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Launch Idyl E3 via the AWS Marketplace


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Idyl E3 Entity Extraction Engine can be launched via the AWS Marketplace. Quickly and easily launch an instance in your VPC to perform named entity extraction from natural language text.

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Launch Idyl E3 via the AWS Marketplace

  1. 1. Launching Idyl E3 from the AWS Marketplace Copyright 2017 Mountain Fog, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Introducing Idyl E3 ● Performs named-entity extraction from text. ● Capabilities exposed as a REST API. ● Launched easily via the AWS Marketplace. ● Available in multiple editions.
  3. 3. Idyl E3 Editions Free Edition ● Entity extraction. ● Includes English- language persons entity model. ● REST API for entity extraction. Analyst Edition ● All features of the free edition plus: – Ability to create and validate models. – Plugins for integrating Idyl E3 with other services. Click to see a full comparison of editions.
  4. 4. Idyl E3 on the AWS Marketplace ● Idyl E3 Free Edition on the AWS Marketplace ● Idyl E3 Analyst Edition on the AWS Marketplace Click the Continue button to launch Idyl E3.
  5. 5. Configure the EC2 Instance Set the instance VPC and settings and click the Launch button.
  6. 6. Launch Idyl E3 Idyl E3 will be launched in your VPC! After a few minutes you can access its API at http://<Public_IP>:9000/api.
  7. 7. Send Text to Idyl E3 Try it! Send some text to Idyl E3 for entity extraction. Replace <Public_Ip> with the public IP address of your EC2 instance. curl http://<Public_IP>:9000/api/extract ­d “George Washington was  president.”
  8. 8. Entity Extraction Response {    "entities":[       {          "text":"George Washington",          "confidence":0.96,          "span":{             "tokenStart":0,             "tokenEnd":2,             "characterStart":0,             "characterEnd":17          },          "type":"person",          "languageCode":"eng",          "extractionDate":1504022495052,          "metadata":{          }       }    ],    "extractionTime":48 } The response from Idyl E3 will be JSON and contain the extracted entities:
  9. 9. Summary ● Idyl E3 extracts entities from natural language text. ● Idyl E3 can be quickly launched from the AWS Marketplace. ● Idyl E3’s REST API allows for easy access and integration. ● Idyl E3 client SDKs are available on GitHub.
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