Marketing plan Kolibri


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Marketing plan creation for a tourism business development: Kolibri project.
Business idea
Swot analysis
consumer behaviour
segmentation, targering and positioning
marketing mix

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Marketing plan Kolibri

  1. 1. Laura Moroni Lisa Gruber Carol Kantor Giorgio Kwiatkowski
  2. 2. Online Tour Operator specialized in sustainable eco-tourism travel MissionMissionMissionMission o Facilitate the access to Italian protected natural reserves o Promote and increase awareness of responsible tourism
  3. 3. Based in Italy Packages to natural reserves located in: ◦ Sardegna (Parco Nazionale Asinara) ◦ Puglia (Parco Nazionale Gargano) ◦ Toscana (Parco Nazionale Appennino) ◦ Piemonte (Gran Paradiso)
  4. 4. DidacticDidacticDidacticDidactic farmsfarmsfarmsfarms ◦ explanatory games and colorful designs around the eco-diversity of the natural reserve, ◦ craft with natural materials ◦ contact with farm animals SummerSummerSummerSummer EcoEcoEcoEco –––– campscampscampscamps ◦ exploring rivers, observing wild animals, gold washing, horse riding ◦ laboratories to educate travelers about Nature in a fun way SportSportSportSport AdventureAdventureAdventureAdventure TravelTravelTravelTravel ◦ challenging sport activities (sailing, trekking etc) ◦ survival feeling with bonfires, night walks , cooking on a campfire VolunteerVolunteerVolunteerVolunteer naturenaturenaturenature traveltraveltraveltravel ◦ assist in park maintenance ◦ strong cooperation with our partners WWF and Legambiente ◦ volunteers will get to see corners of the park that are closed to normal tourists “Back“Back“Back“Back totototo nature”nature”nature”nature” campcampcampcamp ◦ Farm experience (organic cuisine workshop, gardening, cooking, helping with farming, handicraft etc)
  5. 5. STRENGTHSSTRENGTHSSTRENGTHSSTRENGTHS Operator’s strong knowledge of the territory Partnership with local suppliers (quality / price) Co-operation with relevant environmental NGO’s (WWF, Legambiente) WEAKNESSESWEAKNESSESWEAKNESSESWEAKNESSES Small Limited portfolio Slow vs. self-search OPPORTUNITIESOPPORTUNITIESOPPORTUNITIESOPPORTUNITIES Growing market General Eco trend Target people that already go on holidays in these regions THREATSTHREATSTHREATSTHREATS Affected by climate change Seasonality
  6. 6. Political ◦ Environmental laws might impact our business Opening/closing or limiting natural reserves for visit ◦ Taxes and/or fees related to natural resources Economic ◦ Bad economic scenario - this kind of product is not as much a priority as food, clothing and other basic needs Social ◦ Growing “green”, “eco” culture in Italy but not yet fully developed Technological ◦ Web as primary source of info for this kind of product Environmental ◦ CRUCIAL for our business – preservation of natural reserves
  7. 7. Suppliers ◦ Summer camps ◦ “Green” and “social responsible” hospitality structures ◦ Adventure parks ◦ Service providers – excursions, guiding tours etc ◦ Airlines (for international clients) ◦ Other transportation suppliers Competitors ◦ Tour operators specialized in eco-tourism ◦ Any tour operator that sells packages related to holidays in nature in the regions wehre we offer our products Stakeholders ◦ Financial: owners (small company family owned) ◦ Media: magazines / sites related to eco and responsible tourism ◦ Government: bodies responsible for environmental policies and laws ◦ Citizen-action: AITR, WWF, Ecoturism etc
  8. 8. Limited company resources Hetereogeneous products with a common theme Hetereogeneous market Competitors also use segmentation DIFFERENTIATED MARKETING
  9. 9. Specific to each product Didactic farms Geographical: italians Age: from 6 to 9 years old Summer Eco – camps Geographical: italians Age: from 10 to 17 years old
  10. 10. Sport Adventure Travel Geographical: italians and international Age: from 18 to 50 years old Psycographic: active lifestyle, «nature lover» Volunteer nature travel Geographical: italians and international Age: from 25 to 30 years old Psycographic: they want to make a difference
  11. 11. “Back to nature” camp Geographical: italians and international Age: from 50 to 65 years old Psycographic: looking for a particular relaxing activity or learning something new, interest in nature
  12. 12. Competitive Advantages • Unique set of packages (Choice, sustainable aspect) • All-inclusive (logistics, professional guides, equipment, food…) • Additional benefits (Certification by NGOs) “Bespoke” Alternative to • Mass-Tourism (Beach, City-Sightseeing) • Worn-out Places (Famous locations) NICHE MARKET POSITIONNICHE MARKET POSITIONNICHE MARKET POSITIONNICHE MARKET POSITION
  13. 13. - Loyal customers - Buy once or twice a year - Buy in advance (plan the trip) - Strong word-of-mouth (new customers) - Not so much price sensitive - Niche tourism (nature) - Influenced by friends, family and public sources (AITR, travel magazines, reviews etc) - Values the positive impact of our product on the planet and the people
  14. 14. 5 different Holiday Categories Core Product : Holiday in a National Park Facilitating Product : Channel Distribution System Supporting Product : Certified Augmented Product : Eco-friendly, sustainable, educational Brand Communicating our values and mission • Hummingbird nature-related holidays • Extraordinary skills extraordinary holidays • Colorful Beautiful holidays • Holidays that matter you and the environment enjoy (Societal marketing)
  15. 15. Main goal – distribution Follow same size competitors Suppliers Kolibri Final customers $$$$$$$$ (8%(8%(8%(8% ---- 10%)10%)10%)10%)
  16. 16. avoid channel conflict try to reach directly specific targets Suppliers Kolibri TO “Wholesaler ” Via WEBSITE Final Customers Retailers (Travel Agencies)
  17. 17. Message Think “Green Holiday ?”, go Italy! Think “exceptional nature ?”, go National Parks! Think “breathtaking challenge ?”, go Adventure Travel! Think “All in one?”, go KOLIBRI TOURS ! Holidays that matter! (“fun and well-cared for ?”, Go Didactic farms!) (“new friends and exciting activities ?”, go Summer- Eco camps!) (“relaxing and creative ?”, go Back to Nature Camp!)
  18. 18. Message source:Message source:Message source:Message source: Partner-NGO spokesperson Communication Channels:Communication Channels:Communication Channels:Communication Channels: • Internet • Government websites & VICs • Eco-Hotel Concierges • Schools • National and International Tourism, Sport, Sustainability - Fairs • National and International green Events (WWF Festival, Greenpeace Concerts) • Outdoor Sportclubs • Senior Centres
  19. 19. Direct MarketingDirect MarketingDirect MarketingDirect Marketing Delivering our product as close as possible to our customers • Implemented website with booking tool • Flyers, brochures • Social Media: Facebook (fanpage), Instagram, Youtube, blog • Emailing (Customer database) • Personal selling (schools, fairs, events) Sales promotionSales promotionSales promotionSales promotion • Early-Kolibri • “Bring a friend” Public relationsPublic relationsPublic relationsPublic relations • Invite Italian and foreign journalists to experience this responsible Eco-tourism