Forum "What's the latest in tour operating?"_ Introduction prof. Bertozzi


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The world of tour operating is in the throes of important irreversible transformation, which is currently putting the very foundations of players’ business models into question. MTM discussed these issues in the forum "What's the latest in tour operating"on the 27th of March 2009.
Have a look at the introduction of Paolo Bertozzi (Tradelab/IULM).

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Forum "What's the latest in tour operating?"_ Introduction prof. Bertozzi

  1. 1. FOCUS ON… WHAT’S THE LATEST IN TOUR OPERATING ? Paolo Bertozzi Associate Professor IULM A.D. TradeLab IULM University Milano, 27th March 2009
  2. 2. What’s up, TO ? (a short introduction) First comes the Client The Travel Industry Changes The Questions Who answers
  3. 3. First comes the Client Consumption behaviour Income uncertainity is pressing on consumers Needs and wants, what’s changing Consumer knowledge is rising Brand power (awareness, orientation, preference, loyalty) is under fire Searching for (really) new products Buying behaviour Information is multichannel Buying is … mono-multichannel Where do the market share is building up One market, many segments
  4. 4. Crisis and consumer’s behaviour: risks and opportunities for the travel industry and specific brands High Cost – High impact on consumer’s expenditures Lowering consumptions Rising consumptions Premium brands and premium High potential for leader channels loose market share in brands and leading retailers favour of low price brands, retailers and channels Category Brand and Brand and Low Benefit – High Benefit – Switch Retailer Retailer Switch Switch Low impact on High impact on perceived perceived quality of life quality of life “Anti-crisis” Categories Unsignificant and Rising consumptions unpredictable effects Premium brands and channels gain market Low Cost – Low impact on consumer’s expenditures
  5. 5. The Travel Industry Changes High fragmentation, low control Internationalization Changing structure of retail and channels OLTA are rising Concentration (multiples, franchising, buying groups, network groups) Different formats Vertical Integration (top down and bottom up) The finance entrance (and influence) in the travel industry (No way but ?) Price competition
  6. 6. The Questions: how to face change? Consumption crisis and financial crisis: it won’t rain for ever, but which changes will leave permanent effects on business models and competitive balance? Differentiation strategies can be applied to the market as a whole or market segmentation is unavoidable? In this case which segmentation criteria are You adopting? Innovation: is it a way to give consumers more value and escape from price competition? which is the more urgent area for innovation strategies: products and/or processes? How to manage the tradeoff between consumers’ request for flexibility and less standardization and the need to reduce costs while defending margins? Multi-channel retailers and consumers: is it absolutely necessary for today’s tour operators to be also online and sell directly to consumers ? How to manage a multi-channel world? (different prices, products, promotion and communication)
  7. 7. Who answers Anna Schuepbach Direttore Generale Hotelplan Italia Michele Serra President Quality Group Cristina Tasselli Marketing, Sales and Development Director Kuoni Italia … and, of course, all of You in the Audience