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Aldo Cibic, l’ospitalità come riappropriazione di nuove porzioni di spazio. E di tempo.

“”, “Living nature”, “Vista con camera”, “Turismo in punta di piedi”: l’attività progettuale di Aldo Cibic non è solo proposta visionaria di suggestivi concept. È un ripensamento dello spazio e del tempo per cui i suburbia rivivono come parchi rurali attrezzati, le stagioni naturali dettano ritmi di vita, la qualità dell’esperienza è alta anche per un breve week-end. Nel rispondere alla domanda: “come vorrei vivere se dovessi partire da zero?” Si approda al concetto di “a new lifestyle in a sustainable community”.

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Forum Hospitality: Cibic&partners

  1. 1. LIVING NATURE New realities and lifestyles
  2. 2. MICROREALITIES A project about places and people
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Microrealities was presented for the first time during the IX edition of the Architecture Venice Biennale in September 2004 at the "Corderie dell’Arsenale". The installation consisted of 4 models that contained the projections of the 4 projects. In October 2005 Microrealities was presented to the Graz Museum of Modern Art in Austria in occasion of the exhibition “M City. European Cityscapes”. The exhibition displayed 4 large plastic models enclosed in crates. Peepholes where strategically placed from where it was possible to clearly observe the interior. Videos where projected on the museum's walls. In December 2005 at the Leopolda Station in Florence on the occasion of the exhibition “The Storytellers” Microrealities was presented. In May of the same year, in Montreal at the Yellow Fish Art Gallery, Microrealities was put on view with prints and 4 videos. In June 2006 the exhibition was organized at the International Center of Architectural Studies Andrea Palladio, Barbaran da Porto Palace in Vicenza. The exhibition proposed 4 plastic models placed in crates with peepholes from which the visitors could peer inside, meanwhile, projections of the 4 videos on the wall of the museum and printed images of the work. During the same occasion Ricky Burdett , director of the X edition of the Architecture Venice Biennale, and Marco de Michelis, dean of The Design and Art Faculty of the IUAV University of Venice, presented the book “Microrealities” published by Skira.
  4. 4. The idea is that many small situations, when combined, can generate larger, more significant stories. People’s actions can determine the identity of a space. The project proposes visions in which, through the reordering of potential and energy, conditions are created which stimulate encounters, exchanges and sharing. Creativity in processes leads to the most stimulating realities.
  5. 5. 1. THE GATES OF THE CITY New symbols for new borders 2. SHOPPING CENTER+PUBLIC SPACES+……….. The possibility of creating new urban centers 3. THE VEGETABLE GARDEN CITY Living the seasons 4. SHANGHAI: 100 NEW SUBWAY STATIONS An opportunity to produce identity and a sense of belonging on the outskirts of the city
  6. 6. 3. THE VEGETABLE GARDEN CITY Living the seasons To leave the cities on Friday evening by car, bicycle or subway, and find yourself in a new reality. A reality where time is paced by the rhythms of nature. To have a cabin surrounded by greenery. To closely experience the seasons and their cycles. To learn how to grow the products of the earth. To share spaces and get to know other people. A place where small children can play. Recreational activities to regenerate body and spirit. To try to attain a simple life.
  7. 7. A Perfect Weekend New lifestyles for new realities
  8. 8. VIEW WITH A ROOM Abitare il Tempo, Verona, 2007
  9. 9. THE GARDEN CITY SAIE Spring, Bologna 2008
  10. 10. MORE WITH LESS Enjoy life in a changing world Salone del Mobile, Milan 2009
  11. 11. LIVING IN NATURE An Eco-sustainable Community
  12. 12. I have always been attracted to Nature that manifests its force in unexpected contexts - when at the side of a road the asphalt cracks and is lifted by a tuft of grass, or in some long-abandoned plaza one can see the grid of cement slabs retraced in moss and weeds, or even when any pavement meets a vertical wall and small plants laboriously force themselves through the juncture sprouting leaves seeking light and life at any cost. It has also happened that I have found myself within contexts of deterioration where people, in an attempt to redeem the surrounding poverty and decline, have placed potted plants and flowers along their window sills in an attentive display of care; as if this gesture represented the last thin connection to the idea of a dignified ambient condition. Aldo Cibic
  13. 13. Pocket landscapes Drawings and installations by Aldo Cibic After having approached greenery on a large scale, with projects shown at the Venice Biennial, Abitare il Tempo and Saie Spring in Bologna, but also a large inhabited rural park soon to be built in Shanghai, Aldo Cibic comes to terms with a miniature landscape aesthetic, working on a poetics that takes concrete form in structures/containers/objects (all in iron) to contain small gardens, some designed for indoor settings, others for outdoor locations, with the sole desire of representing an idea of nature in unexpected ways and contexts. The exhibition is based on a very simple conception of landscape: the tree, the flower garden, the vegetable garden, represented in 5 installations and 20 drawings. Credits Project realized in collaboration with Cristiano Urban Planting consultant Camilla Zanarotti Objects fabricated by De Castelli Communication Daniela Spiezio Graphics dogtrot