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Innovation Leaders Roundtable by MTI²


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Our team at MTI² is proud to reach an important milestone as we held our first invitation-only Innovation Leaders Roundtable on May 31st 2016. Several times, we had received the explicit request to bring innovation leaders in our network together to share their experiences. The atmosphere we wanted to set was a limited scale roundtable to create great potential in making connections and sharing experiences. As all good things, it ultimately became a bit bigger than we anticipated… We were delighted to host thought leaders from companies such as a.s.r, Ageas, Baloise, Bank of New York Mellon, Baxter, Bekaert, Bentley Motors, Caesar Groep, Callebaut&Co, Dell, Evonik, Fibersail, Ghent University, Heraeus, Hoge Raad Diamant, Johnson & Johnson, Kom op tegen Kanker, Komatsu, Michelin, Nokia, Proximus, Puratos, Renolit, UCB, Unilin and VRT.

As a setting, we chose the Pastorale in Reet for a couple of reasons. First, it reminds us of the small Flemish town in the country side we are located ourselves to service clients globally. Second, the Pastorale is one of the most creative settings among Belgium’s many fine dining opportunities. Third, given our intense collaboration with Michelin and its presence as a presenter, it seemed befitting to pick a place the Michelin Red Guide writes raving reviews about.

We saw inspiring presentations from Pedro Costa, sharing his experience as head of Michelin’s Incubator in Europe, Sabine Leclercq, R&D Site Director at Baxter R&D Europe and prof. Isabel van Driessche, sharing the experience of Ghent University with their Innoversity Challenge.

Enthused by these stimulating talks, we then came together in roundtables, to discuss the most important innovation topics relevant to our participants. While many different topics where discussed, the most frequently mentioned ones that emerged from discussions included the people aspect of innovation, the balance between incremental versus transformational projects, and keeping momentum to establish sustainable innovation.

As it is proven that writing down resolutions makes you more likely to succeed (and on top of that, increases your overall happiness), we asked participants to form actionable insights and write down resolutions they would act upon in the next couple of days, weeks or months. We also made resolutions ourselves of course. As a way of following up on one of our own resolutions, we will provide more information on the learnings in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned.

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Innovation Leaders Roundtable by MTI²

  1. 1. Innovation Leaders Roundtable 31 May 2016
  2. 2. Our Inspiration Journey 15.30-16.00 Welcome Coffee 16.00-16.10 Welcome by MTI2 (prof.dr. Stefan Stremersch & dr. Isabel Verniers) 16.10-16.40 From Seeding to Impactful Ideas in R&D (dr. Sabine Leclercq, R&D Site Director, Baxter R&D Europe & dr. Patricia Meijers, Sr. Research Scientist, Baxter R&D Europe) 16.40-17.10 Engaging the Crowd to Address Disruptive Business Models (prof.dr. Isabel van Driessche, Ghent University) 17.10-17.40 Successfully Incubating New Venture Teams Outside the Core Business (Pedro Costa, Incubator Michelin) 17.40-18.00 Break 18.00-19.00 Roundtable Discussions 19.00-21.30 Dinner & Wrap-up 31 May 2016 de Pastorale, Reet Innovation Leaders Roundtable Seminar & Dinner by MTI2
  3. 3. Welcoming Our Guests
  4. 4. Innovation Leaders at the Roundtables
  5. 5. Three Inspiring Presentations
  6. 6. Keeping people motivated and informed about innovation is essential. That’s why we introduced different initiatives one of which is Monday morning breakfasts to update everyone. “ ”
  7. 7. Baxter’s Bax2theFuture
  8. 8. Maturing Ideas Your Business Model Market Definition & Sizing Your Roadmap Making Your Presentation Rock
  9. 9. What is essential now is to keep the momentum going. We are closely working together with the teams to implement their project and plan for the future. “ ”
  10. 10. The Innoversity Challenge Process
  11. 11. Key Learnings  Influencers are essential for engaging the community  Your goals need to be reflected in the idea call  For sustainability of a process  Ensure buy-in from stakeholders (e.g. Board of Directors)  Ensure support also after selection  Keep the teams focused and stress on short term implementations (small scale).
  12. 12. It’s not just about the innovative ideas, but more about the people involved in innovation. It is better to have an A team with a B idea, than a B team with an A idea. “ ”
  14. 14. Michelin InnovationWorks North America (2012-2013) China (2013-2014) Europe (2013-2014)
  15. 15. InnovationWorks Europe Europe (2013-2014): 10 countries, incl. 4 industrial sites over 4,000 ideas submitted
  16. 16. Roundtable Discussions
  17. 17. Top Three Learnings from Roundtable Discussions ENGAGE How to make your employees the biggest ally in your innovation efforts? BALANCE How to balance between incremental versus transformational projects? SUSTAIN How to keep momentum in order to establish sustainable Innovation? More on These in the Coming Weeks
  18. 18. Continuing the Discussion During Dinner
  19. 19. StayTuned... We will provide slides on each of the main learnings in the upcoming weeks on our website
  20. 20. Innovation Leaders Roundtable 31 May 2016