Marketing plan Generator hostel


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Marketing plan creation for a tourism business development: Generator hostel project.
Business idea
Swot analysis
consumer behaviour
segmentation, targering and positioning
marketing mix

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Marketing plan Generator hostel

  2. 2. BUSINESS IDEA Loyalty Program: Creation in the client the will to look for Generator Hostel also in other cities, in order to collect points and get discounts.
  3. 3. S W TO Weaknesses •High staff turnover •Booking coming from Internet Intermediary • No agreement (at the moment) with the Guiness Museum Threats •General and external percepetion of “hostels” •Weather •Competitors closer to the city centre Opportunities •Dublin: attractive destination •Social Networks •Globetrotters and Gay segments growth Strengths •Location •Important European Network •Economical and Management support of a private equity firm SWOT Analysis
  4. 4. Subculture, Social class: Modern open- minded generation , from the middle class CULTURAL FACTORS AND SOCIAL FACTORS Groups: Membership groups- social network Reference groups- classmates/co- workers/family friends Different social roles: son/daughter/wife/hu sband/worker Relaxed and friendly behavior
  5. 5. Age and status: 18-30+ Single/Couple/ Married Occupation: Students/ Occupied/Non occupied Active lifestyle Social network users PERSONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS
  6. 6. - Cheap - Not very clean - Not very comfortable - Only for young people with small income - Clean - Fun - Comfortable - For everybody PERCEPTION AND ATTITUDES
  7. 7. Need for a holiday or a trip/Not pricy/Yet comfortable Search the web/Ask friends about their experience Hotel 2*/ Hostel Generator hostel -Share your experience -Write a feedback THE BUYER DECISION PROCESS
  9. 9. MARKET SEGMENTATION • Backpackers & students • Cheap • Neat, clean & comfortable?
  10. 10. MARKET SEGMENTATION International/European customers (females & males) Friends Couples Groups Students & backpackers Families Young business people
  11. 11. TARGETING Concentrating or undifferentiating marketing?Concentrating or undifferentiating marketing? Couples Young business people Friends
  12. 12. POSITIONING 1) Differentiation 2) Modern experience with extraordinary facilities 3) Engaging & active on social medias USP
  13. 13. POSITIONING #1
  14. 14. POSITIONING #2
  15. 15. THE PRODUCT Core Product • 106 rooms (private, triples, quadruples, dorms, Jacuzzi Suite); Facilitating Products Supporting Products Supporting Products Augmented Prodcts • 24 hour reception, reservation center, front desk staff, wait staff, bartenders • wi-fi, bar, conservatory, vending machines, launderette, private showers, secure lockers, travel shop, and pool tables; • Nightly events at the bar, lounge, guided tours.
  16. 16. MOREOVER… • Cutting edge design • Cozy, rustic, modern layout • Wooden furniture, Couches • Young atmosphere • Chill-out areas
  17. 17. THE BRAND • Brand Name: Generator Hostel • Brand Decision: differentiate itself from other hostels through increased value proposition • Brand Mark:
  18. 18. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT • What? GeneRoyal – Generator Hostel Loyalty Program; • How? Form with info + «Potential» Card.
  19. 19. REASON FOR PRODUCT CHOICE Lowering costs Reach all segments Create loyal guests Gather information for future offers Objective? Continued Purchase (Direct) Pull Strategy Generator Hostel Consumers Direct Marketing Activities Demand
  20. 20. • the booking engine • OTAs CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION
  21. 21. CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION & PRICE: WHAT’S WRONG? - June 4th, 2014 - 1 night - 1 double room = 73,80 Euros 15% commission: - 11 Euros = 81,70 Euros BUT… BEST RATE GUARANTEED A WIN-WIN SITUATION
  22. 22. OUR PROPOSAL: THE GENEROYAL • Benefits: 10% discount on bookings Free services for couples-students-families-groups 2 points collected per overnight 10 points = discounts on services • What’s the gain? 100 rooms*4 guests, 1 night (100*70,20)-(100*70,20*15%)=7020-1053=5967 GeneRoyal offer: (100*78)-(100*78*10%)=7800-780=7020
  23. 23. LOYALTY PROGRAM PROMOTION • The Message: -What to say? -How to say it logically/simbolically? • Communication Channels: -Personal + NonPersonal • Source: Our Guests • Nature of Promotion Tools -Advertising: Website + Social Media -Personal Selling: Telephone + Face to Face -Future Direct Marketing: Direct e-mails