Barriquando: Marketing plan


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MTM IX students present their Marketing plan project on "Barriquando Hostaria, a typical restaurant located in Lamezia Terme, Italy".
How to make this company more attracting?
Students' solution is to exploit strategically online channels and develop an effective communication plan.

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Barriquando: Marketing plan

  1. 1. MADE & CREATED WITH LOVE BY:Bohdana Bukatar- Yulia Shinkareva – Marco LancellottiMartina Marcucci - Matteo Taller
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OF THE BUSINESS IDEAWho we are and what do we do?!Welcome to the Digital October Inc. Italy‘s leadingspecialist in sales, marketing and services. If you want tomake more money in your business, look no further! CallNow! Since 2010, we’ve helped over 2000 businesses rightacross Italy and Austria to make more money andweve just done the same for some 200 businessesthroughout Europe and the UK. Digital October is Italy’s leading specialist in sales andmarketing.We don‘t just state company values to wow or impressour clients. We believe in living by them every day. Theyhelp guide our decisions and formulate our long-termbusiness strategies.
  3. 3. PRESENTATION OF THE BUSINESS IDEAOur company values… 1) Giving. We give our time and attention to our clients, our team and ourcommunity. We believe in leaving a positive legacy on the world through whatwe do each and every year, including through our ‗Transactional Giving‘ policy.In simple terms, we leave a positive legacy (or gift) in the world for every clienttransaction. 2) Family. We believe in supporting the families of our team and those of ourclients. Not only do we prioritize our own families within our work methods, butour Family value also leads us to focus strongly on helping small to mediumfamily-owned businesses make better returns through better sales andmarketing. 3) Passion. We are passionate about what we do. We won‘t get involved in anyaspect of businesses or services unless we are passionate about the type ofservice/work, the type of client or the impact those services will have on anygiven client or community. We are passionate about our work and passionateabout helping businesses and individuals make more money. More moneyallows better choices to be made. 4) Dedication. When we commit to something, we‘re totally dedicated. Whetherit‘s our dedication to our clients, to remaining at the leading edge of trainingservices we offer, or dedication to the charities and community organizations wesupport, we are always dedicated to our task.
  4. 4. PRESENTATION OF THE BUSINESS IDEAHow, where and why?! Location: Lamezia Terme Opening date: 26/07/2010 Food: Calabrese Menu: always particular Seats: 35 – 60(depends on the season) Mood: always good 
  6. 6. PRESENTATION OF THE BUSINESS IDEAOur goals Like any other business, sales numbers matter for arestaurant, particularly a new one. Set sales goals forBarriquando Hosteria in increments, starting with a smallergoal as they‘ve opened their doors and then increased themas they became an established member of the restaurantcommunity The idea is to achieve some more high level of financialgrowth in each quarter after the opening of the restaurant,so that they have the resources to continue to operate andmarket their business. A restaurant service goal might be to provide the best front-of-house service of any area restaurants. Objectives wouldthen define what this experience would look like. Perhapsdiners would be greeted within two minutes of entry andseated within 10 minutes. Objectives could also include anedict that diners receive water and bread at their tables nolater than five minutes after seating…
  7. 7. SWOT ANALYSIS - POINTS OF STRENGTH LOCATION: the Restaurant is located ina very strategic place, in themiddle of the city; STAFF BEHAVIOUR: A long experience in customer satisfaction andguest welcoming. FOOD QUALITY: Fresh food guaranteed every day and a differentmenu per weekday. Special and particular ingredients mixed in anoriginal way by the cooks. Unique food and service. BEVERAGE: The quality and variety of the wines is amazing. Nobodyoffers so many and so different kinds of wine and the experience of thewaiters makes the product unique in its competitive market. COST: Since the owners are also the workers the restaurant can afforda reasonable pricing of our service, and still keep the quality at a highlevel.
  8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS - POINTS OF WEAKNESS SPACE: Our restaurant is not very big, especially in case ofbad weather or cold. Some days people can‘t get inbecause of the small space inside. And of course they godirectly to our competitor. COMPETITORS: In the square, in the middle of the citythere is another restaurant, called «Novecento». Sameservice, more and less, but different quality and phylosophy.
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS - THREATS STAFF: the staff at the moment is perfect, but looking at thefuture, in case of amplification, they would need morepeople and transmit the family phylosophy would be hard. If the other competitor starts to improve its quality, it wouldbe hard for us to compete, especially because they havemore space and way more capability.
  11. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS - OPPORTUNITIES ENLARGEMENT: Even if the crisis is running, consideringthe turnover of guests and also the turnaways in certainperiods of the year, we could invest money in a consinstentelargement, gicìving us the chance to have more and less15 tables more, and increase consequently our revenues. DEALS WITH B&B: There is the possibility to make strongdeals with the Bed and Breakfast of Lamezia. We could betheir restaurant and still work as independent. This woulincrease the flow of people, and would give us more visibilitythanks to our presense in their websites and fun pages.
  12. 12. PURCHASING CHAIN In the purchaising process we need to build relationshipswith suppliers in the company‘s supply chain. In our restaurant we only buy typical and fresh food. We have contact with a firm called GRECI that isspecialized in products like sauces, herbs and spices,vinegar and different kind of oils and as well jams. We have other 2 suppliers LEM and SELECTA for thetypical Italian product mozzarella and different kind ofcheese, pasta and other products regarding our typical food. Distribution channel is described by the number of channellevels. We are in the channel 2 in which the product fromthe manufacturer goes to the retailer and finally arrives tothe consumer.
  14. 14. TARGETING Like every company we as well have our target marketing thatrequire 3 principal steps: Market segmentation: division of the market into subgroups withsimilar characteristics Market targeting: the company must evaluate each segment‘sattractiveness Market positioning: a company must decide what position tooccupy in those segments Our restaurant is mostly attended by people from 26 to 60 yearsold. Obviously young people when hang out they love to have a pizzaor a typical and cheap dinner. As well we can find adult couples and business people cause therestaurant is situated in the centre of the city and close to theairport so its easy for business people to spend a night with us.
  15. 15. MARKETING MIXPRODUCT-Food and beverage are our core products. In our case it isnot only terrific food, the restaurant offers the whole variety ofItalian wine. The particular thing about our product is that ourchef changes the menu every day, so you hardly can find onedish two times the same month.
  16. 16. PRODUCT LEVELSWe strongly believe that the dining experiences must be both positive andmemorable. A positive dining experience is largely a function of operations—greatservice, good food, and so on—while a memorable dining experience goes one stepfurther.The facilitating products of the BARRIQUANDO are provided by the staff, includemenu, hand made bowls on the tables and all the elements of ethnic design.Supporting products are loyalty system for our clients, the system of discounts,the parties organized once a week.Augmented products of Barriquando include: the home atmosphere of therestaurant, and positive experience a client can get
  17. 17. PRODUCT LEVELSConsidering Product life cycle strategies, we can say that since our restaurantoffers only Italian Cuisine, our product is already mature. So, we possessstrong challenges to marketing strategies.From one point of view the maturity stage is characterized by the slowdownin sales growth and sometimes on this stage product supply exceeds thedemand. Being aware of this help us being ready to defend the product andwe also consider, if necessary to modify target markets, the product, and themarketing mix.After analyses of current situation the conclusions are the following:- We are located in the square area where we have only one direct competitorwho offers the the same cuisine as we do but the prices are considerablyhigher.-We do not assess our indirect competitors (other bars or restaurants on thesquare) as a serious threat, because the product they offer it totaly differentand sometimes they attract the clients to our place as well.
  18. 18. POSITIONINGAs a response to the possible drop of sales as the competitors will(possibly) begin to lower the price we consider the following actionsas the possible way out:1) Market modification. We will try to attract new market segmentoffering a new product. For example we can introduce newdesserts and more breakfast options in order to attract newclients.2) Product modification is not really relevant to our reataurantbecause we already offer a high quality core product. The onlyoption for our place is adding more dishes in the menu3) Market mix modification. In order to increase sales there areseveral possible strategies for the reataurant to use :- promotional gifts to the clients- - better advertizing campaign used locally- - offering a new product to our clients- - organization of private parties, birthdays
  19. 19. POSITIONINGThe restaurant is located in the city center, on the square which is quite crowded most of thetime. It allows as to use wisely the location, to attract our target clientsFor business people arriving from the airport we offerlunch and dinner within the special time framethe restaurant have special price options duringoff-hours to attract more clients for lunch and dinner-- to attract more younger clients to have apéritif at our place-we use special price offers (50 % discount for a second drink)
  20. 20. STRUCTURERestaurant DirectorShiftLeaderWait StaffWait StaffChefDishWasherCleanerJuniorChiefRestaurant ManagerExternalInvestor
  21. 21. WE ARE INTERESING BECAUSE.... Our restaurant provides unique gourmet diningexperience Our employees are continuously trained in aspects ofselling the dishes you offer as well as ―up selling‖strategies We make every day special. We offer different varietiesof fish every Friday, wine tasting every Saturday, familyoffers every Sunday, better rate offers and Happy hour onweekdays We create a home atmosphere making our customersfocused on value and having a simple, positiveexperience.- The core idea of what we offers is best service, bestquality, best performance, least expensive
  23. 23. FUTURE VISION Gathering new customers is integral to a restaurants success,but retaining customers is equally important. Development of customer’s loyalty porgramme Staff training (training for every new employee and continualrefresher classes for existing employees) We plan to invite journalists and food critics to write an articleabout new location Creation of branded take out boxes Offer ―off-menu‖ or ―chef’s special‖ items through text/email only Employee discount cards for people that work nearby ………Creation of small chain of Barriquando
  24. 24. PROMOTIONThe first step in our Promotion planning process has been the identification of: The Target: people aged between 26 / 60 The Message: we had to transmit the homely atmosphere of the restaurant,family managed. We are the place where you can taste the flavours of our landin a friendly and warm atmosphere. The Channel: we adopted an integrated marketing communications,focusing on traditional, non-conventional and on-line communicationchannels. Obviously, we adapted our communication style to the differentchannels! We were mainly oriented towards direct marketing, based primarly on theinternet and the social network. Our goal was to be the more interactive aspossible, building a relationship with our customers.This attitude corresponds toa pull strategy , through which we wanted to direct our activities to thecustomers both for sales promotion and for advertisements.
  25. 25. BRAND CREATION AND FIRM IDENTITY The name Barriquando comes from the french word«Barrique», which means the barrel in which wine is stored. The brand logo has been created playing on the Barriqueand the Q, which in fact recalls a barrel. The same colour scheme will be used in the restaurantforniture, in the shits of the employees and in the webpages. We also thought it was funny for the staff to have a nameand a short logo so we developed the idea of the Barri Staffas follows.
  26. 26. TRADITIONAL PROMOTIONFirst of all we prepared a traditional campaign based on leaflets andadvertisement on various newspapers:
  27. 27. NON-CONVENTIONAL PROMOTIONWE ALSO DECIDED TO APPLY A GUERRILLA MARKETING IDEA We scanned a true fine from local police… We modified the fine blaming thecustomer because he hadn’t dinner atBarriQuando Hostaria… But the fine reveals to be aDISCOUNT OF 10%on the wine selection!!
  28. 28. ON-LINE PROMOTIONWe understood the importance of the presence on the web so we decided todevelop an On-line promotion plan in order to improve visibility. The plan wasstructured like this:BRANDWEBSITE• Brandeverywhere• Same colourcombination• Many Infoavailable• Highlyinteractive• Connacted to allother platforms• Possibility ofbookingFACEBOOKPAGE• Following thecolour schemeas possible• Constantlyupdated• Friendlyatmosphere:make thecustomer enterthe firm.• Specialpromotions andpolls• AlwaysansweringTWITTERPAGE• Again samescheme• Constantlyupdated withpictures andnews.• Rapid answer tocustomer‘squestions• Possibility ofbooking• Alwaysanswering
  29. 29. ON-LINE PROMOTION First of all: the Brand Website! Here we have a lot of sections: Main Page,Who we are; Gallery; Our dishes; Find us; Contacts; Follow us, andReviews! Each page contains a box in which customers can commentusing their facebook account!
  30. 30. ON-LINE REVIEWSIt is also important to have good reviews and a positive wordof mouth.. So we created a space for the restaurant on Yelpand Trip Advisor. WORD OF MOUTH IS KEY!
  31. 31. Here is the FaceBook Page of BarriQuando Hostaria:ON-LINE PROMOTION
  32. 32. And this is the Twitter Page!ON-LINE PROMOTION
  34. 34. MEASURING RESULTSIn online promotion, we can easily measure our results thanksto some tools such as Facebook Insights or Google Analytics.