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  • <number>The purpose of these slides is to communicate Business and Decisions capabilities with respect to SharePoint based systems.
  • Business and Decision offers one-stop shopping for SharePoint based Portals and Customized applications. Our expertise enables organizations to get the most out of SharePoint’s capabilities without needing in-house expertise to support these mission-critical applications. Business & Decision’s SharePoint services go far beyond what other hosting providers, or consulting companies can offer.
  • Inception and Discovery
  • Resource Planning
  • Architecture and Topology
  • Information Architecture
  • Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering
  • System Implementation / Integration
  • Application Support and Monitoring
  • Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery
  • The End<number>
  • Business&amp;Decision SharePoint Offering

    1. 1. SharePoint WSS & MOSS 2007 Business and Decision Capabilities Lou Abbruzzesi, SharePoint SME – Business & Decision
    2. 2. Introduction Business and Decision offers a wide range of SharePoint (WSS & MOSS 2007) services in these categories: o Inception and Discovery o Resource Planning o Physical Architecture and Farm Topology o Information Architecture o Application Requirements Gathering o System Implementation / Integration o Application Support and Monitoring o Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery o Long Term Growth Strategies
    3. 3. Inception and Discovery Business and Decision can help companies to leverage SharePoint to improve their business by: o Assessing current business processes and identifying pain points that can be minimized or eliminated using SharePoint technologies. oBuilding demonstrations and prototypes that demonstrate possible solutions to specific problems in a client’s organization. oAssisting in building a business case for the implementation of a SharePoint solution. oMost adopters of SharePoint will start small. Business and Decision can help to envision and communicate a longer term vision for SharePoint within a client’s current /future information architecture.
    4. 4. Resource Planning Business and Decision can assist in resource planning for a successful implementation of SharePoint oHuman Resources – B&D helps identify the roles and responsibilities (internal and external) that are necessary for a successful implementation of SharePoint based solutions. oHardware and Infrastructure – B&D can assess a client’s current environment and make suggestions for initial implementation and long-term growth. oSoftware and Licensing – B&D can assist in licensing options.
    5. 5. Physical Architecture and Farm Topology Business and Decision can recommend, implement and host the appropriate physical architecture and farm topology for a client’s short term and long term needs. oFarm Topology – B&D will help architect a farm topology that will meet current needs, and position the client to grow. oHardware – B&D can recommend the appropriate hardware, storage capacity and networking configuration necessary to support the desired topology.
    6. 6. Information Architecture Business and Decision can help define SharePoint’s short term and long term role in the organization’s Information Architecture. oB&D will help identify a starting point for the adoption of SharePoint within an organization, with the goal of providing the best short term ROI, and a successful foundation for future growth. oAfter a successful initial engagement, B&D can help identify other projects within the organization with good ROI. oSharePoint is often used to replace or augment existing systems, and B&D can identify possible replacement/improvement opportunities to make SharePoint a more integral part of the overall Information Architecture. oB&D can help integrate other LOB systems into the SharePoint framework through Out-Of-The-Box configuration, third party add-ons and custom development.
    7. 7. Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering Business and Decision can work with stakeholders and users within the organization to specify the requirements for SharePoint - based solutions. oB&D can help clients avoid re-implementing existing problems in a new technology. We understand the business needs before proposing a solution. oB&D can identify and suggest business process improvements that can be realized by leveraging the bundled capabilities of SharePoint. oB&D can perform the necessary business analysis and produce requirements specifications for a successful SharePoint implementation. oB&D is knowledgeable about available third party products, and product integration kits that can be used to enhance the no-coding capabilities of SharePoint.
    8. 8. System Implementation and Integration When desired customizations fall outside the capabilities of the Out-Of-Box components, B&D has the expertise to develop specific required functionality and incorporate it into the SharePoint solution. oB&D has extensive expertise in customizing the user experience, and branding SharePoint-based systems. oB&D has expertise in developing and deploying reusable web-parts using Microsoft’s recommended best practices to protect a client’s investment. oB&D can develop and deploy reusable workflows to be used within the organization. Automating processes is one of the ‘sweet spots’ of SharePoint, and B&D can help get the most out of the robust Windows Workflow Foundation. oB&D can integrate other LOB applications into SharePoint-based solutions using bundled components and custom development when necessary.
    9. 9. Application Support and Monitoring When SharePoint solutions have been deployed, or when they already exist in the organization, B&D can help insure a reliable, high performance platform through automated monitoring. oOS-Level Monitoring -- SharePoint clients have access to all of the OS-Level monitoring and alerting mechanisms offered to other B&D managed clients. oSharePoint Platform Monitoring – B&D can monitor the overall health of the SharePoint platform by polling the system, and interacting with the platform through a suite of scripts to verify the health of the system. oApplication Monitoring – B&D can develop requested monitoring scripts to provide application-level monitoring where it makes sense. oB&D can detect and respond to problems before your users know there is a problem.
    10. 10. Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery Business and Decision’s SharePoint customers will have access to Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery services available to B&Ds other managed clients. oB&D can provide full fidelity scheduled backups, and SharePoint Farm restoration services. oB&D provides services to quickly duplicate virtualized (maybe non virtualized too) SharePoint farms to produced up-to date platforms for development and staging. The ability to create a replica environment is crucial for development and testing.
    11. 11. Thank You Lou Abbruzzesi, SharePoint SME – Business & Decision