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Katie Bertolino's PBE


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Katie Bertolino's PBE

  1. 1. Katie Bertolino
  2. 2. Things I am known for
  3. 3. Montana
  4. 4. Softball
  5. 5. NEXT YEAR!
  6. 6. Things I Learned
  7. 7. Parliamentary Procedure
  8. 8. How to Use Photoshop
  9. 9. Sports Photography
  10. 10. Kony 2012
  11. 11. Horse Slaughter Research Report"Show me your horse, and I will show you what you are." (British Traditional Saying) In November of 2011, PresidentObama signed a bill into action that allowed federal funding for horse slaughter. This funding provides forinspections from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Horse slaughter is the act of killing ahorse, harvesting the flesh and byproducts from that animal, and collecting any form of pay. Federal regulationswould only allow for, "federally licensed or permitted operators to collect, process, and dispose of or recycle all animalbyproducts and mortalities. (David L.Meeker, National Renderers Association)
  12. 12. Into the Wild
  13. 13. My Current Passion
  14. 14. My Horse, Sage
  15. 15. Tangents
  16. 16. Mathmatica
  17. 17. Being Visible!
  18. 18. Sports
  19. 19. I am Crazy!
  20. 20. FFA
  21. 21. Online Chemistry Assignment
  22. 22. Body Systems for Biology
  23. 23. Hydrocarbons for Chemistry
  24. 24. Important People
  25. 25. Hunter Davis
  26. 26. Kerri H.
  27. 27. Great Depression
  28. 28. Improved Relationships
  29. 29. My sister, Kala
  30. 30. The Next 90 Days
  31. 31. Whole School Lip Dub
  32. 32. Executive Producers~ Katie                                    Dakota                 Credits~ Nick MooreFilm~ Dakota Weekly Show          Jesse  Editors~ Annelise              Dakota Planning              Katie      Weather~ Jared                RobertoTrivia - Sam Schaffner           Baylee LevandowskiQuestions - What language does not require punctuation? ChineseWhat does IQ stand for? Intelligence QuotientWhat is a half of a byte called? Nibble
  33. 33. Battle of the Sexes Rally
  34. 34. M SY K IN LE Lw S
  35. 35. Student QuotesKatie is a fun, athletic, smart, charming young gal to know. She is the kind ofperson that you would want to know, if your not friends with her, you betterbe before I find out!! ~ Carl Clouse
  36. 36. Student Quotes“Katie is someone who is always trying to be active. She loves sports andshes nice. Shes there for me when I needed her. Shes awesome and getsgood grades. Also, shes intelligent.” ~ Marissa Dodd
  37. 37. Student QuotesDear Bert!Youre my favorite, you helped me throughout parli pro… which wouldve beenabsolutely painful without you. Youre so mean that its great! Muhahaha! I loveyou Bert, super sad that you left! Have fun in Mantana and see ya at Nationals! Love, Hunty
  38. 38. Teacher Quotes"Katie brings and energy and professionalism to Media that isunmatched! She is mature beyond her years and communicateswith others well." ~ Mr. Wilson
  39. 39. Teacher Quotes"Katie has infectious energy and a constant smile. Whenever I have sent out thecall for help in Leadership whether its to decorate the gym or make copies,Katie will literally jump to complete the mission! Shes reliable and exceeds thestandard."                       -----Chelsea Geraci-Milliorn, M.Ed.
  40. 40. Teacher Quotes“Katie came to our class at just the right time.  We needed a burstof energy and enthusiasm and we also needed a good example ofhow to work hard and we got all three from Bertolino.  She cameto our class moving full speed and she kept on moving.  She helpedus greatly and I hope we helped her as much.” ~ Mr. Kelly
  41. 41. My 2011-2012 Yearbook Page: