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AeroSports Inc Hot Air Balloon Advertising


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AeroSports Inc Hot Air Balloon Advertising

  2. 2. Program Solutions Our successful, cost-effective, direct-experience marketing and advertising programs gain the most impact for your advertising dollars. We physically reach the customer; capture their attention; and provide an amazing experience they remember. Our programs: create deeper relationships with current customers; develop new relationships with consumers in target markets; enhance consumer experience; add a dynamic, high visibility tool to your overall marketing. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  3. 3. Recent ProjectsFebruary 2011 - Our second project for the NFL Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  4. 4. “You and your staff are to be commended forproducing such a glorious floating billboard:we could not have asked for a more stunningor unique visual representation of our logo.” Frank Supovitz Senior VP, Events National Football League WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  5. 5. In January 2008 we coordinated hot air balloons forthe NFL at Super Bowl XLII. The Super Bowl venue isa politically challenging event with national securitybeing at an all time high. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  6. 6. In early-summer 2009 Warner Home Video celebrated the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. We launched a twelve- city tour that traveled across the country from Los Angeles to New York visiting cities and balloon festivals all across the United States.WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  7. 7. “Like a wild twister, our gorgeous WIZARD OF OZballoon, tore across the country this year! That beautiful balloon made an amazing impacteverywhere….not to mention making thousands of people sovery happy. This was an incredible tool for promotion our 70thanniversary celebration of THE WIZARD OF OZ…and UltimateCollectors Edition Blu-ray and DVD. Your on-the-ground and in-the-air support was fantasticand we were completely thrilled with the results.” Ronee Sass Warner Home Video VP, Publicity and Promotion WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  9. 9. CHICAGO – Hollywood Boulevard CinemaWGN-TV Live Morning News withthe Munchkins WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  10. 10. CENTRAL PARK -Tavern on the GreenWOZ Balloon photos werefeatured on dozens of on-linepublications including Life,Bloomberg, UPI, BizBash andmore… WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  11. 11. People are fascinated with hot airballoons-they make people FEEL GOOD! WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  12. 12. People have become resistant to traditional advertising.Messages have to strike the emotional centers ofpotential consumers – within a few seconds at most. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  14. 14. DemographicsPeople are fascinatedwith hot air balloons –that’s why our programsdeliver RESULTS.Hot air balloon fan demographics: • Ages 25 – 55 • 62% have children • 63% have income $50,000 - $150,000 • Over 50% are college educated. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  15. 15. Strategic and Creative Integrated Marketing Media Flights Major Festivals National Sporting Events WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  16. 16. Experience Marketingstimulates the minds of your targeted audience. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  17. 17. Amazing EventsWe put your brand center stage. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  18. 18. Major Sporting EventsFlights over major sporting events gain additional expose tohundreds of thousands of consumers. WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  19. 19. Effective, Lasting Impressions Hot air balloons command the attention of people whenever they fly. We take your message into people’s backyards.WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS
  20. 20. For more information.AeroSports 704-880-0238WE BUILD AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS