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Marketing plan Arancina UK


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Marketing plan creation for a tourism business development: Arancina UK project.
Business idea
Swot analysis
consumer behaviour
segmentation, targering and positioning
marketing mix

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Marketing plan Arancina UK

  1. 1. BUSINESS IDEA BUSINESS IDEA Category: Restaurant Arancina WB Arancina NH Food Styles: Italian Specialities: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Coffee Drinks Attire: Casual Services : Takes bookings Walk-ins welcome Good for groups or parties Good for children Takeaway Catering Outdoor seating Public transport: QUEENSWAY STATION (central line) BAYSWATER STATION (circle and district line) ROYAL OAK STATION (hammersmith & city line, circle line)
  2. 2. • 75% customers: Residents Workers • 35% Lunch Break (Mon. – Fri) • 50% Dinner (the consumer spends more money per person but more time at the table) • APP: > Arancina Notting Hill • Covers: 38-40 ARANCINA WESTBOURNE GROVE
  3. 3. Arancina Notting Hill • 60% tourists • 75% Take Away Pizza on the go Arancini • Triplicate the N° of bills/ Arancina WBG • 28 Covers ARANCINA NOTTING HILL
  4. 4. Portobello Market Case
  5. 5. The SWOT analysis INTERNAL ANALYSIS STRENGHTS: Low prices Young atmosphere Friendly service Social media
  6. 6. WEAKNESSES Tradition vs innovation Not clear formula Cost of license Growing competition
  7. 7. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Few direct competitors Increasing number of Italians Close to Portobello Market OPPURTUNITIES:
  8. 8. THREATS Increasing competition from big companies Economic crisis Someone could copy the formula with lower prices
  9. 9. 1. How long they stay: WBG > NH (take away) 1. When: expecially lunch and dinner time 2. Target: university students and young independent workers, 23/35 years age. 3. Socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR
  10. 10. • Fb page
  11. 11. • Twitter
  12. 12. • Instagram
  13. 13. SEGMENTATION, TARGETING ,POSITIONING Nationality Italian s UK Gender Men Woman TARGET: young indipendent workers, university students(23-25° years old)
  14. 14. The customer• Promotions (lunch + photo) slice arancina+soft drink • Events: really important for the engagement (LOYALTY)(show the event on fb, events: • aperitifs • all you can eat • food challenges • Prices: We have increased price 4 times. • When? Usually when the level of general sales increases(8-14%) THE CUSTOMER
  15. 15. COMPETITORS In London the bigger competitors are BIG COMPANIES
  16. 16. MARKETING MIX PRODUCT Pizza Traditional Italian products PRICE £ 12-15 per person PLACE Arancina WB Arancina NH PROMOTION Events Aperitifs All you can eat nights