a book about yourself, then it is an autobiography.
  7. 7. These are books of When these facts are informational fact. written as a story, thenThe primary purpose is to it is call informational convey information literature. about facts, ideas and concepts.The Magic School Bus series is an example of informational literature.