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  1. 1. • Here In this Social Networking Site, we are providing professional information along with Entertainment.• The main aim of this project is to provide information regarding jobs(part time & full time) and self employment also.
  2. 2. All The members who are login in to this site are able to post the jobs.First they are login to the home page then click on the post a job then oneform can appears.We can fill all the mandatory columns then click on submit button. Then theposted job goes to the find a job that is in present on the homepage.
  3. 3.  The user who wants to search a job ,first the user Login into the Login page. After Login the user can get homepage .In this homepage we have field like find a job ,then we click on this field we can get a form. After filling all the details in the form ,we can get the details of the job like company name, position according to our details filled in the find a job field.
  4. 4. Find employeesIf an organization wants to requipment an employee their should belog on to this site .After login they can submit details of that organization, thisinformation goes to find a job , who already registered with the find ajob field.
  5. 5.  All The members who are login in to this site are able to post the jobs. First they are login to the home page then click on the post a project then we get a form like project name ,main domain of the project , and detailed description of the project all the columns can be filled and click on the submit button. After submission then this posted project automatically goes to the find a project. That is present on the homepage.
  6. 6. Ifwe want to find a project we first log on to the Login page.After Login automatically we can get a home page .In this homepage wehave a field like find a project .In this we have a lot of projects that are from post a job field, then we cansubmit details of the project in such a way that we can get the projectaccording to our details.
  7. 7.  You can manage the privacy of your status updates, photos and information using the inline audience selector — when you share or afterwards. Remember: the people you share with can always share your information with others, including apps.
  8. 8.  Sign in with your Job Hunter account Grant access to your Job Hunter Contacts Create subscribable Job Hunter Contact Groups Tell people about your mailing list