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Mike Potter - What we've learned growing our team - MTL+ECOMMERCE #58


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Talk about: Building a team you trust: Lessons learned from 0 to 20 employees.

Published in: Marketing
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Mike Potter - What we've learned growing our team - MTL+ECOMMERCE #58

  1. 1. Growing Your Team | Mike Potter
  2. 2. 2015 vs 2019 2 founders working nights and weekends Team of 25, awarded OBJ’s Employee Choice Award
  3. 3. Rewind Values ● Delight our customers ● Be comfortable being uncomfortable ● Work hard, then stop working ● Accountable ● Open and honest ● Give back to the community
  4. 4. Have Clear Values ● Have clearly defined values for your company ● Hire people who are aligned to your company values ● Makes letting people go a lot easier
  5. 5. Use Your Network ● You should be able to get to 20 people with your own network ● Avoid hiring a recruiter early on ● Incent employees to refer friends
  6. 6. Useful tools ● LinkedIn Recruiting ● ● Local universities ● Indeed
  7. 7. Raise your visibility ● Unemployment is at historic lows, so you need to get in front of qualified people ● Awards and PR help raise your local profile and increase talent pool
  8. 8. Set Clear Goals For Employees ● Set goals and give employees freedom to hit those goals ● Don’t dictate how things should be done
  9. 9. Rewind Goals ● Grow MRR ● Reduce churn ● Increase number of installs
  10. 10. Create a Great Place to Work ● Employee turnover is one of the highest costs to businesses ● Focus on reducing turnover to improve competitiveness ● Offer benefits that employees values, and align to your company values
  11. 11. As you grow, more people have access to critical data - like your Shopify store. What should you do?
  12. 12. ● Password Manager for the whole team ● Change passwords when someone leaves ● Enable two factor authentication where possible ● Only provide access to what employees need to do their job Build Security Layers
  13. 13. Backup your store “I wish I found this app sooner - I had a web developer upload an API onto our site and lost EVERYTHING. After getting Rewind, we are confident that we won’t run into this issue ever again.” - Interior Ink