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Environmental Compliance And Approvals In Ontario


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Environmental Compliance And Approvals In Ontario

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Environmental Compliance And Approvals In Ontario

  1. 1. Environmental Compliance and Approvals in Ontario
  2. 2. Do I Need to Comply?If your firm impacts the natural environment, yourequire approval from the government to operatelegally in Ontario.Businesses in Ontario must have MOE-issuedenvironmental approvals if they:• release contaminants (pollutants) into the air, onto land, or into water or• store, transport, or dispose of waste.
  3. 3. Two Ways to Comply Click the links to Visit the Information• Getting approval for your business Website of the Ontario Ministry of the EnvironmentEnvironmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR)• register for activities such as space heating, standby power systems and auto body shops refinishing with the ministry, rather than apply for an approval.Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)• A single ECA addresses all of a businesss emissions, discharges and wastes.
  4. 4. Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)• What is the process? Note: this is a simplified process. For more complicated scenarios or multiple sites that require a net new ECAs or Request Info modifications on existing Calculate Fee ones, contact ORTECH. Compile All Complete Information, lik Submit ECA Application e ESDM report, Application Process Monitor Progress and MOE Complete Noise Questions Screening, AAR, if necessary
  5. 5. If you have any questions, regardingenvironmental compliance in Ontario. Please contact ORTECH or 905 822 -4120 x 680