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HOPPER's unique Social Acquisition Strategy - Simon Lejeune - MTL+ECOMMERCE #44


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Talk about Hopper’s unique social acquisition strategies.

Published in: Marketing
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HOPPER's unique Social Acquisition Strategy - Simon Lejeune - MTL+ECOMMERCE #44

  2. 2. Head of User Acquisition at Hopper Ex Marketing Director at Busbud @lejeunesimon simon@hopper.comBonjour-Hi, I’m Simon!
  3. 3. Mobile-only, 3 years $1.5M+ /day 1M installs /month Hopper is a flights booking app that predicts the future price of airfare.
  4. 4. 10 - 15 billion prices collected per day Predictions have 95% accuracy 40M notifications sent per month - 45% say buy now 4 months in advance, avg 42 push notifs 90% sales from notifications Using data & notifications, Hopper creates trust & starts conversations.
  5. 5. Today, 20% of Hopper sales are generated from machine learning.
  6. 6. Users respond better to our suggestions than to what they asked!
  7. 7. We just launched Flex Watch
  8. 8. and we started selling hotels in New York City.
  9. 9. David vs Goliath How Hopper is Taking on Travel Giants on Mobile
  10. 10. Mobile apps are eating our time. And create winner-takes-all outcomes.
  11. 11. Hopper is now the largest flights app in North America.
  12. 12. Hopper’s secret weapon.
  13. 13. The entire travel industry is blinded by search.
  14. 14. Social media is our main user acquisition channel.
  15. 15. Automation obsession allows us to stay lean while optimizing at scale.